Is it time for a Ripple Effect?

In these times when a “ripple effect” has a lot of us feeling zapped with negative energy from people around us, world events posted on social media and news outlets.  Often time I ask myself “What can I do?”  My answer is create my own ripple effect.  Hence by creating a positive energy field, allows healing and a restore of balance. Hence why I am writing this blog.

Let’s face it, we are overwhelmed like never before.  Always in the foreground is the daily news and media headlines in our current world.  Resulting in the breakdown of compassion involving massacres, natural disasters, corrupt politicians/leaders and people that are set on devastation and destruction…… Generally speaking,  I’m wondering if there is hope for positive change?

My answer is YES!  I refuse to give up on us human beings!  Even more so, I hope you agree with me.

Straightaway, there’s a saying that keeps coming to my mind.  It has to get worse before it gets better.  WOW!  But why? Certainly most of us question how much worse does it need to get before it gets better.  Sooner or later time will tell by our actions.

Surprisingly, those answers are within me! And they are in you and everyone around you.  Let me explain. Even though our lives may seem chaotic and spiraling in a way that doesn’t make us feel good, it’s the attention we give our thoughts and energy that we put out there which makes the world the way it is.

Thoughts & Actions

On my own, I may not be able to save the world.  In the long run, that’s not my solo mission, nor yours to do so.  On the whole, by focusing and challenging myself to think in positive ways with the emphasis on being happy, feeling love (for myself and for others) presents a sense of inner peace.  Therefor, a mighty shift in our consciousness can occur on this level.

  Many of my clients that have had a session with me, that above all, in order to have change, a need of physical action is required.  In short, the physical action has to be repeated over and over again thus providing a sense of personal achievement.  Also,  a safe and harmonious living space and within my community a ripple effect has begun.

Many ripple effect caused through positive thoughts and actions can begin to offset the overly negative stimulation from the sources found on the news, social media.  Who wants our lovely senses to absorb that crap on an ongoing basis? Certainly not me.  I’m not suggesting to turn off your T.V. or stop watching the news or avoid your social media, that will turn a blind eye to healing.  Knowledge is power and if I know what is going on in the world, then I can set counterbalance a result which is focused with happiness, love & peaceful actions.

ripple effect

Create a Ripple

Therefor I ask myself what kind of ripple effect(s) can I do to cause a positive result?  One of the main things, because it’s an unselfish act is a Random Act of Kindness.  Certainly, it doesn’t require you to spend money, or to take up a lot of time.  Try smiling!!! YES! Smiling to strangers when you pass them.  Throw in a Hello… Good morning/afternoon or evening to the smile for good measure.

There are several things that I and you can do to promote happiness, love & peace.  Firstly, believe that it’s achievable.  With my daily actions,  I lead with positivity.  Choosing to feel better about life in general, sends those good vibes into the atmosphere.  Your thoughts and actions are doing the same.  It’s a matter of choice.  How do I choose to look at events happening in the world?  With love of course.  

My compassion has no boundaries and I’m sure you share the same thought.

Please, I ask you to send happy, loving peaceful vibes out to others and to the universe. For the reason of so we can start to heal.   Results from our combined actions can have spectacular results. As a result, you may find your personal vibration positively increases therefor we also benefit from others doing the same as we.  

At the end of the day, if you could feel more happy and less stress, you are adding to the positive ripple effect.

Here’s to your happiness

With love & gratitude


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