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Newsletter November 2016

Hey, Enlighteners!
Happy November

By now most of us have heard about affirmations and how they work. Have you applied a daily affirmation or any statements within in any space of your consciousness or being? Has the declarations of your intentions worked for you after giving it a good go?

If not, I am going to introduce some tips for you.  Therefore,  you can check in, adjust, change or re-write your affirmations.

Let’s Begin to Organize

Let’s use the example of finding a mate with the purpose of being committed to a lifelong partnership.  Often I hear a laundry list of must-haves when looking for an ideal partner.  Straightaway I will listen to people stating… “I don’t want a smoker” or “I don’t want someone who can’t communicate”.

After a while, it’s pretty clear to me of what’s going on and what is or isn’t manifesting.  With those kinds of statements and thought processes, you’re coming up empty, or the person is attracting someone who smokes and isn’t clear with communication.

Can you see where I’m going with this?  That’s right; the affirmations are declarations of harmful intentions!

When we use words such as in the statements above, smoker and can’t communicate with the power words, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.  After the frustration sets in, we often will lose focus and in turn can become negative towards finding a healthy relationship.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Let me state for the record, focus on the positive affirmations!  Let’s not worry about eye colour or style of hair.  The reason we need to focus on the positive is simple. An affirmative statement attracts the person who will become your ideal partner.

Therefore, he/she will automatically be attracted to you because their intentions align with yours.  As the end of the day does it matter on eye colour, hairstyle or fingernail length?  I hope not.

Some people might say affirmations don’t work.  In many instances that because they get caught up with using negative influencing words like don’t, can’t, but.  As well as, but it’s they don’t believe in themselves to create the mindset to make things happen.  Therefore, they stop using them on a daily basis and lose focus.

Stay the course!

When we stay on the path of believing in yourself, we enable our ability to gain what is needed to enhance our well-being.   Please keep in mind, the intentions that we set forth must be achievable with a focus surrounding common sense.  Let’s face it; not everyone can marry a Prince or Princess.  Have you heard someone say  “I wish I can a million dollars!” and yet not do anything towards it.  Do you believe that person will have a million dollars, chances are unfavourable?  Under those circumstances, you focus on working hard along with embracing a defined thought pattern and use daily affirmations to achieve your goal.  When you are 100% committed that’s when $1 million might show up.

To obtain what you want, focus on being grateful.  Small or significant, being grateful opens up the pathways from the mind to the universe to help align your intentions with affirmations to become a reality.

Also, give it time to manifest.  Anything worthy of having potentially for the rest of your life will take time.  Be steadfast and practise continually.

Positive Reinforcement

For attracting a life partner, you may want to use phrases such as “My ideal partner will have a healthy mindset for his/her body, mind & soul”. And “He/she will be able to communicate with me freely, openly and lovingly”.

See how a simple change to a thought raises the vibration level? Indeed, it feels good saying statements like that.  Along with it’s easier to believe in those words because those words come from the heart.  The heart is the source of our soul.

In time, you will start to witness your positive affirmations manifesting in its natural state of development. Different things will begin to unfold and move in that direction of meeting a fantastic life partner or whatever you are practising manifesting.

There could be several different ways to connect with a life partner. An example is; A friend wants you to meet someone they have in mind.  Or, you are at the grocery store, and you strike up a conversation with someone that is squeezing the Charmin at the same time as you.  Even still another example, you are aligned with the vibration and being in the present.   Therefore, allowing yourself to be open, without “walls” surrounding you.

The possibilities will be plentiful.

The mindset of creating strong affirmations can also generate healthy changes in other areas of your life.  By focusing on what it is you want in your career, health, finances anything can change for the better.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t focus on the extra weight you’re carrying because it will never go away.  Instead, you focus on setting affirmations for making a healthy lifestyle with better eating habits and exercise routines.

Now you know how to apply affirmations.

Go out and prosper!

Namaste my friend!
Lewis Mabee


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