Newsletter November 2016

Hey Gang!
Happy November

We have all heard about affirmations and how they work, who here have applied a daily affirmation or any affirmations at all? Has the affirmations worked for you?  If not, I am going to introduce some tips for you so that you can check in, adjust, change or re-write your personal affirmations.

Let’s take finding a mate for example.  I often hear a laundry list of must haves when looking for an ideal partner.  Often times I hear… “I don’t want a smoker” or “I don’t want someone who can’t communicate”.

After awhile, it’s pretty clear of what’s going on.  With this kind of thought process, you’re coming up empty or the person may be meeting smokers and someone who isn’t clear with communication.

Can you see where I’m going with this?  That’s right, the affirmations that are being put out there are all negative!

By affirming what the person doesn’t want, the affirmation became negative by the disappointment of not finding a suitable match.

I always say, focus on the positive affirmations and not so much on eye or hair colour.  The reason for this is simple, if you are positively affirming things in a partner, then that person is going to be already attractive to you.

Some people may say that affirmations don’t work, but it’s usually because they don’t really believe in themselves to create the mindset to make things happen and therefor, they stop using them.

Stay the course! Keep on the path of believing in yourself and the ability to gain what you want (as long as it is inline for your higher purpose).  You don’t just say, I wish I can a million dollars and not do anything towards it.  You put hard work, energy and daily affirmations towards creating the ideas of accumulating a million dollars.

Focus on being grateful.  Small or big, being grateful opens up the pathways from the mind to the universe to help align your intentions of affirmations to become reality.

Also, give it time to manifest.  Anything worthy of having potentially for the rest of your life will take time.  Be steadfast and practise continually.

For attracting a life partner, you may want to use phrases such as… “My ideal partner will have a healthy mind set for his/her body, mind & soul”. And/or “He/she will be able to communicate with me freely, openly and lovingly”.

See how simple changes to thoughts raise the vibration level and you feel good saying them and it’s easier to believe in those words?

In time, you will start to witness that by putting your positive affirmations forward things will start to move in that direction of gaining that wonderful life partner.

This could be in different ways such as, A friend wants to meet someone they have in mind for you.  Or…. you are at the grocery store and you strike up a conversation with someone.  Or even, you are vibration and being in the present, allowing yourself to be open without “walls” surrounding you and meet someone.

The possibilities will be plentiful.

This mind set of creating healthy affirmations can also be put into use if you want to adjust things in your career, health, finances or anything that you want to change.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t focus on the extra weight you’re carrying because it will never go away.  Instead, you focus on setting affirmations for making a healthy lifestyle with better eating habits and exercise routines.

Now you know how to apply affirmations.

Go out and prosper!

Namaste my friend!
Lewis Mabee