Questions about the Spirit world & Spirituality are on a lot of peoples minds these days and with good reason.  Quite a few of those questions I may have the answers you’ve been searching for in this time of hectic chaos.

After a brief hiatus, myself and John Williams as back for a new season of Crystal Clear Talk.  We are bringing fresh content and new ideas for the start of the Autumn season.

  • Questions & Answers Event;

  • Wednesday, September 20, 2017

  • 8pm EST/5pm PST



In this broadcast,  I will be answering your questions about anything to do with the Spirit World, psychic, medium and the divine.  These are times of uncertainty within our lives, our environments and the world.  With an up rise of fear, doubt, stubbornness, it’s no wonder why we are feeling the upset of our eco-energy vibration.  Energy is a power anyone feels on their own personal level.   Right now, the force of energy is making us question ourselves on how to be better and to survive and how to block out the negativity.

A sense of hope of what the future has in store and how to begin the healing process so we can live more freely.  By removing any blocks via healing, we can empty our thoughts of negativity and replace it with happiness.  No other expectation required, focus on being happy. 

Question Types

  • Do you have questions about the after life?
  • What about those UFO’s?
  • What is happening and why is it happening to our world?
  • Is there a difference between angels and spirit guides?

I’m answering all of those questions and more.

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This will be broadcasted out life, if you can’t join us on Sept. 20, there will be links to BlogTalk Radio, YouTube and Apple podcast for your viewing or listening pleasure found right here.

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