Lead with Your “Right” Foot

The other day I was talking to a friend online.  He asked me how I was doing and my response to him was, “I’m great thanks.”  He asked me why was I great.  I answered him the only way I could and that was, “just because”.  You have to know a bit about my friend.  He has an analytical mind and has to understand everything.  He also knows and understands what I do so he likes to poke around and get my perspective on things.


I began by telling him that each and everyday we make decisions in our lives.

femalemakechoicesWhat to wear in the morning; what excuse we are going to give our boss for not finishing that report; what to make for dinner; and, so on.  These decisions have an effect on our moods and the way we interact with people for a period of time.  Most of us allow our moods to be “altered” by many things in our day-to-day activities and most “allow” these moods to not be positive.  I’ve made a conscious effort in my daily activities to go about life in a positive way.

We all know that the use of certain words can evoke powerful thoughts and conviction.  They say it takes 28 days to make a new habit and that’s what I’ve accomplished.  I use to be “OK”, or “not bad” and I just felt like I was “bumping around life”.  Now, since I’ve changed my responses to Fantastic, Wonderful, Great and other positive powerful words, I actually do feel GREAT.  I also gave myself permission to stop worrying about finances and other issues in my life that I can’t control.  Changing my perspective has created space in my life to reap the joys and benefits of positive living.

Set Your Intention/Goal Setting

Writing out your intention helps you focus on making the necessary changes in your life.   This very important step helps bring your goal one step closer to fruition.  By being able to see your intention, it becomes tangible. Write three goals that you wish to achieve with the most important listed first.  Be sure that you write your goal in a positive way.  For example, let’s use money.  If your intention is to have more money in your life, and you write, “I don’t want to be broke anymore.” It won’t work.  This is a negative intention.  Instead, use powerful, positive words such as “I want to experience life in total abundance.”


After you have written down your intentions, look at the piece of paper.  Focus on your number one goal.  Say that goal aloud three times.  Now close your eyes and say your intention quietly to yourself.  Feel the power of only accepting abundance.  How will it feel to make wise money decisions and be able to watch your bank account grow? Your thoughts become the power of abundance.  Feel the abundance in the bottom of your feet. Let that feeling spread all the way up through your legs, torso and arms to the top of your head.  Now imagine that feeling as a deep jade green bowl sitting on the top of your head.  Now disperse that green coloured bowl into particles of dust and visualize the dust floating into the Universe. Smile with satisfaction that the Universe has received your powerful message.  Slowly open your eyes and continue feeling that positive power of abundance.  Do this exercise at least once in the morning and the evening. Repeat this process as often as you can.  Now go through this sequence with goals two and three.  It may take a few tries to get a visualization of your intention.  Don’t give up; you’re worth the time and energy.  If you need help finding positive power words, go online and search a thesaurus.

Let’s be realistic.  This will not happen over night as it takes 28 days to make a new habit.  We may not become a millionaire, if it is not in our life chart but, by focusing on the abundance of living, you will definitely reap the benefits which may include receiving more money to meet your needs.

I know that doing this visualization process has changed my life because I was a constant worrier (as a psychic, I can not “see’ for myself or use my gifts to help myself or my family).  Since I’m self-employed, I don’t have a steady income and like everyone out there I have credit cards and other expenses. My worry use to make me sick to my stomach when I’d be looking at my monthly situation wondering how I was going to get by this month.  I started the visualization of being abundant and before long it would be days before those old thoughts would appear.  Identifying those thoughts quickly, I would immediately substitute the worry for the power intention and my anxiousness went away.  Now I don’t worry about money, because I know that I will be fine and because of that, my business is growing more then ever before.
Ask yourself this; “Am I worth the couple of minutes per day that I can visualize a powerful positive thought?”  You have been thinking that old way for how long?  Maybe it’s time for a change.


Now that we have been visualizing our positive intentions and we are starting to see all kinds of wonderful “coincidences” coming towards us, now what?  Give yourself permission to have it.  We often don’t believe that the things we want and desire should be ours.  Of course, it can be ours to use. Each day and throughout the day when you are visualizing your intentions and goals, remind yourself that, “YES, I can have this and I accept it into my life”.  Graciously accept your intention from the Universe each and every time you visualize it. Don’t forget to thank the Universe for such a wonderful intention and the fulfillment that you receive.
There is no timeframe involved for all of this.  You just keep doing it and it will come to you.  Sometimes it may take a month or two and sometimes longer.  Don’t get discouraged.  Remember, we are creating a new perspective to live in.  Don’t “rain on your own parade”, you deserve to move forward and reap the benefits of positive thought.

goalsboatCommon Intentions/Goals

What do people usually ask for?

  • money                      relationships            career
  • vacations/trips          new home                 health
  • children/birth             spirituality               new/better vehicle

The mind is a powerful healer.  You have heard about people willing themselves sick?  Why do we always will ourselves towards a negative intention?  Why not will yourself to accept positive reinforcement?  I know each and every single person reading this is worthy of a better, more complete, fulfilled positive way of living.  Give it a try!  I would love to hear your stories about how you have changed your life!

Many Blessings!


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