Pets In Heaven

This topic is a frequently asked question that I get.  What happens when our pets pass away?  Their spirits go to heaven of course.  During tonight’s segment, I will be explaining what their spot in heaven looks like and how they mix and mingle with the rest of the celestial realm.

Pets Gone to Heaven

Many of us have our fur babies that we love and treat like members of the family.  Some ofPets gone Heaven them have been with us for a long time and have seen us through many life trails.  After they are gone, what happens to them?

I often get asked during a reading if there are any messages from a pet.  In most cases, the answer is YES!  It’s important to realize that I can communicate with your pets spirit as long as they are willing to come through.

Throughout the live broadcast, I will be answering some of your questions and preforming some readings from your passed on fur babies.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017  8pm EST/5pm PST

Tonight’s topic is our Pets in Heaven.

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