2010 Predictions

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The new decade will usher in a sense of newness for many of you. If you feel like you’ve been in a hamster wheel going no where fast, then you will benefit over the next year.

This will take work, so be prepared to sweat. It’s time to get your body, mind and soul prepared for 2010.

Every year, I publish my own predictions for different sectors of our life and planet. This years predictions for 2010 are spectacular. The results of hard work for Spiritually Inclined people will be apparent. More ‘spirit warriors” are finding their paths and where they fit in. Clarity for these ‘warriors’ is becoming defined. The goal of a “spirit warrior” isn’t specifically about going to war, but it is to help other people to achieve their own spiritual needs. With a common thought and a vision of clarity that has not be seen for centuries… The “spirit warriors” will take form and ranks with the preparedness for the upcoming change of the world.

Water will play a dramatic part on Earth. You will see devastation from water around the world. This will be more seen in the areas surrounding Mexico and the Asian rim. There will also be a new water source found in an area that is to be thought of being only arid. The weather for Southern Ontario will begin with a wet start of much rain, but we will have a very enjoyable spring and a hot but pleasant summer along with a long fall season. Much of central Europe will be hit with a heat wave during the early summer and then followed up with flooding. I keep seeing this ‘baking’ of the soil, then the soil is saturated with water so much that the water lies on top and has no where to go. Fire will destroy even larger sections of the California nature environment. British Columbia will have a pandemic of infestation of some sort of insect that will do a lot of damage to their landscape. This could come as a result from the Winter Olympics with so many foreign people arriving into the region.

The social consciousness of people will play in a slight down turn of the over zealous seekers of high profile personalities. There will be a change that is ushering in of focusing more on the betterment of the self and community while leaving the struggles of others like celebrity downfalls alone. Corporations and banking systems in the USA will be set to task and their will be penalties enforced to secure that they are fiscally responsible, especially in the public sector. The thought process of working together and team building will be hot phrases in the corporate world. Job sharing will reach a whole new acceptance level, whilst young couples are focusing on starting families and having a parent to be tending to the family and less time in the ‘office’.

Health matters take forefront with world wide anticipation. New discoveries and break throughs will dominate news headlines. What looks like a focus on cancer, could be a breakthrough that everyone has been waiting for. Expect great discoveries towards even the simple ailments like the cold and flu. Arthritis seems to be having a much needed focus. What I see around arthritis is some form of ‘gel’ that can be injected under the skin around the joints that will help nourish the joints so that there is a great significant reduction in pain and a very high upswing of mobility. This will also aid with the elderly and hip and knee replacements. We are only steps away from discovering many of today’s top world diseases. Many mini discoveries will fuel world leaders to unite to stand for one cause. This is the beginning of a new way of doing “business” with an old fashion format. Pharmaceuticals will be under fire to preform and open up their ‘vaults’ of secrets. There is definitely a new ushering underway of getting that ‘fountain of youth’ idea coming to fruition.

Many people will be focusing on their own personal centre points. We have been seeking a new balance. Gone are the old ways of chasing the “North American dream” of work hard, stress out and die from many medical complications. The focus is turning towards a more simplistic streamlined lifestyle. This is filled with family, social life aspects, getting in contact with nature and de-stressing from the daily grind on a more frequent occasion. New work formats will begin to emerge in large corporations. The sick day benefits that company’s offer will translate into vacation time. The 12-14 hour work day will be decreasing along with the work loads of people that are doing the work of 2 or more people. Many of us will find simple joy and happiness in our day to day living.

The Canadian economy will thrive mid point in 2010. There seems to be a boom and demand in many sectors. All across Canada there will be ‘hot spots’ of opportunity. Many people will pick up and place roots elsewhere from where they presently live. There is more remote living involved, which will in turn creating new communities where there was none before. Canada will begin to pull away in different aspects from the USA. Canada will find a new sense of purpose without having to be supported by the United States. There will still be friendly borders, but the little brother Canada will start to grow up and become more strongly independent.

The USA pull up their socks (not all the way). A sharp attention to detail with reorganizing structure and infra structure within corporations and companies. The USA will have a slower upswing then their neighbours to the North and South (Mexico). Obhama, will be under fire with some laws he’s trying to put through congress and will have his back up against the wall because he didn’t please the ‘old boys club’. His health care bill will finally see new light and will be pushed through. The U.S. War will take a turn for the worse, then it starts to heal and get better. It feels like there’s a wait and see coming up with a newly elected official in a war country. I’m not sure if it’s because of a death or a resignation, but to me there’s an immediate style of election. This election will see the new person in ‘power’ more like a puppet will help peed the resolution of peace and reform. But, this will still not make the U.S. as the peace keeping nation that they try to make themselves out to be. The United Nations will pass laws about creating war and how a country can and cannot join in a war of conflict. There will also be a ‘finding’ of someone that is in actual power in the Middle East. This person will be brought to justice but not in the way we would like this to happen. It will be swift.
There is a growing concern in the United States with housing. More and more people are either becoming homeless or can’t afford to live. This is becoming a pandemic (although I personally think it already is in that country). New levels of homelessness and shelter capacity levels will make the news. Every State’s governing systems will have to start dealing with this on their level as opposed to taking it to the assembly. That will also include new formats of feeding children and their nutritional needs. Be aware candy makers! There will be a new tax put on the table for sweet tooth’s.

There’s a Northern European country and I want to say Scandinavia or somewhere very close to there. There is a resource that will be found and ‘mined’ to bring a hearty and healthy economy to the small country. For most of the European Union, I see business as usual and there’s a slow progress made. I want to say, people will get back to routine in Europe, which to me is a good thing.

Global warming is still and will be a priority of focus for all nations. Not much headway, but there is a tremendous learning curve happening and that will lead to 2011, 2012 and up to 3 more years after that which will produce global warming measures and systems to protect our planet (and they will work).

Reality television will start to reach its peak due to the insanely stupid production shows coming forth. People will start to tire of someone else’s misfortunes. This will lead to more appropriate behavior from the big networks in ‘reading’ their audience.

As well in the Middle East…. There’s some form of seismic activity around Iran that shakes the nation. This to me is around late spring/early summer of 2010. This will also spar a new belief for many people from an ‘old wife’s tale fable’ of the “Coming”. The seismic activity changes the face of the landscape in many areas. High points will become low and low points will become high points. After these seismic activities are done (for now) it looks like a maze to walk around with the changed look of the area.

I am also hearing a lot of people from the Middle East (and their borders) chant “Freedom” coming from many mouths. The people will help unit the country as the people in charge don’t want to. This is only the beginning steps that you will see this year of 2010. The war is far from over, but it’s headed in the right direction at last.

There will also be more high profile deaths, especially in government positions around the world. I see Italy, France, United States, Russia, Figi and Japan as high profile government people pass.

The celebrity of entertainment circles will find a high profile power couples relationship come to an end. There is more focus on ‘celebrity re-hab”. Some young stars come to an untimely death due to prescription medications. I see at least 4 “A” list young celebrities being affected. Unfortunately, I’m not being allowed access to see who they are, I just see shadows. This will also be another year for the women dominating much of the news headlines.

Many Blessings Always,


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