What the HUH??? Bomb Cyclone?

Winter storm Grayson, otherwise known as a Bomb Cyclone has hit many regions of North America and it’s the first upset of 2018 by Mother Nature. I hope anyone in the effective areas are staying safe and warm.

Currently, I’m under the weather with a chest cold. As I was fretting about having to sit still again today and not being able to use my brand new gym membership (once again) I was meditating on what was up with this storm.

I don’t know about you, when I get ill or start to feel under the weather, I start taking bomb cyclone mother naturedifferent remedies and block myself off from other people so that I don’t pass on my illness and not to get re-sick.

This got me thinking about Mother Nature and what she must be feeling. Just like humans and animals, the energy of Mother Earth/Nature must also have to go through cycles of illness and wellness. Think about it, we have times where we feel well and then there’s other times when we don’t.

The Cause & Effect

What happens when we get the flu or something else nasty that doesn’t agree with our systems? We purge! We have to expel all the toxins and bad “ju-ju” that is caused by some sort of stress on our mental, physical or emotional pathways.

Mother Earth must be really sick! She’s been purging for the past 6-ish years in more harsher kind of natural disasters. Isn’t that what we call them, natural disasters? Natural disaster means a natural event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life.* In other words, Mother Earth is purging in her natural way. Even if that means devastation for many parts of her beautiful body, our planet Earth.

Create Your Own Agenda

Perhaps some of us blame ourselves. Take a look with what we are doing! Many countries still burn fossil fuels for energy (because of wealth greed), a certain leader in a country in North America claims that global warming doesn’t exist and therefore tries to change laws to reflect his agenda of greed and corruption, I don’t agree with that view. The reason for all this happening is because of the carbon dioxide greenhouse gases and other pollutants are getting trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, making the earth’s temperature rise otherwise known as the Greenhouse effect.

Give Her some Love

Going back to when we get a fever (body temperature goes up) what do we do? We purge… get the connection?

Unfortunately, Mother Earth takes a whole lot longer to purge because she isn’t on human time, she’s on universal time. She isn’t going to just get better because we think she should or when we want her to be. Since we are acting responsible by taking care of ourselves to get over an illness, Mother Earth relies on a universal balance that humans have taken her out of. We’ve tipped her balancing scales into toxic city. There is still a vicious cycle of pumping toxins into her system and she keeps needing to purge.

How can We Help?

Yes, this issue is of a global scale, but we can still do our small steps to improve the situation. Cut down on your carbon footprint, go more green, start growing your own vegetables, compose, buy local organic, car sharing, support solar energy, recycle just to name a few. You can google on how to reduce your carbon footprint for more details.

Until we start doing our part in helping Mother Earth to heal, she’s going to continuing purging and we are the only ones that will be suffering through natural disasters.

Compassion Starts Here

When a natural disaster happens like a bomb cyclone, say a prayer for everyone effected. If praying isn’t your thing, at least send healing into the atmosphere. Therefore we start a healing consciousness of sending healing out there. Hopefully one day, that kind of healing rains down on the people, government and/or companies that have been contributing towards Mother Earth’s illness therefore creating a change of their viewpoint towards what matters the most.

I hope I have inspired you to think more consciously than what you already are. Healing ourselves and our actions is better for everyone including Mother Earth.

Be within wellness Enlighteners,

With Gratitude,


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