ZOOM Video Sessions


    As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to me via ZOOM.

  • If you aren’t able to see me in person, you can still see me with ZOOM. No matter where you are in the world, you are still able to see me for your appointment.

  • ZOOM with Me in your home, office, parking lot, garden....Wherever!

    Sometimes, time zones may be an issue. A ZOOM session has the flexibility you need to see me live!

ZOOM Video Conference

You don’t need a Zoom account.
At the time of your appointment, I will send you an email inviting you to my private room on Zoom.

Click on the link in that email.

A ZOOM session is for anyone that wants to see me in person, but can’t get to my office.  Energy is energy and it doesn’t matter where you or I live.  I will still be able to read the Energy that surrounds you, your guides & any spirits around you and whatever else that I need to tune myself with to be able to give you the messages that you need to hear.

I get it. Your time is precious and with traffic jams and personal commitments, you’re just busy. You still want your personal time with me, but you may not be able to get to see him in his office. I make it easy to connect with me.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can be in the comfort of your own space or at the office and still get the answers and messages you are seeking with my abilities.

During your personal session with me, I will help identify key elements around you to help you better understand your present circumstances and allows you to see the bigger picture. By tapping into your unique energy, I can make connections from your past, being in your present and look forward to your future. Click the appointment you want below to book online. I’ve made it easy! You see my schedule and availability and you match it up with yours.

Your Session

During your personal session I will help identify key elements around you to help have a better understand of your present circumstances and allows you to see the bigger picture. By tapping into your unique energy, I can help you identify the connections from your past, while giving you insights for your present situations and what to look forward to.

During the session, we can also connect and tap into the energies of passed loved ones using my mediumship abilities.

The tools are there for you to create the life you choose, be willing to pick them up and use them properly for the highest good for yourself.  If you have a question during the session, please feel free to ask.  Sometimes when a person comes with expectations of certain questions being answered, this may not happen because I’m guided by your Spirit guides of what needs to be said to you.  Not that your question may not be important, it’s the order of importance in which your guides are working with me.

Prepare your questions ahead of your appointment time.  When your session begins I will ask for those questions.  

From time to time, I may need clarification on some things that I’m picking up on.  Remember, I’m just the messenger and some times it may not make sense to me, but hopefully it does for you.

Sit back relax, come with an open mind and enjoy.  This is your time to hear the messages that your Spirit guides want to get to you.

To prepare & learn about your session, please click here

All appointment times are shown in Eastern Standard Time (-5 EST) TORONTO, ON.

Please adjust your local time accordingly when booking if necessary.

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Los Angeles – noon
Toronto, ON – 3 p.m.
London, UK – 8 p.m.
Athens, GR – 10 p.m.

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Individual Sessions





Couple Sessions

The couple appointments are designed when partners (married/common law/significant other) want to have a session together. Both of you are in the session at the same time.

When a couple share their lives as in a relationship, they often share money, children, relationship goals etc.  The information that I receive from spirit already comes in very quickly and because of that sharing of life events, the same reality applies.  I am able to get message to each person regarding their career and other specific inquiries.

Because of the unique sharing of lives within a relationship the information that I receive from spirit often overlaps for the couple.

This is unlike 2 people that don’t share things in a domestic kind of relationship, The time and energy for me to focus for two individual is still quick, but you would not get all the information that I enjoy providing from every session I do.

This is not intended for co-workers/parent-child/friends/acquaintances.  For those cases, please book an individual session.

My couple sessions cover the same as my individual sessions.



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