Identifying Your Dreams – Part 1

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Step 1 to Your Successful Life How to find what to dream about.

We have all heard about setting goals and dreaming big and how to achieve our goals. About staying motivated and positive and focus on our dreams and not on failure or set backs. All that is based on if we already know what we want out life. That’s assuming you already know your goals and how to set them up. So what if you don’t know what your dreams are? How can you move forward with setting up goals and achieving all the success is out there for you? I’m going to help you.

Action 1 – Create a list of what’s important to you

dreamingbigThis is a simple way of finding out what you are passionate about or what interests you. The trick here is NO EDITING. That’s right, just start writing things down, quickly and don’t think. It’s ok if your list has on it things like new wallpaper for your bedroom or wanting a new bike. Just write down everything that you can think of. You’re not out to impress anyone and no one is judging you. Often times, this step is a reflection of what and what isn’t going on with our life. It’s ok! Don’t think about it, don’t worry about any particular order. Just write down everything that comes to your mind.

Action 2 – The Question “Why is this important”?

For everything that you have on your list, ask yourself or write down the answer to the question “Why is this important”? This will help you to understand the importance or value of the goal. You will also notice some themes that develop of where you want to put more focus in yourself and life.

Action 3 – Putting value and prioritizing

Now that you asked the question, look to see what jumps out at you. What things on the list shows up more then once, or is very close to one another or what’s in common. For example you may have a need vs. A want. Or, helping others out, needing more focus on life balance, laughter/happiness, relationships, etc. Now that you see the value in your list, arrange them into those like-minded goals or wants. This way it will help you identify with what resonates and vibrates with yourself on stronger levels. If you are reading this and saying to yourself, “This is too much work”. Let me ask you a question….. “Are YOU worth it?”

Action 4 – Setting intentions of your dreams for your success and use your value system

At this stage you can identifying your lists of importance now. The goals that inspire you and jump out at you will more then likely be the most important to you. This is an awesome time because you are now understanding some of your dreams and will be able to set goals. You may be already working on some of them without even realizing it. Select with importance from your list the goals that you want to accomplish. Set clear and concise goals around each one of them. Make sure that they are believable, achievable and will be successful. Believe in yourself. Achieve what you set out to do. Celebrate your success.

Here is an example of how you can set a fantastic goal.shutterstock_257056219

Intention: I want to take a vacation to the Mayan Riviera Ok nice thought, but there is no substance in it and it’s very wishy-washy.

Ask these questions to help make it a super goal.

When will I take this trip (give an exact date)? February 10, 2013.

How long will I be on vacation for? 2 weeks What kind of hotel will I be staying at? All inclusive 5 star hotel with an ocean view.

What is my affordability? I will easily afford this and get the best price. I will have money in the bank after I get back from my vacation.

Who will I go with? My partner, myself, friends, relatives. This also brings up another intention. If you want to go with a significant other, but you are currently single, but putting that intention out there, you are also creating another goal by listing ‘my partner’.

What’s the first thing I’m going to do when I arrive at the hotel? I’m going to put my suitcase on the bed, change into my swimming suit and head down to the beach to play in the surf and sand.

Here is the powerful vacation intention.

“I am going to the Mayan Riviera on February 10, 2013 for a two week vacation. I will stay at an all inclusive 5 star hotel with my room having a king size bed with suite, and a beachfront view. All of this I purchased for a great price with money left over in my bank account. I will be going with my __________ and we will have an amazing time of beautiful weather, sunsets and entertainment. I will go and play on the sand and water as soon as I change into my swimsuit and I will release all unwanted thoughts and emotions into the tide to be washed away.”

Here are some stuff to help you set up your successful goal.

  • Keep things into perspective. Make sure that all goals are achievable. Having a goal of I will be $100 million richer tomorrow is not going to happen. But if one of your goals is to start earning $5,000 more by December 31, 2013. That is an achievable goal.
  •  Make your goal positive. Always work towards what you want in life, not away from what you don’t want. “I want to be in a loving relationship with someone that is right just for me” inspires you. While “I don’t want to be lonely anymore” already feels defeated and not focused.
  • Understand, that as you work (and I do mean that, work and hard work is going to get your there) towards your goal that some segments of it will change or be altered. As we are learning and growing from the work that we have put forth, we often connect to new and more important or viable goals. Your original goal may have been to keep a journal everyday. During the daily journals you found out that you loved to write so much that you decided to write a book and get it published.

See  How SMART You Aregoalssmart

When you want your dreams to become goals, using the SMART method will help you.

  • Specific – Be as specific and detailed as possible, don’t leave anything out.
  • Measurable – Include ways of measuring the movement towards your goals by setting up “How To” steps.  For example;  Your goal is to earn $5000 more per year.  Part of your measurable goal setting may be to wash cars on weekends 5 hours per weekend from this time to that time Charging $20 per car and needing to do 10 cars per weekend.
  • Attainable – Having goals that you are able to achieve are essential for positive goal setting.  Always go after the goals that you know with some work and determination, they can be turned into reality.
  • Relevant – Make sure your goals are focus based.  Not something that you want to fix from the past or that you feel isn’t worthy.
  • Time-bound – Set a date and time for completing your goal.  Be specific!  By 5:00 pm on December 31, 2012; I will weight _____ lbs.

At the end of the day, setting goals to be rewarding and successful is up to you. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Make sure that each goal resonates with you and makes you happy when you review and visualize each one. Every one of your goals should make you hungry and thirsty to achieve them. You should look forward each day to go over your goals, more then once per day. I go over mine 3 times a day. To make your goals even stronger, share them with the people that care and love you.

Stay tuned for next time when I go over visualization for your goals and checking in with yourself to help keep you positive and motivated.

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