I am providing a testimonial because I truly believe that Lewis Mabee has the gifts of energy and communication from another realm where he clearly can telepathically communicate.

Much like Theresa Caputo but even better. I have experienced his magnificent gifts for several years; as many who talk with him know and believe in him.

Lewis is the real thing and no joke.

I have a couple of homes around the world and no matter where I am, I have a great experience with each one of my sessions with Lewis at different times of the year when needed; both telephonically and by video telecommunication to connect.

The clarity of his telephone and/or video readings (depending on my satellite signal) which I have experienced with Lewis is no different than Lewis’ in-person sessions.

I realized that Lewis has the ability to tap into the energies that are needed to provide an accurate reading with compassion love and empathy in the highest good of all his clients.

His focus is unmatched. His gifts are real. I can’t recommend him enough. Be blessed..

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Thank you! It was a great session and I learned a lot from it:)


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Your insights always amaze me. This could not be more accurate and confirms intuitions I have had myself.
Thank you so much!

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Hi Lewis

Thank you it was enlightening!


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I have had a few readings done in the past and honestly, the weight lifted off my shoulders after each one has been amazing.  I’ve always sought a reading after something rather depressing has happened and I have appreciated that Lewis has told me what I needed to hear versus what I wanted to hear.  And that makes all the difference.  After my reading today, I felt so much better about things and I feel like I’ve been able to let my issue go much easier.  I highly recommend booking a reading, I know it’s saved me a lot of sleepless nights and wondering “what ifs”.

Jenn S.

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Dear Lewis.

Thank you so much! Have a Merry Christmas! I will pass your cards on.

Take care,


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My pleasure!

Thank you, Lewis!  The ladies loved it!

Wendy B.

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Thank you, Lewis, for sharing your gifts with me!

Kindest regards,

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Thanks so much for the other day, Lewis.  I was blown away by how spot-on you were—you are clearly one of the best clairvoyants on the planet!

Chris A.

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Where do I begin?

You were spot on with a lot of the subjects that we touched on.

You have given me some peace with regard to my parents. You gave me much-needed information from the past and the future.

When it comes to me and 2020 I can’t believe how accurate you were.

I thought it coincidental when you gave a “for instance” name and they were people’s names close to me. Not once but twice.

I look forward to my recording to go over it again as well as seeing you again mid-2020.

Thank you,


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