I have had sessions with Lewis over the years.
It feels much like getting together with an old friend and chatting. I usually ask my questions, and Lewis will fill in details, summarizing things or ideas or events I had recently been thinking or experiencing, making suggestions, making predictions or just simply re-affirming things that I may not have been certain about.
Thanks, Lewis I really enjoy those sessions.

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I decided to try Lewis for the first time several years back and I was *blown away*. He is truly gifted in so many ways. His accuracy is mind-blowing, his guidance is invaluable and best of all, you feel so comfortable because it’s just like talking to a good friend..and all this has been through phone or video! His readings have guided, directed, and helped me through several life events and stressors. Regardless of subject matter, I leave each session feeling peaceful, empowered, and with a newfound respect for him. I am eternally grateful to the Universe for placing him on my path. Thank you, Lewis. You have made a world of difference to me and all who know you.

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Lewis, I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. I take great comfort in knowing I can reach out to you for guidance and support when needed. Your honesty is also greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Lewis, I have known you now for many years and with each reading, my path in life becomes clearer. Thank you for our time together and the laughs we share.

Karen D.

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Good afternoon Lewis, hope you enjoyed your weekend, the weather was beautiful!
Thank you so much for cleansing our place and for your reading, I’m just going to take some time and listen to it.

I always look forward to connecting with Lewis – he’s AWESOME! The messages I receive from Spirit through him are never just dropped there for me to run with. I always receive loving, compassionate support with what this means and HOW I can best honour my journey forward as a result.

The truth always FEELS right, even if it means I must adjust something in my life. Lewis provides the container and cheers me on in spite of any hesitation or reluctance I might rub up against. Healing from old programs and patterns are tough to do on your own. His kindness and empathy smooths the way for me, always. We laugh a lot too and I always feel comfortable and relaxed with him. Don’t hesitate – call Lewis and be inspired, enlightened and SEEN for who you are.

Love you, Lewis!

Diane Krompart

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My reading with Lewis was everything I was hoping to get out of it. It gave me peace where I needed peace and also helped me to learn more about my future endeavours. I am beyond grateful to have had this experience and I would like to thank Lewis so much for helping me in my healing process and the process of moving forward in my life.

Kasey West

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Thank you for listening and enlightening me. Your words really resonated with me and helped bring clarity to the feelings I have been wrestling with.
Indeed, until next time.


Not only is talking to Lewis like talking to a good friend, I was completely blown away by the accuracy of every part of what he said. I would highly recommend a session with Lewis and am excited to meet with him again in the future!


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Guiding the way!

Saw Lewis for the third time. Everything he sees always ends up becoming reality. He’s so accurate, it’s scary. Thank you Lewis for helping me guide my way.

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