Protection Unwanted Energy

My first live, interactive stream.  I promise I will get the hang of doing these better! haha

I wanted to do this video for a while now.   Also, I was using it as a “test” for me to try and get comfortable with the whole recording video and interaction when live.  Please forgive me for the pause at the beginning of the video.  I am a work in progress and love the learning process.

Setting Intentions

Part of my safety from unwanted energy is reinforced daily by me believing in this intention;  My personal self and living space are full of harmony, peace and balance.

With this intention, I know going into my day that I do not always need to think am I protected, I know that I am.

When people who have the empathic energy go out in the world, they are often bombarded with static energy from others.  That can be overwhelming, and therefore, you become unbalanced or irritated and even stressed out.

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