I am unavailable for in-person (Woodstock) appointments from March 12 until April 7/24.

I am available only for Zoom video sessions during those dates.

I will resume in-person appointments on April 8/24.

Thank you.

Let’s Book Your Appointment


We have moved our Quickie Questions to a new area; please CLICK HERE to jump to that page.

The time zone shown on your screen is YOUR LOCAL TIME.  Please book your appointment based on your availability at the times you see.  For anyone in EST (ET), your time zone is Toronto, but that doesn’t mean you are booking your appointment in Toronto; I don’t have an office there.

My services practise the Global pricing format.  The prices shown are for both Canadian and USA currency.  Pricing/currency will be USD for the USA, Europe, Asia, and other addresses.

Can’t Complete A Booking?

Thank you for attempting to book your psychic medium appointment.

If you are having some issues completing the booking process, please EMAIL: INFO(at)LEWISMABEE.COM

Please include the day, time, service, preferred payment method, first and last name, phone number and mailing address.

My assistant will set up your appointment for you.

**Please do not phone and leave a voice message regarding issues with your appointment.

Thank you!

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