Happy month of February gang!

Let’s make this a month all about making ourselves the priority and practicing the art of self-care and self-love.Healing through any kind of difficult situation whether it be internally, or throughout the world is a remedy best treated from the power of many.

Focus on self first. By focusing on you first, it gives you power and strength.  If you constantly bend for people and give them what they want, you are left depleted and that does you and everyone else around you that genuinely care about you no good.

Also, like attracts like.  We all know or have heard about that. Our thoughts and actions will attract like minded individuals to our inner sanctum.

We are pounded daily with bad news, false information and negative viewpoints on a daily basis through the news and social media.  Often times, if we let that take over and control us, it’s like being on a roller coaster that won’t stop.  Develop more inner stability and validate your self, rather than looking for external validation.  This is where the healing really starts to kick in.

Love yourself first.

Healing will allow circumstances and life to become more fun, because you’re the one driving the positive healing forward.  Your inner guard will warn you right away when danger or negative situations come towards you.  By practising the art of listening to your inner guard/self it will in time, become a natural response mechanism.

When you know you’re ready, send all that healing and love into stratosphere so that anyone needing or wanting a healing will be able to accept the beautiful energy that you created.  Let it overflow and join the other like minded people who can now positively overflow healing into a beautiful oasis.

You may not be able to fix everything yourself, nor do you have to. Being part of the solution and multiply that by everyone else creating this energy can.

Get in touch with yourself.  Strip away the ego and practise the wonderful art of silence.  Don’t worry, it may not come natural or easy to you at first, keep practising.

Try breathing first!  By focusing on your inhales and exhales (make them deep) and clearing the mind space, you will start to understand and feel the silence.  It’s a beautiful experience for me.

After you are able to be with silence, you are allowing your intuition to grow and to do the right thing for you.  You can generate an infinite amount of intuitive power source for yourself.

Great things come out of making great habits.  Repetition is the key!  I encourage you to start a daily habit of at least 3 minutes of sending positivity to yourself and to the universe.  Also, I’m big into journaling.  It’s a great way of expressing yourself and focusing on the stuff that really is important and of what matters to you.

The more you do, the more results that happen and healing will just become second nature for yourself.  It’s meant to be shared, so share it when you’ve got some to spare!

Appreciate yourself, let’s not take anything for granted.  We are all in this together, regardless of our difference.

Share this so that your family & friends can join the healing circle.

Namaste & good healthy healing to you!


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