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Can you believe that it’s already August?  Where did the time go?  This year many of you will have been in a holding or stuck pattern. Well great news!  You will be finding that by October, you will be able to start to move forward again and pick up where you left off OR because you’ve had to be patient with time, you will start to re-direct or re-focus your energy on projects with more information, so that’s a good thing and you know that hindsight is always 100%.

During the waiting time, instead of feeling frustrated and stuck, go outside and get with Mother Nature.  I can’t recall a time in my life that we are needing Mother energy.  She is the epitome of nurturing, healing and love.  Even men, need to be out there in nature more to get in touch with the energy that Mother Nature can provide.  Some of the things that you can do is take a walk on a nature path, meditate, read a book under a tree, go for a swing.  The most important thing is to unplug from technology for awhile.

Technology is the opposite of Mother Nature.  It is all about being on edge, shutting down emotions, becoming robotic and the worse… It raises our stress level.  Marketing had made it virtually impossible for us to not be with a cell phone, watches that do more then keep time, wifi connections, blue tooth, drones, you get the point.  When was the last time you flew a kite?  Or put your cell phone off and decided not to have to be instantly needed by anyone?  It’s hard to do so this day and age, and Mother Nature is calling us back to her.

leguptimeWhen we are able to unplug, we give ourselves permission to accept patience into our lives.  The urgency vibration from being plugged in, starts to go away and the thought process of healing and balance can increase, just by unplugging from technology.  I know I’ve been guilty of it.  I was wondering why I was getting so caught up with everything… the news media, the “flash” of 140 character messages, the short videos to capture your attention, it was all over my head and quite frankly making me spin in a way that I didn’t like.  I no longer watch the news cast.  I catch snippets of things on Facebook, but I choose if I want to watch it or not.  I am still aware of the devastation that is happening around the world, I may not be the first to know, but that’s ok with me. I control when I see it, how I view/listen to it and for how long.  I also can walk around with my cell phone on silent and not respond to every text right away. I have taken up reading again with some soft ambient music in the background.  Perhaps if you are feeling the way I felt, try detaching from technology on a daily basis.So what does detaching from technology have to do with my topic of embracing patience?  Like I said above, it’s about vibrations and energy.  The technology energy is about static rapid, low energy that depletes us, starves us from good energy.  It’s like our skin… when we moisturize our skin is soft and supple to the touch which would be the good energy.  If we don’t moisturize our skin, it ages, becomes rough to the touch, scaly sometimes and you can feel the dryness, that represents bad energy.

By “moisturizing” your energy fields, will allow the good energy to flow and you will feel that you are having more patience with things and occurrences in your life.  You will begin to feel good, not only about yourself, but also with situations around you.  Having patience and practising it on a daily basis, road rage will start to subside, you will feel and become more organized, because you’re allowing yourself more time, instead of rushing around.  You may even decide to delegate jobs around the home and work more efficiently.  Patience isn’t always about waiting for something in the future to happen, it’s about the daily tasks that we have grown accustomed to overlook.  By bringing and accepting more patience in your life, you will breath more deeply, you may not be so snappy and easily aggravated with people and situations.  You may even develop manners, like communicating at the dinner table without having to check your cellphone.  Yes, we can say that’s the times we live in, but we all have a choice to say, that’s not acceptable to me and I will do what I need to, to have fun and enjoy life, instead of trying to keep up with the rat race of the current world state.

By embracing patience on a daily level, I believe you will have clarity for you to have a more balanced life.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Give it a try.  They say it takes 28 days to form a new habit.  Perhaps, deciding to eliminate one thing or a couple things at at time and focus on changing the way you handle it, for example answering your phone will dining with family or friends.  Don’t answer it till later.  You will start to see shifts in your energy field that will grow in a positive way.

Namaste my friend!
Lewis Mabee

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