2008 Predictions

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Well hello once again everyone!  I hope that the year 2008 is starting with a positive energy around you and your loved ones.

I want to begin to say sorry about not getting my predictions up earlier.  There is no excuse really, I got carried away with living and before I knew it BAM! 2008 was here.

There was something very odd with last year of 2007.  I can sum it up quite briefly.  You either had a great year or you had a not so great year.  There seemed to be no middle ground for 2007.  Many people that I have talked to remember incidents that happened to them in 2007.  This isn’t out of the normalcy, except when in other years their response when asked, “How was your last year?”  Many would reply with an “It was ok”.

So what does the year 2008 have in store for the world?  Well here are some tidbits that I’ve been focusing on.  I feel like a gossip columnist right now! LOL

I want to start off with the country France.  Two things, very significant things will be happening this year to them.  The first one and rather scary situation is about an Amber or Red Alert for the country.  This kicks into high gear and weighs heavy over the summer.  I want to characterize this situation somewhat like an attack against different parts of the country, or at least the findings of planned attacks.

The second has to do with an election coming up for France.  I feel there’s going to be a lot of greasy hands in this election.  There will be a power struggle to get to the top.  One mans ambitions I see is more of a dictator.  He will fight a tough fight and will do anything to get into that kind of power. He is an up and coming political figure.  He has high goals but not a lot of experience.  His opposition on the other hand, seems to have the necessary experience and the liberal ideas of moving the country forward.  Please, the people of France vote wisely.  This not only will affect your country but it will also impact the World.

Mother nature continues her purging and cleansing of the Earth.  PEOPLE!!!! Why can we not get what’s going on in the Universe?  We have for decades been filling up our world with chemicals, pesticides, poisons and such.  Now more so then ever, Mother Earth has to heal the earth just like we would have to heal our own bodies.

You’ve heard your body is your temple and you should treat it as such.  Well what about our Earth is our temple as well?  Take a look how we’re treating Her?  Filling land with unnecessary dumping of waste.  We are putting chemicals into the air, not finding gentler solutions fast enough to help heal Mother Earth.  What happens when our bodies get a virus like the flu?  We purge of course!!!

I challenge all of you who read this to think about your own environment and how you can help, yes you!!!!  Look around, see what you can do, recycle, plan community events to clean up your local parks, beautify your surroundings, just like you would buy that brand new outfit that looks absolutely amazing on you!  How do you feel when you look amazing?  Well what would happen if Mother Earth would feel absolutely amazing? She wouldn’t be sick!  She wouldn’t have to purge.  We, each and every single one of us can and will make a difference.

Look for a lot of water catastrophes in 2008.  More so ever before, there will be a lot of water damage.  I even get water where water normally isn’t found and it’s causing damage.

Now, let’s talk about health matters. There is something coming around midyear about some sort of ‘finding’ in regards to the carrying out or practices of a pharmaceutical giant.  There is going to be an International outcry about withholding vital information in regards to human safety.

Breakthroughs and discoveries will be news items throughout the years with advancements in finding cures and antidotes for many of the diseases that millions of people around the world suffer from.  Watch out for awesome news in relation to HIV/AIDS breakthroughs, cancer and diabetes.  Once again, doctors and researches with a Canadian connection will be leading the way for the entire world to see.

FINALLY!  There will also be an agreement to some degree about a hot topic and questionable treatments.

Stem cell therapy will get a boost in the right direction this year.  Cloning will get more airtime and there will be a committee put together to figure out new guidelines on how to adapt this procedure that would affect our livestock.

As far as the region where I live, mainly Kitchener, except a mix of precipitation mainly in the form of rain or wet snow.  It’s going to be a rather nice summer again here comes this water theme though, expect some serious dark cloud storms during the summer season.

Well that’s all I have for now!

Watch for exciting news and updates happening for me and my web site.  I look forward to seeing you this year!

Many Blessings Always,



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