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I have set up the Ask Lewis page as a way to have you and whoever is visiting my website an opportunity to ask and read my answers on matters about Spirit and Spirituality.

As you can see below, they type of questions accepted for Ask Lewis is about occurrences, experiences, observations, questions about dreams you or someone else may have had.

Also, some children are susceptible to the vibrational energy of the Spirit world, and as a parent, you may have questions regarding their well-being and how to help them navigate their spiritual experience.

World Wide Spiritual Awakening

The Ask Lewis page I feel is needed because so many people areask lewis experiencing spiritual phenomena and may not understand how to navigate their way safely or with a feeling of security for their well-being.

Please keep in mind; this is not for personal psychic questions such as career, relationships, finances, or anything covered in a reading.  Those types of questions are how I make a living! 🙂 You can book an appointment for a psychic session to have your questions answered by me.

Open to the World

Wherever you live in the world, you or someone you know may have experienced some spiritual awareness.  I encourage you to seek the answers.  By doing so, you are helping others find solutions that also have had a similar experience regarding the Spirit World.

Everyone can come to the Ask Lewis page and read about what is happening to others.  Also, reading the Q&A’s may spark a question or recall a memory of something that had happened before to them.

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I am offering my advice for free on this page.  Therefore, once again, please no personal psychic questions on Ask Lewis.

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Hi Lewis

I think I’m going to come in for another session very soon. I just have a quick question to ask you. You know how I saw 33 everywhere. Now it’s getting even more intense as I see it EVERYWHERE, every single time I look at my battery and time and everything. I only see it when I’m looking at the time for another reason, if I’m trying to look for the number I won’t see it anywhere, Its always when I’m looking for something else. Can you please explain THE REAL reason I keep seeing this.

Hey David

Good to hear from you.

When we often see numbers repeatedly like you are, it’s time to pay attention. In your case of seeing 33, you may find it interesting what it all means.

The meaning of number 33 indicates spontaneity. Either your life needs it very badly, and you should become more spontaneous and take more risks, or your inclination will help you achieve all that you set out to accomplish.

It also represents your talent and skills and how they can help reach your goal. Now is the best time to hone your skills or learn new ones and share your talents with the world.

If you keep seeing 33, it indicates to you to be encouraged and seek assistance that you need right now. It’s up to you to receive this message and act on it.

The number 33 carries with it energies of blessings and motivation. It also gives its power of courage, compassion, and honesty.

What these numbers want to tell you is that anything is possible. You are equipped with the skills and the talents to succeed.
The number 33 symbolises growth. If you keep seeing 33, it can mean you have a lot of growing up to do, or you will go through experiences that will make you grow as a person.

Now is the best time to own up to mistakes. Now is the time to forgive yourself for the bad decisions you made in the past.

You need to do this to clear up the negativity and allow the positivity to come in. Take out the bad to make room for the good.

Seeing the number 33 double the energy and power headed your way.

The energy that the number 33 carries also increases your creativity and imagination and inspiration.

With that said, it can positively impact your sense of joy and your acts of kindness, too. Therefore, the more open you are to receive messages from any source, the stronger the energy and vibration become. Don’t forget to be a humble student of life. The learning process comes from sources that we may not expect.

In conclusion, be clear about your desires and how you’re going to do something to make them a reality. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and align yourself with people that will promote and lift you up as you do the same for them.

I hope this helps,

I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Hi Lewis,
I’m messaging you looking for help or guidance. I’m confident my 4-year-old is hearing from spirit.

He complains about the “camouflage people” that speak to him. He is petrified of sleeping in his room and when I can get him to his bedroom, generally within a half hour of being there he tells me more camouflage people are talking to him. I stay very neutral and open with him when he discusses these things with me as I want to have that open line of communication with him, but I’m terrified for his health and not sure what to do as he has a hard time falling asleep in the evening and staying asleep. He tells me he talks to my great grandfather Michael and he knew his name before I ever had an opportunity to say to him.

He has told me things about people that have passed that I never even knew and had to validate with my father. Over the past few weeks, it has seemed to become more frequent. He is having problems going to bed in the evening because of the people he is hearing.

Happy Spirits

On a side note, I did ask him if the people that speak to him are friendly and he said yes they are always happy. Is there some a service or appointment I could book with you to help with him? If not, are there some resources you could direct me to so I know how to help him?

Someone had mentioned that I should get a house cleansing or something, but I don’t want to do anything without speaking to an expert first as I wouldn’t want to do anything that could make things worse. Please, point me in some direction. I’m desperate and feel helpless as to what I should be doing to help him.


Hey, Angela!


Please welcome your son to the world of being a medium.  He has untapped his natural born gift and now we have to figure out how to get him on a path of understanding about his happy newfound “friends”.

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with your son seeing and hearing spirits.  His communication with them is robust for his age though.  I’m getting goose-bumps tapping into your son’s energy.

I know that may not be helpful for you since you have to navigate his fears.  You’ve already unlocked a key on how to deal with this.  You asked him if the spirit is nice and he said, yes they are always happy.

My suggestion is to tell him that not everyone can see and hear what he can with the “Camouflage People”.  BTW, I love his tag for the spirits.  Also, inform him that you know someone else who can see and talk to the Camouflage people as well (me).  You can tell him that I also saw the spirits slightly before him at age 3.

What I did when I saw my spirits are to say HI to them and then I told them that my mommy said it was my bedtime and they have to come back when it’s light outside.

Also, you may say to him, they will listen to him, maybe not at first, but keep encouraging him to tell the Camouflage People to visit him during the daytime.

Night Time Visits

Often time, the spirit comes to us around bedtime.  At that time, especially when we’re young, we are in a different mindset.  We are preparing our body to rest and sleep.  Spirit sees this as an opportunity to communicate because you’re more readily available to have their full attention.  Hence why we get visited at night.  During the day there’s too much going on.

You can also make this fun for him by getting him a digital recorder so that he can tape himself either by talking to them or you directing him by asking questions such as, “Do you know who it is?”  “What is he/she wearing?”  “Are they giving you any messages?”  The last one is important.

The last question is how you can shut it down or close it for the night.  Because if he says no, then you tell him ok, tell them goodnight, it’s time for our bedtime.  At this point, he can say out loud  “Goodnight (whomever) I will talk to you tomorrow during the day when I’m ready.”

In the case, he says “yes” then ask him what are the messages (write the message down or record it) and then ask him, what do you want to tell them in return?  He says his response out loud, and then you can say “Is there anything else?”  More often than not, it will be NO.  Again, at this point tell him to say goodnight to them it’s time to sleep.

This process should take his anxiety or fear away because he will understand that this is a “normal” part of his life.  By him being “the boss” of the spirit should make him less frightened and he should be able to get to sleep fast.

Giving Permission

OH YA!  Perhaps get a shoe box, or a dresser drawer (not the closet)  Take the lid off and when there are no messages, tell him to send them all into the shoe box.  After he orders them into the shoe box and they are inside, he puts the lid back on, and then you ask him permission to take them out of his room for the night (he’s in control) or where would he like you to put them for the night.

I don’t believe you need a house cleansing.

Like I said before, your son has become exceptionally gifted with the ability of mediumship.  I know it’s a huge transition for him and the family.  When I first met my primary guide, Sylvia at the age of three, she told me I’m in charge.  Yes, I have to see the things I “see”, but I can control the “flow” of how and when I pay attention.  It took practice, but I got it.  Of course, I’m paraphrasing with what she told me because she said her words of direction more in line with my 3-year-old mindset.

I hope this helps.  Give it a few weeks so your son can become the boss.

Hi Lewis,

I am having a dream of having and taking care of children. Do you see me having children with my new partner? 


Hey Ricardo!
Your reply email got buried, and I didn’t see it till now.  My apologies.  No, I don’t sense that you will have children with your new partner.  Children in dreams especially taking care of children is the person who is dreaming, in this case, you to take care of yourself.
Listen to your inner child and do a lot of healing and self-care.  It’s time to focus on you and your needs while supporting the ones you love.  Again, the dream is asking you to focus on your and nourish your soul with healing.
I hope this helps!

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