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What is a Star-Lew Reading?

That’s a great question!  Here it is in a nutshell.  You have seen Sharita Star & me on Facebook Live, Youtube and heard us on our Podcast found on (Apple, SoundCloud) called Mabee It’s In The Stars. 

Many of you asked if we could fuse our specialties together and give one heck of a reading for you.  We thought about it and loved the idea.

Maximum Preparation

We will forecast the year coming towards you, so that way you will be better prepared for the upcoming days and months.

Plus we give you lots of insights so you can be well equipped and prepared to navigate your life path in a more positive light.  

Our talents will have you prepared for maximum take action so you can have outstanding results for the year ahead of you.  We give you the tools needed for you to make every day count and live a more

Even by giving you these tools, you will still have to put in the required energy to have a fulfilling life.

Impactful Life

Whether you have a curiosity or ready for a definite shift in life and energy a Star-Lew reading will impact your life for the better.  You will be able to make better life choices with more ease; you can build the trust within yourself because we have forecasted what is coming towards you.

Of course, a Star-Lew reading is to use as a powerful barometer for your life choices.  We have free-will to make healthy and not so healthy choices in our life, therefore focus on what is the path of least resistance in life.  Every decision and action we do and perform has a consequence.

Therefore, it only makes sense to follow your life path to get maximum results.

Meet Sharita

Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker Sharita Star has one mission as she sees patterns of energy and cycles through the three-star secrets of astrology, numerology and lexigrams: to align your peace of mind in changing times.

Coined as a “Psychic of the Planets,” Sharita distinctly sees how our names and birthdays hold our keys to success to enrich our self-knowledge and awareness.

Another Messenger

A constant student of the planets above, she is a celebrated messenger for our individual journeys down here below. Her consultations and events guide souls to optimize the many choices our free will can make in order to ordain success.

The founder of Sharita’s Star Secrets, Sharita also empowers souls to understand the benefits of our natural cycles of reflection through her one of a kind Mastering Mercury Retrograde workshops.

As a corporate events reader and speaker, she’s worked with Between the World’s Adam Bernstein, Angel Quest Center with Renowned Medium Karen Noe, SK66, Bear Stearns, Conde Nast, American Essentials, David Easton, Van Wyck & Van Wyck, and Women’s Syndicate Association, just to name a few.

Author, TV & Radio

As a TV/Radio personality, Sharita is currently featured weekly on Empower Radio with her Empowerscopes podcast which offers distinct timing is everything advice for personal empowerment. She has appeared on CBS Radio, ABC’s Good Morning America, PBS, The Grace Grella Show, and True Talk.

Sharita authored ‘It’s All in the Name,’ a break-through book revealing the fascinating topic of Lexigrams, engaging us to discover the wonders of how we can spell out the truth from our words, names and titles. Learn more about how your Name and Birthday hold your keys to success at www.sharitastar.com.

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Package Details


90 min – $600

120 min – $800

The Star-Lew reading is a fantastic present for someone on your gift giving list.

90 mins

This package fuses the essential details of your astrological and numerological charts.

Using your birth date and full name at birth, tap into your past, current timing, psyche, career, mindset, health, and optimize what’s ahead.

We give you highlights of what’s coming around you for the upcoming year.

Receive messages of divine guidance through Lewis’ psychic/mediumship work.

Plus the benefits of coaching and spiritual counselling to help you reach your full potential to complete your learning and recognizing your rewards in the year ahead.

Your session will be taped in an MP3 format and is email to you for your review and playback needs.  As well, you will receive Sharita’s handouts of your personalized birth chart and highlighted future events will be explained to you.

120 mins

Everything outlined in the package above, but more in-depth and more resources for your upcoming personal year.

Your session also includes month-to-month heads-up forecasting plus a lexigram analysis of your given birth name.

Also, we cover more on your choices on career, personal relationships & family along with any spirit guide messages.


A Star-Lew reading is like no other! As a long time client of Lewis and an admirer of Sharita I couldn’t have been more pleased with my fusion reading.  It is like having a personalized guide book and roadmap for the future.  This highly detailed reading gave me not only a better understanding of what is coming up in my life but who I am at a core level.

Sharita’s ability to map out who I am from my date of birth and birth name blew me away! I could not believe what information came from my name alone! As someone who has enjoyed astrology prior to my reading I had no idea how much deeper you could go. Knowing my rising sign has made a huge difference in understanding why I am the way I am. All of this backed up with further detail from Lewis!

I alway enjoy my work with Lewis. He is straightforward and cuts right to the point.  I so appreciate Lewis’s ability to help me fine tune my life’s work.  Knowing what is worth my time and energy has helped me on many occasions navigate big life decisions. It is so reassuring to know if I am on my life’s path and recieving messages from those watching over from the other side.

My fusion reading has armed me with a better sense of self and knowing where best to let my energy flow. I have a new confidance to pursue goals and not hold back knowing the universe is supporting my path. I would definitely do another fusion reading in the future! Thank you both for a wonderful experience!


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