Creating A Vision Board – Part 4

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Creating a vision board is easy and fun.  The results are your own style and you get the benefit of having a focus to do your dream visualization.

Here are some things you may need to create a vision board.

Poster board or cork board.dreamingbig
Adhesive like glue or tape or thumbtacks
Colour markers/pens/pencils
Old magazine
Computer & printer (coloured printer)
Your DrEaMs

Starting with your dreams, start finding pictures either on the web or through magazines that best represent your dream goals.  I try to find pictures that aren’t so ordinary or familiar to me. I like pictures that make me go “WOW” or “WHOA that’s awesome”.  I love it when a picture stirs an emotion within me, whether it’s a lump in my throat, a tummy twirl, or my heart skips a beat. Either cut the images from the magazine or print them off the web and start sorting them into piles of intentions.  Make sure that each image and intention has a deep meaning to you.  It has to reflect you whether you $50.00 or $5 million to your name.  You dreams won’t be realized if you have an “Oh well” attitude.  The soul needs to speak to you about your dreams, to verify that yes, you can have all of this that you can create.
The intentions I use are;  Work/career, Finances, Recreation and Free Time, Health & Fitness, Personal Goals, Relationships and Contributing to a Larger Community Goals.

Once you have your piles of Intentions, start glueing them on your poster board.  I like to keep my intentions in their own section so that when I look at my finance section, everything I want to accomplish is right there to see, instead of looking all over the board for each one.  You can do what you want though.

imageWhen I have everything glued on the board, I get out my colour markers and start writing positive intentions beside the pictures.  I prefer to hand write my intentions because it’s coming from me and it’s my intention so I want to keep it as authentic as possible.  These intentions are like the beginning of a book.  The intentions start me off on my journey of visualizing.  The words and the images are like reading a good book I can’t put down till it’s finished.  I’m visualizing this wonderful life, it’s exciting to me, it feels real to me (that’s also a sign that it’s a truthful intention for you), it inspires me to do whatever is required to acquire my goals (the end of the book).

When you have assembled your vision board and you have that deep self confirmation that yes, what you are looking at is all yours to have.  Each picture and intention has to create a spark within you to become an incredible, powerful creative faculty of who you are.  The board itself doesn’t impact on your reality; what does change your life is the process of creating images in your head and telling your subconscious, “YES” to whatever you are focused on.  These images in your mind will steer your choices towards making the vision real.  You must believe that this is achievable.
You have now set the power of intention into action.  Congratulations!  Now you have something to help you with visualizing your goals.  By creating your vision board, you have in front of you something that can be used as a quick reference to realize and visualizing your goal.  You don’t need to spend hours looking at it and trying really hard.  Relax!!!  Enjoy looking at it.  Don’t give yourself a headache focusing on it.  Remember, you have set the intention into motion by creating your vision board.  Look at it daily, focus on a section for a few minutes, then either walk away and come back later and focus on another section… or, go on to the next section and spend a few minutes on them.

powerwordsBy no means does creating a vision board substitute for you needing to put in some sweat equity.  You still have to do stuff to make all of this happen.  You have to be out there everyday working on your dreams.  I always think to myself, “This is for my better good, my brilliant future, my abundance and my happiness.”  Getting out there, will introduce you to the people and situations that will help you to achieve your dreams.  You don’t always have to get to your dreams by yourself.  Often times, you will meet people that will help you realize your dreams.  It takes a community to build a village.

There you have it.  That’s how you build a vision board.  Go out and give it a try.  What do you have to lose?  What do you have to gain?


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