Phone Sessions

Benefits of A Telephone Session

I totally get it. Your time is precious and with traffic jams and personal commitments, you’re just busy.

You still want your personal time to connect with me, but you may not be able to get to see me in my office.

I’ve taken the stress out from feeling rushed to get to my office and/or how to see me if you don’t live near my office.

This is one of neatest ways I’m able to connect with people from all over the world.  It’s not necessary to be right in front of me because the energy is just as strong over the phone as it is if you were in front of me.

I read your energy and because energy has no limits of where it can reach, I’m able to tap into your energy, no matterimage where you are.  I can talk about your 12th cousin, 14 times removed; dead or alive because there is energy around that person and time frame.

The solution is simple, book a phone appointment with me. You can be in the comfort of your own space or at the office and still get the answers and messages you are seeking just like you were sitting right in front of me.

This service is for anyone in the world that has a phone and phone plan.  I have given readings to people from all over the world and I’ve never met them in person.

Your Session

During your personal session I will help identify key elements around you to help have a better understand of your present circumstances and allows you to see the bigger picture. By tapping into your unique energy, I can help you identify the connections from your past, while giving you insights for your present situations and what to look forward to.

During the session, we can also connect and tap into the energies of passed loved ones using my mediumship abilities.

The tools are there for you to create the life you choose, be willing to pick them up and use them properly for the highest good for yourself.  If you have a question during the session, please feel free to ask.  Sometimes when a person comes with expectations of certain questions being answered, this may not happen because I’m guided by your Spirit guides of what needs to be said to you.  Not that your question may not be important, it’s the order of importance in which your guides are working with me.

Prepare your questions ahead of your appointment time.  When your session begins I will ask for those questions.

From time to time, I may need clarification on some things that I’m picking up on.  Remember, I’m just the messenger and some times it may not make sense to me, but hopefully it does for you.

Sit back relax, come with an open mind and enjoy.  This is your time to hear the messages that your Spirit guides want to get to you.

To prepare & learn about your session, please click here

All appointment times are shown in Eastern Standard Time (-5 EST) TORONTO, ON.  

Please adjust your local time accordingly when booking if necessary.

World Clock


Los Angeles – noon
Toronto, ON – 3 p.m.
London, UK – 8 p.m.
Athens, GR – 10 p.m.

At the time of your appointment, please call Lewis at one of the following numbers:

Canada 1.519.957.2282
U.K./EU +020 3608 8816

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Individual Phone Sessions

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Couple Phone Sessions

The couple appointments are meant for well…. couples of a nature of being married, living together, long term partnerships (within a relationship parameters)

It is NOT for siblings, parent/child, two friends etc.

When a couple shares their lives as in a relationship, they often share money, children, goals etc.  The information that I receive from spirit already comes in quickly, but because of the unique sharing of lives within a relationship many times, it overlaps one another.

This is unlike 2 people that don’t share things in a domestic kind of relationship, I wouldn’t be able to focus quickly enough trying to shift between each individual.  That’s why I have the One-on-One sessions for individuals (above).

My couple sessions cover the same as my individual sessions for both of you.




Your session is over, you just got A LOT of information to digest.  You’re listening to your taped session or reviewing your reading and go “OH! I forgot to ask this question.” or “I want some more clarification about this topic.” or a friend ask you if you asked a specific question and you didn’t.  I am offering a follow up session so you can have a mini follow up session.   All of your “walk away” questions can be answered while they are still fresh in your mind.

This session is for email or phone only.  You will have up to 20 minutes to ask any follow up, forgotten or clarification questions.  Please book this within 5 days of your session with me.  This way it’s still fresh with me and I can tune in quickly to get everything else answered.
As you can imagine, I talk to many people during a week and I don’t always retain your information because it’s for you, not for me. This is why you should book this session right away if you have some follow up questions.

Click on the book now button to the left and fill out your information including the time and day that is available.  Appointments are based upon my availability and schedule.