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Email Service


I’m offering an online email service called The Quickie Question.  When you submit your request, you will write your one or three questions for me to answer.  I will send my answers to you via email (please ensure your email is correct).

This service is available Monday-Friday, excluding holidays and days off.  Please write a specific question to ensure you have a more detailed answer.

Please do not write 3 or 4 questions and try to pass it off as one question.  I will answer only 1 of the parts of the multiple questions.

This selection of service does not require a specific time of day slot.  The day you submit and purchase your Quickie Questions, I will answer them in 12 business days.
I will answer within 4 business days if you decide to BOOST your request.

A Detailed Question



Please make your question as detailed as possible.

I read the energy from the words, so, therefore, a sentence like “How is my love life?” is not a strong vibration, and my response will be vague just like the question “It’s not well!”

A more specific detailed question would be this example…

Question 1: “Hi there, this time I have a question about my job (finance analyst). Recently I left Greece to take a role in the same company but at the headquarters based here in Bristol. One of my managers (name) advised me to do that and as I realised he was also involved in this. Since I left, I haven’t realised if leaving my role in Greece was a good decision or not. Now I am also studying for an additional qualification that is essential for my current role. I would like to know what would be my career progression.”

That kind of question gets a very detailed response!



TEN Question Quickie

Many of you have been asking for some form of monthly service for my email psychic readings. 

I’ve put some thought to it, and came up with the monthly Ten Question Quickie for those of you that have upcoming questions on things like an on-going situation, or a change in direction which you need new clarifications on.

Also, the questions don’t even need to relate to one another.  This is a flexible way to ask me questions throughout the month.  You can email me 1 or 2 at a time or even 6 questions at once.

You have 28 days from your first email question to use up the 10 questions allotted.

During the month, you can email whenever and however many questions you want (depending on my schedule).

As a bonus for the 10 Question Quickie I am offering an exclusive priority TWO-day answer time frame.  You don’t have to wait for a week or longer.

The two-day turnaround excludes calendar day weekends, Canadian holidays and days booked off on my schedule (I’m likely on vacation).

Payment is collected up front before your first Question Quickie.

If you submit a Question Quickie and payment hasn’t been made in full, the countdown of the 28 days will begin the day you submit.

For Canadian clients, you can pay by e-transfer and PayPal.  My USA and international clients will choose PayPal as the form of payment.  PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.  You can use PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account.