It was such a pleasure to have time with you last night.
You gave me so much relevant information and clarified directions and effort for the upcoming year.
Thanks again for your time.
Warm regards,

Seeing you tonight has made all of my negative thoughts disappear. My stress level is at zero. Thank you. You made me feel calm and totally comfortable.  I wish to thank you from the bottom of my

❤️ 💙 💜

T. Salway
I will be a yearly customer for sure.

I have had readings from Lewis for several years. He always gives me insight and guidance on which paths to follow. I’ve always felt very positive after my appointments with Lewis.

Tine Hagberg

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Good morning!

I just wanted to Thank Lewis for coming out to cleanse my house. I feel absolutely amazing, and my boyfriend seems like his old self again.

I will also be buying a house hopefully by the end of the year and will require him again because I am not moving into a new place without having it nice and clean first, lol.

Everything is wonderful!



Great experience. I felt validation after my session. It was like sitting down with someone I knew, I felt very comfortable.


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I listened in on a Youtube live with Lewis and Debbie Taitel tonight. I asked about my late father in the chat, and Lewis immediately said, “I’m hearing all of these names, was there some confusion about his name?”. Only those of us very close to my father knew that when he was born, the hospital accidentally misspelled his name. It was supposed to be Elbin, but they spelled it Eblin. It was often mistaken for Ebling, so he just went by his initials, EJ. This is something almost no one knew about. He also said there was some misunderstanding about what to put on his headstone for a name, and that is absolutely true. I loved the way Lewis was so genuine, honest, and during the Live show. I’m truly so blown away that he would say something so private and random. It feels great to know my Dad is around me.

Rebecca Fox

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Thank you, Lewis.  I found the session very helpful. It was a wonderful gift from my partner.


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Hi Lewis

Thank you so much for today and for sending the recording. You gave me a lot to think about, and I really appreciate it. I will definitely be booking another session at some point to touch base.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
Warm Regards,
Thank you, Lewis!
It was a really great experience, it helped me realize a few things about focusing on myself, etc. and believing that the right person will come into my life when it’s meant to happen and stay patient. As long as I’m not a lonely old dog lady at the age of 50. 😅
Thanks again!

Thank you, Lewis. I feel comforted being able to connect with my father.

See you next time!
Mun Yee

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