Are You an Old Soul or new Soul?

old soul knowledgeI want to ask you, Are you an old soul? How do you know if you have a younger or older soul? Keep reading, and I’ll reveal the answer to this popular question that I get asked quite often.

As you know, I’m in the Spirit business. I have clients all around the world seeking answers in their personal life. Most of you have probably heard about me from a friend who has seen me before.

This year, I have noticed 2018 is a year of reconnection. During the first few months of this year, I have had clients book readings that saw me 15-20 years ago! That is astounding! I’m grateful and honoured for all of you to have sought me out throughout the years, whether it be last year, two years, 5, 10 or more.

The Year of Reconnection

During this year of reconnection, many of you have been booking Past Life Regressions. All of you that have done a regression want to know the life lessons you had in past lives and how does those previous lessons impact or help you in your current life.

I often get asked, “Am I a new or old soul?” I usually have the same response to that question. Most times, this isn’t your first time at the rodeo. Here’s how you can quickly tap into whether you’re a young or older soul.

The 911 Gauge

Let’s think back to the time and events of 911. Most of us were shocked at the tragedy that happened during the day. Take a moment to tap into that moment when you found out what occurred on that day.

Did you think along the lines of; We are doomed, here comes the next big war, what’s going to happen? OMG! Now what? The sky is falling! We’re going to bite the big one.


Was your thinking aligned with something more like this; I’m very sorry and feel terrible about the lives lost. I hope that we can rebuild and look for a peaceful situation. I’m going to focus on sending light and energy to anyone and everyone affected. I know this is some test and we will get through these trying times.

Old Soul vs. New Soul Results

The results, please… If you had thoughts about we are doomed scenario, then you are a young soul. Therefore, if you had the peaceful vibe going on, you’re an older soul.

Consequently, if you were somewhere in-between those two thoughts, more than likely you have been around the block a few times, but not quite yet an “old timer” soul.

You see, when we are among young souls, they are very quick to panic. Most things in life shock them, and they are incredibly inquisitive to the point that some may even go through life in the WHY stage of questions. Why is that happening? Why is this around me? Why did he do that? Why, Why, Why!

I get it, sometimes people are naturally curious and ask a lot of questions. My reference to the Why questions is because they need to build a storyline because situations they are dealing with, there is no prior life experience within the soul level of awareness.

There’s No Need to Panic

On the other hand, older souls tend to remember past lives, not on the conscious level, more on the pathway of the heart/soul. When a traumatic event occurs, most old souls have the feeling of here we go again. But know that at some point there will be conclusions resulting in life moves on and the human spirit is hopefully growing with learning.

You’d swear that most of our present-day world leaders are young souls, wouldn’t you agree with me?

Old Soul Knowledge

Let me ask you some more questions to help you determine if you are an old or young soul.

When you meet someone for the first time, have you either thought or said: “You seem familiar to me!” Like you already have met them before, but can’t remember where and when?

How about when you’re in a new location on this earth? Have you exclaimed that you feel like you’ve been there before and yet in this life, it’s your first time visiting? Even still, do you regularly think about living elsewhere, also if it feels like a memory in a different time dimension?

What about feeling like you have an ENORMOUS sense of purpose in this life, in this day and time? You may not have the answer to provide yourself with such purpose, but you know you’re here for something BIGGER. We often refer to this as karmic soul energy.

If you’re swaying to the side of Yes to the above question, then you’re an old soul.
Whether or not you’re aware of memory recall into your past lives, your soul has memory retention that us humans can pick up from time to time. The above questions I asked are proof that we have had different soul lives before.

Unlocking Past Lives

When you tap into a past life, you are connecting with the karma from before. All things that were beautiful and painful in that past life can come to the surface with a past life regression.

We are a curious species, us humans. Although we have a curiosity, we also fear change or at the very least resist change. By recalling your past life memories, you are tapping into your courage vibration to seek answers in which your soul is motioning you to connect. Reconnecting to those memories will enable you to have an understand as you see your world the way you currently do now. You will be able to re-connect the dots in your present life.  Hopefully, by doing so, you will have a more profound more meaningful understanding of where you are today, what you need to do to heal.   By embracing change, and moving beyond the scope of feeling disconnected we move towards a deeper understanding of loving ourselves.   Thus, start building on the life lessons that may not have been making sense in the present day.

Past Life Regression

Keeping that in mind, would you like to know what happened in those former lives of yours?past life regression

You can unlock the hidden parts of your past so you have a better awareness of why you see the world the way you do. Why you may harbour such deep passion or even resentment towards people and situations by a past life regression. Tap into parts of your former life self to enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding life all the while having a deeper connection to yourself and the divine.

When you’re ready to find wholeness, bring peace to your presence and, therefore settling conflict both external and internal, you will achieve peace of mind.

Let the universe talk directly to you, as I am now doing. You are a spiritual being living a human existence. Become a badass with your natural abilities you started to cultivate long ago in another life and unlock a potential that has always been within you.

You can book a Past Life Regression with me so I can be your guide as you explore your ancient past.

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4 replies
  1. Orshy Mulqueen
    Orshy Mulqueen says:

    Really enjoyed this. It’s so true sometimes u are somewhere new and u think u have been there before. It’s like meeting someone and there is an instant connection and energy. Or I feel some problem u want to overcome it’s almost like it’s from the past.

    • Lewis Mabee
      Lewis Mabee says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed. Are You An Old Soul. I agree with you about feeling an instant connection with some people as well overcoming specific issues, almost like you’re driven to “fix” them.

  2. laura romita
    laura romita says:

    Hi Everyone
    I first met Lewis over 20 years ago for a group reading. It was fantastic. He is the real deal for sure. We had an instant connection. I just recently met with him again and it seemed as though no time had passed at all. He really makes you open your eyes to your surroundings and the issues that are in your life that need attention. I took my friend and she was so happy as well. If you need guidance from the other side he is your guy. Lewis you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you soon.
    Laura R


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