Happy New Year

All of a sudden, it’s that time again.   (Happy) New Year right around the corner, many of us will plan on making goals for the upcoming year.  Most goals are about getting into better shape, eating healthy, perhaps a career goal or even finding that relationship.  On the other hand, some of you may also be of the opinion to not make New Year’s Resolutions and that’s fine as well.  At one time, I used to be of exactly the same mind set.  In spite of the old me, I’ve changed my attitude towards making resolutions and here’s why.

Consequently, I’ve come to understand by not setting goals or resolutions, I am giving myself permission to slip back into old and not so good for me patterns.  As a result I eat less clean, not exercising, not keeping a focus on what’s important for me.  

My Distractions

Granted, I’ve always been a goal setter. I’m actually really good at creating and writing the goal down.  My intentions are full steam ahead in the beginning.  Then, something distracts me…. As a result an old habit has come for a visit.  I can honestly say, I haven’t watched as much television as I did in 2017 in any other year before.  Getting lost in mindless shows was a way of escape for me and as a result, I felt my focus wasn’t strong and I didn’t like it.  

Thankfully through meditation, prayer and some awesome friends.  Fortunately, I have been able to have a dialogue about reflection and my goals of what I want to do.  As many as you know, I do not like technology that much. I’m on it because I have to be.  As a result of my dislike of all things tech, I’m making myself uncomfortable and therefore it will become my new comfort zone.

One friend in particular who really embraces and understands how technology and social media works gave me many brilliant ideas in effect to help me to grow and create more awareness of my brand to reach people around the globe.  

Embracing Change

Some of the changes are subtle things, for example;  I wanted a personal greeting to you which vibrated on how I perceive you. Most of my Facebook posts started with Hey Gang!  I’ve changed that to My Enlighteners.  I really do feel you are all on a path of enlightenment, so why not promote that kind of vibration?

Other things are more about what’s coming up.  You will have to stay with me on my journey to find out what is coming forward.  All will be revealed at the right time.  There’s much work that I need to do and learn.  

For myself, I am making 2018 all about…. Do things that make me uncomfortable”.  Why, you may ask?  Because I know what I am capable of.  This past year has been monumental on getting to know me and I have been playing it too safe. As a result, I feel like I conformed to fit other people’s modes and ideas.  Instead of designing and create the mode that best fits me, I felt like my life didn’t fit me any longer.  

Outstanding Moments

Reflecting back over the past 12 months, I have had some outstanding moments. I expanded my business to an Oakville, ON location.  I moved to a beautiful new home that has lots of natural light coming in through all sides, as a result, it brings forward a feeling of good and healthy energy.  Also, I had traveled to familiar and new places around the world.  Notably, I conquered another fear of mine by creating video videos on Facebook and Youtube.  On the positive side, that was another highlight.  Thus, being able to process fear on another level was what got me thinking about making myself uncomfortable.   All of a sudden, as soon as I did those videos, I became comfortable with being on camera and “exposed”.

Making more Podcasts & Videos

Most noteworthy, you may be wondering if I will be returning to do more videos the answer is YES!  It’s going to be a different format than what I previously was doing.  Some will be a pre-recorded podcast so that you can listen to it at your leisure and other times I will be doing live events.  Stay tune for more details as I complete the details.

My online store is almost ready to be open.  Most don’t know that this is my 11th attempt at doing this.  I have put so many hours along with my collaborators and it got to a point where the online store would not work because the shipping module wasn’t compatible or the website didn’t have enough storage space or a number of different challenges.  After countless website designs I’ve/we’ve finally got something that will work.  I’ll be announcing the launch date soon.

Starting 2018 Properly

So yah, 2017 had a lot going on behind the scenes for me.  

To begin with, at the start of 2018, I will be setting my own intentions and resolutions.  Because of my determination, I’m truly ready to embrace and achieve all levels of success.  If you would like to set yourself up for success, here are some things that I’m doing that may be beneficial for you.  I know that some of you will be going out December 31 to celebrate and others may not.  Whatever you’re doing, you can still make time to do the following suggestions.

Closing A Chapter

During the day of December 31, take at least an hour of your day for yourself and get comfy.  Find a quiet, tranquil place.  Light a candle, put on some soothing music.  Block out the background noise that may be going on inside your head or behind you.  Grab a new notebook that you can use all year long and a good writing pen.

Your first page, title it the Year in Review.  If your 2017 was anything like mine, you will have great highlights and not so great moments.  Write them all down month by month.  Write about what you did, who you had met, places visited, the highlights, the struggles, blessings, the funny times and so on.  As a result, by doing this Year in Review it will show you where you have learned and how you expressed gratitude.

happy new year 2018

For the purpose to keep you motivated, If you are willing, share your Year in Review with a friend, family member or a kindred like-minded person.  You may share a laugh and be able to reflect with a different perspective. Therefor, this is another great way of bringing closure to the year.

Next, I would like you to consider what beliefs, habits, behaviours that you would also like to leave behind in closure.  We all have setbacks and regrets.  We don’t need to hang on to them any longer than we have to.  This would be a good time to get them out of your system.  

Write Down what You want to Manifest

Take a new page in your notebook and write down all the traits, habits, beliefs etc that you want to leave behind.  For example, bad eating habits, worrying about….., laziness, being unmotivated, stressing too much about things that aren’t in your control, limiting beliefs, road rage, you will know what to write.  Once you wrote it all down, (again, write it in pen because the energy is flowing from your body to pen to paper so it’s exiting your system) tear the page up and rip it up into as many small pieces you can get it.  Burning the page using a fire safe bowl is another suggestion.  This action is giving yourself permission to surrender and release all the unwanted.

Sit for a few minutes as your body becomes more familiar with the new type of balance you are creating and let the energy flow.  Smile to yourself, you’ve done a great job at releasing. Say a prayer of gratitude that you’re still standing and bless the past year a good-bye.  Hence, you can even make a toast and cheers to the upcoming new year.

New Day, New Year

On January 1, set some me time aside.  When you’re ready.  Light a NEW candle to symbolize a new beginning. Go to your quiet spot.  Get ready to meditate.  If you have never or tried in the past to meditate you can do this.  All you have to is focus on breathing.  Perhaps you can say to yourself, Happy New Year, welcome 2018.

Start with closing your eyes and relax. Focus on your breathing.  Breathing deeply in through the nose and exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of ten times.  After doing that, breath normally.  If your mind wanders during meditation, that ok.  Gently bring your attention and focus back to your breathing and do the 10 count again.  

Meditation is Key

Meditating is important to do before this exercise because you’re aligning and setting yourself up to give permission to your thoughts to be creative with visualization and to help manifest what your soul wants you to accomplish.

Now that you’re tuned into manifesting, get a new piece of paper and start writing down all of your visions for this new year.  This requires you not to analyzes or “think” about each topic you want to manifest.  Just start creating your year ahead.  Be specific & creative.  Also think BIG!   Allow yourself to become uncomfortable so you can enjoy a new comfort zone in the year ahead.  End each thing you are going to manifest with… “this or something better is manifesting in abundant and harmonious ways for the highest good of all”.

Dream Big

Your list should be about 70-75% possible and achievable.  Give yourself permission to write down big dreams even if they seem greedy.  You will learn the Universe loves to give with generosity.  Write in the presence like “I am” and keep the positive energy flowing with your intention.  For example, “I am appreciating and enjoying the new job that is the right fit for me.  My job is my dream job and I am grateful for having it.  I love what I’m doing.”

Once you have emptied your brain with all of your manifesting and have created your list, place it somewhere that is easily seen by you.  Treat it as your most prized possession.  If you like, create a shadow box with pictures to help you with visualizing your dreams.

Grow Your Comfort Zone 

Here comes getting out of your comfort zone to create a new one. Most of us have been taught on some level or not that we are not worthy.  So we instinctively set ourselves up for failure.  This is where you cut through the weeds and carve a path to your uniquely personal destiny.  

Review Each Day

Each day (YES, each day,  you’re worth it, am I correct?) read and review your list out loud.  This gives you an opportunity to start everyday like a Happy New Year! There’s no need to yell it, but read it quietly to yourself.  Give yourself permission to edit or add things on your list.  Throughout the day I encourage you to think about things on the list and picture yourself living in that moment.  Notice how happy you are!  This is improving your manifestation power and you’re aligning yourself with your greatness.

After a while, you will begin to notice and observing yourself being in gratitude of the things that are manifesting.  Celebrate what comes to be.  Be gentle with yourself and don’t beat yourself up or get disappointed with what is not happening.  Remember, this or something better is manifesting…. This is a life lesson about practicing trust and getting your hands off your “steering wheel” and enjoying the process.  No need to know what’s around the corner at all time.  Focus on having abundance in your life even if you think it’s small thing.  

See the Change

Side note… I have a notebook just for what I’m grateful for.  Each day I write at least 5 things that I noticed I was in gratitude.

Keep in mind that our time frame and the Universe’s time frames may not match up when we’d like it to.  Trust the process and breath.  

Therefore, at the end of each day, you’re remembering to align yourself with happiness and what you truly want to manifest.  Embrace your manifesting power and optimize the power that you hold within. Push away the emotional sabotage, the doubt, fear, and the mind clutter which can translate into a physical wear down.  

Talk the talk & walk the walk.  

In closing, it’s important to remember it takes action as well as thoughts or belief to co-create and manifest with the universe your most abundant, happy life. 

Have a Happy New Year for duration of 2018!

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