Newsletter 2017 FEBRUARY Happy month of February gang! Let’s make this a month all about making ourselves the priority and practising the art of self-care and self-love.Healing through any difficult situation whether it be internally, or throughout the world is a remedy best treated from the power of many.

Newsletter November 2016 Hey, Enlighteners! Happy November By now most of us have heard about affirmations and how they work. Have you applied a daily affirmation or any statements within in any space of your consciousness or being? Has the declarations of your intentions worked for you after giving it a good go? If not, I…

Can you believe that it’s already August?  Where did the time go?  This year many of you will have been in a holding or stuck pattern. Well great news!  You will be finding that by October, you will be able to start to move forward again and pick up where you left off OR because you’ve had to be patient with time, you will start to re-direct or re-focus your energy on projects with more information, so that’s a good thing and you know that hindsight is always 100%.

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