Clearing The Energy

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After a function or party, many people open windows to air out their homes and remove any fumes or odours. It is also essential to get rid of any unwanted or unknown energy (residual powder) that might be left behind

Why is it important?clearing the energy

  • Gets rid of energy from other people (unwanted)
  • There may be an adverse effect on your household
  • Release any negative impact on family members or energy that’s unwanted
  • Protects you from bring negativity towards you and upset the balance created inside yourself and home.  Replaces energy so that you are in balance
  • Sleep well, better outlook on life, brings positivity towards you and family members. Helps when you or family is in a transition period
  • Help conclude in a more positive way calmness inside of me.  Breathing in the sweet smell of the white sage is very relaxing.

After I’ve entirely smudged the inside of my home, I go to the main door. I go outside and smudge the door on the outside frame.  If you have more then one entrance frequently used, I suggest making all entry points.  Once I have done the outside, and I return inside, I put out the smudge stick.  It’s amazing how little you have to burn to create new energy in your home.  If this is your first smudging attempt, I strongly recommend reading up on it first or ask someone who has done it many times.  As well, if your home has never had smudging before or it has been a while, the smoke might be kind of thick. Typically what I like to do is just let it dissipate into the atmosphere.  If you find the smoke too thick, open up a couple of windows to help clear the space.  Trust me, when you get into the routine of smudging your home once a month, the smoke won’t be as heavy.

cleaning the energy sageIn other cultures, incense or herbal smoke mixtures are used to purify or cleanse the surroundings.  Choose high-quality incense with the herb-infused.  For safety, always use an incense burner for burning incense.

Blessings Always


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