Manifesting with Blue

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The colour blue is known to be the colour of manifestation and change. When we want change or to manifest something in our life, we use to the blue colour. Usually, it’s a rich blue colour hue as our life is supposed to be rich and full.

Are you looking at changing something in your life for the better? Perhaps attracting more abundance for yourself? If so, then focus on the picture.

Look at the picture, embrace it and feel it inside of your. Slowly, let the blue colour absorb into every cell of your body. Now, feel the blue colour radiate from your body like loving solar flares. Relax, let your mind rest now and feel the colour. Take a deep breath in through your nose allowing that wonderful fresh air into your body. Exhale through your mouth release all unwanted, useless energy into the atmosphere. Repeat this breathing step till you feel calm and relaxed.

Take the picture into your eyes and as you see the picture from your third eye, slowly close your two eyes. Sit with the bluebuddha3rdeyepicture as you see it through your third eye. Feel the power of the blue colour, sense the wonderful change that you can manifest with your efforts.

Now ask yourself; “What do I want to manifest into my life?” perhaps it’s a new career, or creating more money, a loving relationship, better community service, a new car. Whatever it is, let yourself visualize it and coming through the picture from your third eye.

See yourself in the new situation or environment. How do you feel? How are you enjoying the new change in your life. Sit with the new change until you are completely satisfied that you deserve it and are willing to take the appropriate action to make it happen.

If you want to manifest another aspect of change for your life, go ahead. Look into the picture and radiate the change you want to have happen.

When you are done for now, say the following to yourself “In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way; I am now achieving (fill in your intention). This or something better is manifesting in totally satisfying and harmonious ways for the highest good of all.”

Say thank you to the Universe for giving you vision. Slowly open your eyes. Smile. Now go and start to manifest that wonderful change!




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