2009 Predictions

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Finance – By August of 2009 there will be some good news heading down the pipes for Canadians.  It won’t be ‘official’ but analyst will be saying that there is a great potential that we’ve just been through the worse of this recession.  This sends cheers throughout Canada and spending will begin but very consciously.  The U.S. Is still digging themselves out from the old Commander in Chief.  People will be looking very closely at what President elect Obama will be able to deliver what he used in his platform.  He will be under a microscope even more so then many Presidents before him.  He for the most part will handle this well.  There are a few fumbles but over all he will be fine.  Don’t be surprised of a botched assassination on President Obama life in 2009.

The country of China still has a point to prove to the world about being an economic leader.  There is a conspiracy cover up within China but it will be leaked to the world news centres.  China will be force especially Hong Kong to start to clean up their act.  This will trickle in on 2009 and will escalate for about 3-4 years.

There’s a new leader emerging in the Middle East.  I want to call this person the leader of peace.  This will unfortunately come as a result of more blood and more violent times in Gaza and the Middle East.  There is a huge undertaking of philosophy and redefining roles of Church and State.  You are going to find over the course of 2009 there’s a huge movement of truth being set forward and governments are going to be scrambling to accept their responsibility.
This of course is a necessary measure to change the way this planet lives.  Slowly, but surely 2009 will start to bring that change that we’ve been looking at and studying and touching on, but nothing drastic has been given as far as resources and money and plain ole elbow grease.

Buckingham Palace announces that Prince William will wed his long time girl friend, Kate Middleton.  The Wedding will take place in 2010.  The news/media/stalk-a-razzi will be firmly told to leave her alone other then public functions.  New laws in Britain will be enforced about stalking just to get a picture.

Science – There is an upswing of looking at diseases/conditions that affect many thousands of people but haven’t had the wide spread exposure such as HIV/AIDS and cancer.

On the cancer front, more and more research is being tested with amazing results, bringing researches and science even closer to curing many forms of cancer.  Early detection methods will be able to spearhead getting proper treatment and treatment will start to become less evasive and damaging like chemotherapy is.
HIV/AIDS is going to have a strong focus from many groups.  These groups are demanding pharmaceutical companies to open up their files and findings.  There are whispers about the pharmaceutical companies profiting while people are dying because they can’t afford the expensive medications.  Results from research and testing are finally coming in with promising results.  It is almost a ‘fluke’ of sorts that something will be found to propel the cure to happen much sooner then anyone anticipates.

Smart homes and The Green Way of Living will be the next movement.  You will see more and more builders, building homes with recycled material and environmentally friendly resources.  Words like “natural” and “organic” will be used more.  The intention is to clean up our mess.  It’s small steps but will eventually make big movements in making our Earth a more sound and structurally sound place to live, unlike the current shaky structure we have built.  The auto industry will also get more involved with the Green Way of Living.  More auto makers will be introducing sleek, strong, powerful “green way” cars.  They require less fossil fuels, reduce emissions and still pack a punch as far as comfort, drive-ability, distance and overall performance.
Go Green or Go Home!

The year of 2009 will be for many people about centering themselves.  Many of our own core foundations will be looked at by ourselves and action plans will be made.  Time to spring into action and motivate us to become better, more sound, mentally and physically more fit and more Universally/Spiritually aware of ourselves.  If you haven’t been on track, this year will be your preparation year to get back on track.  It’s going to be a busy but rewarding year for many people.  Be prepared to get dirty.  You have to become involved, this isn’t just going to happen for you.  The work you do will come out in the results.  The amount of energy and time you put in will determine the amount of the reward you will get.  The more you put in the bigger the reward.  So if you have a lazy attitude towards life and think things should be handed to you, you’re in for a rude awakening this year.  If you are positive and ready to accept change (and I do mean a lot of change) then this is a year of you being able to stride over any hurdle.  You will sweat, but you will feel exhilarated with the effort that you’re putting in, you will see the difference.

A new type of World governing will be introduced to the population.  Although I feel that the way it’s being delivered isn’t the way it will actually come into ‘power’.  I don’t feel that this is necessary a bad move, but there will be many nay sayers and skeptics.  This new body is an add on to something that is already in existence like N.A.F.T.A. (only as an example).  I actually like this movement when it gets it’s kinks worked out because I feel it will hold other governments responsible for their actions and non-actions on world environmental events and general governing of population.

I’ve been drawn by the colour red for 2009.  I personally don’t wear or have much around me that is red.  So if you’re a red fan, that’s awesome, keep it around you to help you with pick me ups and meditation.  If you’re not a red fan, try carrying something in your purse (like a red ribbon) or in your pocket.  Red is the colour that will zing along throughout this year for people.  What I’ve found since introducing red around me is that I have more patience with some things that I want to get done or get off my plate.  I actually feel calmer then usual.  Give it a try!

Not to rain on this parade, but I also see a mass murder style of many people.  I get images of men standing behind kneeling people and firing a gun directly at the kneeling peoples head.  This is a complete power trip for the assassins.  Fortunately for the rest of the world, justice for these actions and the blood shed will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.  This will cause many governments to react and intervene.  This could also include the actions of cutting off supplies to the country in question and surrounding the country by controlling all electricity and power supplies.  The results will be severe to get justice back in order.

The Mother Nature weather is going to have more extremes then ever before.  Our winter is going to be harsher then normal with more snow then we know what to do with.  The summer will be hot!  So for all of those people that have been complaining that our summers have been luke warm, you better not complain this year!  I do feel that the natural disasters that we have witnessed in the past few years is starting to quiet.  That doesn’t mean that some events will not happen, but that it will be less loss of life during these natural disasters.

There is a very strong possibility of a large part of Spain being flooded this late spring/early summer.  The waters destroy millions of dollars worth of buildings and land.  The people of Spain will not be prepared for this and many will not carry the proper insurance.  The government is going to have to step in (with a great deal of resistance) to help the people out.  This stepping in is a result of public outcry and picketing (perhaps even riots).

On the music front, expect to see many more disbanded groups getting back together for touring.  There is a whole style of a revival movement that will dominant the music and fashion industries.  Everything old is new again will be the mantra.  So don’t throw out those clam diggers and wide collar brims just yet!

Personal image perceptions will still be in the spotlight as many celebrities fight the ‘skinny’ on body image.  You are going to see more curvy women in ads and for men, more about a normal fit body rather then a muscled pumped out body.  Natural beauty and organics will take centre stage.  The fashion industry is finally getting involved with promoting healthiness and naturalness.

There will be some tension about the Euro dollar.  A couple of countries will want to slide away from the Euro and use their own currency.  This sends uncertainty in Europe and fear for economies if these countries pull out.  This also leads to a movement about communism and it’s socialist ways.  This also puts Europe into the spotlight of having to deal with another major crisis.

The technology movement just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  There will be new ways of communicating with others throughout the world.  The way we use our land line phones will change and become more affordable for over seas calling.  The sense of connecting with others around the world will become easier to do.  New formats of television, and computers will be the rage and will be introduced at a new ‘more affordable’ price point instead of the gouging that normally is introduced as the price tag.  This falls inline with the whole notion of saving money and re-introducing family time (even though that isn’t the intention).  New gaming programs and extensions of guitar hero and the likes of X-box and Wii will keep the consumers happy.  Computers will get smaller and smaller but can hold more and more.

It’s interesting to note that the recession we are all in will actually bring families and community back into the spotlight.  Neighbours will be neighbours again, there is more ‘block parties’ being formed and associations like the  P.T.A., M.A.D.D. and other school clubs will have a focus on caring for children and doing what’s right.  Home life will become the focus and so many people will start reconnecting with themselves and loved ones.  This will send the sense of community back to where it should be and a whole new kindness movement will be implemented into people.

Have a safe and wonderful 2009.  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter “The Lewis Times” and keep the Ask Lewis questions coming!

Many Blessings Always,



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