Please read and become familiar with the headings below.  By reading the information below, you will be successful with booking your appointment (the correct way).


Hello, Enlighteners!

In-person appointments are available at my home office in Woodstock, ON.

Accepted Payments


I have implemented a new appointment booking service.  You may need to select a new login to book your appointment.



If you have an active VPN running, please turn it off before booking your appointment.  Leaving the VPN on could conflict with your current time zone and change the currency charged to your credit card.

Pricing and Availability

Before sending an email concerning my services, the length of services, pricing, availability, and more, please take a moment and look into my concierge booking service.

To find out how much my services cost and the length of service, go to my booking site (follow the link below).  Select the Appointment Category, then click on the service, and you will see the price and length of that service.

My assistant and I go by what I have available from what you see on my calendar.  Emailing or phoning the office asking if I have anything available sooner will not get you an earlier time or date.

I am busy, and time slots fill quickly.  So try not to delay; you may lose that time slot you were looking at previously.

E-Transfer Payments

Clients that have selected the option to pay by e-transfer (Canada only), please use this email: info(@)

There is no need for a security question and answer.

Our policy is if a new client has booked an appointment, has chosen to pay by e-transfer and doesn’t immediately send payment, their booked appointment will be kept pending for 48 hours.

If the office doesn’t receive a payment within 48 hours, an email will be sent out as a reminder for immediate payment.  After two business days, if the payment has not been received, the booked appointment will be cancelled without further contact for that transaction.

Thank you


A psychic medium reading with Lewis can help get you back on track.  Sometimes, life can be overwhelming, and you have many decisions to make during your day.  When you feel you can’t figure things out and need help, you have come to the right place.

You may be wondering if having a phone or video session with me is any different; let me assure you, it’s like you’re sitting in front of me in my home office.  Energy is energy and isn’t defined by distance.  Since energy doesn’t have boundaries, I pick up on stuff no matter where you are.

My accuracy is at the same level over the phone or on video if you sit before me.

I encourage booking a ZOOM session.  A video reading is the next best thing to sit across from me.  

I tap into the person’s energy I’m reading and their guides to give you the messages you need to know.

I understand many of you like to see me in person, and why wouldn’t you?  Haha!

If you have been holding back about booking your session with me because you want to do it in person, rest assured you will still get my best over the phone or video chat.

You can read more about my services by clicking here: Readings & Services


VIDEO/PHONE & Woodstock (in-person) – selected Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

I am unavailable for same-day appointments; I generally book at least a week* in advance (yes, I’m that busy).

My online schedule is in real-time.  The times and dates you see online are my schedules, and that’s what I follow.

*Depending on availability

Waitlist Protocol

To be put on a wait/cancellation list, you must already have an appointment scheduled.

Anyone calling or emailing to see if there is an opening in my schedule (without having an existing appointment scheduled) needs to set up an appointment with my online concierge booking service.  After creating your appointment, your name gets added to the last spot on the list.

If you choose not to make an upcoming appointment, you will not appear on the waitlist (I always have an active waitlist).  For the most part, my clients understand how busy I am and do their diligence by booking their sessions and patiently waiting for their scheduled time.

I seldom get cancellations; when I do, I go to the top of the waitlist and offer that person the time slot that just became available.

Using this system, I find it the fairest way for everyone.

I appreciate your understanding.

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