Wednesday June 28, 2017

8pm EST/5pm PST

Live Event:  Facebook:  Lewis Mabee Spiritual

Hosts:  Lewis Mabee & Sharita Star

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Join my very first guest co-host Sharita Star & myself as we help prepare you for;

2017’s 3rd Mercury Retrograde, 12 August to 05 September
Whether for personal peace of mind or business efficiency, if you are not in awareness of one of astrology’s most valuable timing is everything tips, you can save yourself from plenty frustration this August. There is a wealth of important information to attain about how you can be Mastering Mercury Retrograde, a critical cycle to understand that requests you honor review and reassessment verses implementing forward motion.
Our next cycle comes up 12 August to 05 September, which will also be intertwined with 2 powerful Eclipses. Whatever your personal or business plans are during this time, understanding the dos & don’ts during astrology’s regular cycle of reflection are quintessential in order to create your success and possess peace of mind.

More about Sharita

Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker Sharita Star has one mission as she sees patterns of energy and cycles through the three star secrets of astrology, numerology and lexigrams: to align your peace of mind in changing times. Coined as a Psychic of the Planets, Sharita distinctly sees how our names and birthdays hold our keys to success. A constant student of the planets above, she is a celebrated messenger for our individual journeys down here below. Her personal and business consultations and events guide anyone to optimize the many choices our free wills make in order to ordain success.
The founder of Sharita’s Star Secrets, Sharita also empowers souls to understand the benefits of our natural cycles of reflection through her one of a kind Mastering Mercury Retrograde workshops and personal sessions. She is featured weekly on Empower Radio with her Empowerscopes, offering distinct timing is everything advice for personal empowerment. Her application, The Astrology Numerology Wheel is available on itunes. Her break-through book, ‘It’s All in the Name,’ reveals the fascinating topic of Lexigrams, engaging us to discover the wonders of how we can spell out the truth from our words, names & titles. Learn more about how your Name and Birthday hold your keys to success at

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