Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as protection against electromagnetic pollution (emf). These subtle energy tools interact and transform orgone or life energy, better known as life force energy, etheric energy, chi, prana or qi.

They continually clean the negative ionic energy with where they are placed.

The pyramid orgonite chargers can help clear negative energy and vibrations, both in a living space and in your body.  Placing it near plants helps them thrive.

Think of these useful pyramids as a pollution zapper.  It helps get rid of harmful EMF that leaks from electronics such as televisions, lamps, telephones, stereos, wifi, microwaves, etc.

Orgonite may also remove negative entities from a house. Negative entities are often characterized by their tendencies of imposing their will upon the living, for example out of anger, or by wanting to control the occupants of the house, and often they feed of the life force of the living. They are all traits of restricted, armored energy present in these entities themselves.

Suggested Use for Pyramids:  place beside your tv & in a larger room such as living room or master bedroom.

Each orgonite is handmade and is distinctly of it’s own.  The pictures are a representation of what you will be purchasing and may not be exactly as shown.




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