Feel Good

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I came across this letter to Sally from Gary Evans author of “How to Manifest a Miracle”


Hi Sally,

When I first heard that in order to manifest your hearts desires all you have to do is simply ‘feel good’ … I didn’t believe it.  I thought that there had to be something more to it. I thought that it was simply too easy to work. And after all, I’d felt good before but never seen money come into my life, or my perfect relationship! So I dismissed that idea pretty quickly.jumpingtrees

It wasn’t until I saw the same message keep cropping up over and over again until I finally started to take notice. Joe Vitale summed it up in just 2 lines in his book, The Attractor Factor, and said that if you can just feel good then everything you’ve been wanting would begin pouring into your life.

‘Feeling Good’ is the core teaching of Esther and Jerry Hicks who have been helping millions of people since the 80’s.

That got me thinking….

Why do you think these people would make such a statement?? The truth is that ‘feeling good’ really is all you have to do. I now understand this because I’ve practiced it. You see… when you feel good for 10 minutes, but for 50 minutes you feel negative. The dominant vibration that you send out is one of negativity. This negative vibration that you emit goes out to the universe more than a positive, fast vibration of feeling good. Think of it like this… If you run your hot tap on your bath for 10 seconds, but then close it and add cold water for 50 seconds…

Would the bath contain hot or cold water? Most likely it would be cold, going on luke-warm! This is the same with your manifestations. They are most likely
sporadic in nature unless you can maintain that hot water.  Eventually, if you keep adding hot water, then the bath tub will overflow and dilute the cold water until you’re left with a nice hot ‘feel good’ bath.   And that really is all there is to manifestation.

manfacingsunThe more consistent you can be with ‘feeling good’ then the more consistent your manifestations will be. Before long, you’ll find yourself thinking of something you want, then you won’t give it another thought and you’ll see it manifest into your experience.


Because you’ll be emitting high and fast vibrations of ‘good’ which will continue to attract ‘good’ into your life effortlessly. If you don’t believe me – try it.  Test this stuff out, just like I did.

You’ll be amazed at what you can experience. Feeling good the majority of the time and effortlessly thinking and focusing about things you want and then SEEING those thoughts materialize is an incredible experience.

In fact, it is the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had and will continue to have all of the time because I do not allow anything to make me feel negative thoughts any more. (Okay … the odd 1 or 2 might still slip in there, but the
majority of the time I feel great!!)

What can you do, right now to feel good?  Don’t think of things you can do tomorrow, or later on tonight.  What canmanhammock you do, RIGHT NOW?

Make a list of everything you like about your partner!
– Go for a walk in the woods!
– Do a good deed for someone else!
– Read a good book!
– Meditate!

Whatever it is that can make you feel good is what you should be doing all of the time. Forget about the stresses and strains of life. That stuff is just called ‘what is’.  Here’s a nugget of reality for you….

If you continue to stress and worry about events in your life then you are going to attract more of it – it’s as simple as that! If you can feel good, NOW, then you’re energy will shift and you will begin to attract more things you associate with being good.

Talk soon,

from miraclestories.com


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