Have you had anyone in your life that you just didn’t connect with? A someone that bad mouthed you, sent you negativity or just wouldn’t leave you alone? Well there is hope!

Try this psychic tip…..

FREEZE the person.
Go to the dollar store and buy a plastic shot glass (1 or 2 oz.)
-Write the first name of the person on a small slip of paper.
-Fold the piece of paper in half, then half again.
-Fill a plastic shot glass 3/4 full of water.
-Emerge the piece of paper with that persons name on it to the bottom of the glass until it stays at the bottom of the glass.
-Put that shot glass with the water and piece of paper in the back of your freezer.
-FORGET about it.

You will find within a few weeks, that persons “hold” with whatever how he/she affects you will diminish.

In most cases the person will leave you alone!

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