2006 Predictions

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As the year 2005 is coming to a close, there is an enormous presence urging us to look back and review what has happened to us personally. I encourage all of us to do that and to take it to the next level by looking at what is happening around us globally.

We remember the many natural disasters in 2005, such as Hurricanes Ivan, Frances, Katrina, Ophelia, Rita, Wilma, as well as tropical storms like Arlene. Think also of the avian flu, the continuing saga of the war in Iraq, the world’s gas price crisis. With these very important world events, many have been asking me: Why all this devastation? Why all these deaths?

There’s an old saying that someone once told me, that I heard again this past summer. This saying goes something like: “Sometimes it needs to get worse, before it gets better.” Many messages during my meditations have been coming to me about world events and diseases. The universe is purging itself of negativity. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were hundreds (if not thousands) of people, full of love and not negativity, who died as a result of this purging. We have to remember that their souls live on, and that these souls were chosen as a form of “human soldier”, to help the effort of making the planet a more humane, civilized, and peaceful place to live in the years to come.

Unfortunately, we are not done with natural disasters or war. This is a time to show that all of our differences can be put aside. This is a time to reach out and help our neighbours by sharing and demonstrating our inne r convictions. We have to step outside of our secure ‘little box’ lives to give our prayers, aid, and love to Mother Nature and all living things being placed in harm’s way. A unified global community will end all the suffering, negativity and war, but we are not there yet. Let’s keep working on global unity and pray daily for global peace on all levels.

On a different note, we will see the emergence of the “scientific domain” during this decade and beyond. First of all, we can expect significant, if not astronomical, breakthroughs with the cure for many diseases that are affecting millions of people. If you have come to one of my readings or speaking engagements, or just got me going off on a tangent, you will know that I have been predicting for several years that by 2008, HIV/AIDS, most Cancers and also Diabetes will be CURED. A Canadian will have a strong hand in bringing forth all of these medical breakthroughs. 2006 will be the year for medical breakthroughs and the field-testing of these cures.

Secondly, pharmaceutical companies will finally feel pressure to open up their warehouses and inventories to aid in the distribution of many of these cures and treatments. The need for profit is the main reason why disease remains so prevalent in our society! There are a number of cures developed for things like common colds and certain strains of the flu and other viruses, but the pharmaceutical companies choose to profit (and they make a great deal of money) from the needless suffering of so many people!

Lastly, many doctors who were trained and educated by Canadian Universities, but had decided to go to another country to practice medicine, will start to filter back into Canada. With the return of their skills and expertise, we can expect increased research within Canada’s medical field, and also increased access to Doctor’s services in 2006.

In the world of Canadian sports, expect a few surprises coming along, especially in football for 2006!

The Canadian dollar will continue to strengthen. Don’t be surprised if in 2006 the Canadian dollar will be at par or more then the American dollar. A referendum within Canada will be an old tired rug that needs to be put out in the garbage. There will be a security that will finally start to be felt by Canadians coast to coast. In the coming years, Canada will lead the world in many forms of immigration, social economics, industry, science, and the society of living. Inventions are for Canadians to dream and to create. The world will be turning their heads towards Canada as a country that can do it all, and still maintain their status as a country of peace and beauty.

Weather wise, we will start 2006 warmer than usual, but it will turn rainy and icy before long. A jump-start to a proper spring will help balance out the short winter. Summer will be pleasant with a nice mixture of temperatures for most of Canada. As far as the World goes, I predict something in the summer to happen in Germany, like flooding. Again, this will affect many other countries, including Austria and Italy. A big avalanche, which I believe to occur in the Swiss Alps, unveils a new rock-like formation. Scientists will want to have a closer look at this cluster, of what I perceive to be a compiled layering of fossils and other rock-like material. Another tsunami is going to be hitting the Asian rim during what I believe to be late fall 2006. More hurricanes will batter the United States. I’m also worried about California, with water flowing or flooding a large mass in that state. This could be late 2006 or early 2007.

Peace will start to filter into the main war of the world. Someone (A group/organization or an individual) will step in and use ‘common sense’ and communication to represent what the needs are of many countries in that area.

Holland will have an economic boom within the country due to the stability that has been building for the past couple of years. China will be on a technological high. Many technological breakthroughs with communication devices and household appliances will be in production for 2006. China will become a powerhouse at home and will slowly start to position itself as an economic world leader.

Children on a whole become more responsible. Teenage pregnancies and violence involving children will start to decline. Parents need to become responsible and realize that children can’t raise themselves. Parents need to be involved with their children’s day-to-day goings on. We can still allow children to have their independence, but at the same time nurture them and be a presence in their lives as opposed to thinking of career first and children second.

On a spiritual level once again ‘light workers’ on all levels will continue to hone their skills and start banding together to create a world leading towards the enlightened. Many people who have been working hard at this will be seeing great rewards near the middle of 2006. A positive shift will be appearing early on in 2006, and will start to gain momentum as the year progresses. This progression will pick up significant speed in the years of 2007-2012.

These are just some of the many things that are happening for the World in 2006. Let’s join together and embrace our global neighbours with our positive thoughts and prayers. Step outside our own ‘comfort zone’ and take a good look at how we can improve our way of living on a world stage. This is definitely a time to be looking forward to and giving a presence of positive power back to the Universe. By doing so, It is able to send that amazing loving power to where it is needed the most, and also to re-energize and strengthen It’s own vibration.

Have a wonderful 2006, and take care of all of those around you. Don’t be afraid to hug and say ‘I love you’ to the special ones in your life on a daily basis. Change the way that we think. Instead of saying, “Why is this happening (to me)?” re-phrase it to say “Thank you for the lesson I’m about to learn and overcome.” Go through your day with peace and love in your heart.

All my best to you and your loved ones,



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