In the year 2007 there’s going to be a huge shift towards the peace that so many people are seeking in regards to the “War on Iraq”. The new governments that have formed and about to be formed will start to work through an arbitration type of system to make peace something to finally look forward to. This will be a slow process, all parties that are involved have to look at the motives and actions of how they became involved and set those aside. Religion should not be a factor in the decision making process.

The possible effect over nuclear war materials will be under control. This will occur with a united union taking effective action. A high level government figure head who has an enormous ego will have to watch his health and safety. I feel that both are in danger. Through this natural occurrence, balance will reign supreme in the scale of fear.

China still continues to have a strong economy. I can see within itself of becoming stronger and more efficient. Many will enjoy the rewards of such a strong hold within that country. Many of the people there will start to seek places to reside, outside of their natural dwellings. I feel it’s like people living in over populated cities will start to look for country style of living. I also get a sense that 2007 will be a year in which China will start to ‘connect’ the entire country via travel. This undertaking will be in the form of a public transit like electric/solar shuttles that will be planned to go to remote parts of China. This makes it easier for people to live where they want to but still be connected. This will also be a model of transit that other countries will look at.

Global warming will be an extremely ‘hot’ topic in all parts of the world. A new delegation will be formed within two years to combat the worlds global warming. This new team will send a task force and give their recommendations to the governing bodies. The people on this team will have the power to enforce these recommendations. On the global warming front, there will be an opportunity in 5-7 years time of inhabiting parts of Antarctica.

Racial intolerance will continue to pop up. Many countries that allow immigration of others into their countries will have to look at more strict guidelines to be enforced. This enforcement will include a more thorough aptitude test of the nations official language(s) and not so much the history of the country but, how the country is today as in current events. I don’t think that the person coming into the country should give up their heritage. By choosing to move into a new country, the person will have to learn to compromise and will be watched over a period of a certain length of time if in fact that they have met the new criteria of adapting in order to live in their new country.

Back in Canada, the economy stabilizes and plateaus. This is not a bad thing, for I feel that it is a preparation for the years between 2008-2012 that Canada will see a enormous developmental phase in almost all aspects of society. Medical science still dominates the scene and many other countries will look at Canadian research and findings for cures. Population wise, Canadian will continue to grow strong and bring a feeling of actually being a proud Canadian citizen. For most parts of Canada, the weather systems will be normal and many will enjoy the beautiful summer in many regions.

Music has a voice. Many artists are using their ‘power’ to make points. This is dominant towards the American government systems. I feel that the shift is still continuing for the United States. A feeling that America is loose a lot of it’s political power towards other global nations and what seems like a ‘putting in their rightful place’ will dominate newscasts around the world.

In the works, but not so much apparently seen yet but a slight view is how people (especially people in the North Americas) live. Many are seeking balance in careers and family life. In a few short years, you will notice that many are adapting the European way of living, where we have more vacation or down time instead of the standard 2 weeks holidays. Work sharing, family planning, working from home and many other tangible situations will start to be looked at more closely so that the stress levels from overworking will be lessened. As a society, many will look within themselves for what they really want and need as opposed to ‘keeping up with the Jones’ mentality. Again, the key word for 2007 is going to be BALANCE. Simplicity is to be searched out by many. A simpler way of living, a common sense approach, a de-cluttering of the mind, purging of the bodies unhealthy habits. Getting back to basics is key. Many will focus on the living of home life, home cooked meals, spending time with family and loved ones, instead of working over 8 hours a day. Think of it! A simplistic way of de-stressing your body and your surroundings. Again, this isn’t going to be an overnight kind of cure. But, you will start to see and hear little glimmers of how your neighbours and yourself are starting to adapt within and start to listen to the internal messages that the universe is giving your soul and body.

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Have a wonderful, balanced and happy year in 2007.

Many Blessings,