Rental House Clearing
Wanted to thank you for the work you did for us,
I for one have a better attitude towards that rental property
And we are hoping it will bring positive results.

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Hi Lewis
Thank you again for everything yesterday I am so grateful. I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going. Have an awesome day. With gratitude
Much love from Prada and I ❤️ ❤️ xo

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A Star-Lew reading is like no other! As a long time client of Lewis and an admirer of Sharita I couldn’t have been more pleased with my fusion reading. It is like having a personalized guidebook and roadmap for the future. This highly detailed reading gave me not only a better understanding of what is coming up in my life but who I am at a core level.

Sharita’s ability to map out who I am from my date of birth and birth name blew me away! I could not believe what information came from my name alone! As someone who has enjoyed astrology before my reading, I had no idea how much deeper you could go. Knowing my rising sign has made a vast difference in understanding why I am the way I am. All of this backed up with further detail from Lewis!

I always enjoy my work with Lewis. He is straightforward and cuts right to the point. I so appreciate Lewis’s ability to help me fine tune my life’s work. Knowing what is worth my time and energy have helped me on many occasions navigate big life decisions. It is so reassuring to know if I am on my life’s path and receiving messages from those watching over from the other side.

My fusion reading has armed me with a better sense of self and knowing where best to let my energy flow. I have a new confidence to pursue goals and not hold back knowing the universe is supporting my path. I would definitely do another fusion reading in the future! Thank you both for a wonderful experience!

Feeling Better – I really cannot thank you enough for the information you provided me with yesterday. I feel like I can relax again and will be able to enjoy the holidays. I may touch base in a few months via the quickie question just for an update… but only if I feel I need one. Thank you again. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.

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Finally Figured it Out

Thanks, Lewis!

Have a wonderful Christmas. Hope you have a chance to get out ;).
We were speaking about the B guy and the D guy and you asked who has the light eyes and who has the dark eyes! I know now lol

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Hello Lewis

Self Love – You were right when you said if I don’t clean everything out around me about my ex I’ll not find someone else better!
Last month I met this girl and so far we are really good together!! We want the same things in life, and she’s not selfish like my ex.  I am starting to feel love again even that is so early.
Maybe it’s because I like her so so much! I know it’s only a month, but I hope everything will be ok!

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Validation for Success – Thank you SO MUCH for your insight. I believe you are totally correct. It’s something people keep saying they like and would sell but I’m really not marketing properly and enough.
Awww. Big hugs. Thank you so much. I will work at it and even get back to you in the future and keep this email for reference to see how it progresses
Appreciate it very much!
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Hey Lewis!

Self Employment Satisfaction – I have been meaning to email you for so long now!

Things have been smoothing out about, I am not getting tangled up in how to brand/define myself to others, and I’m feeling so much more powerful. I’ve been sharing my message, I started a podcast, recorded sooo many videos and really showing up for myself. I’m learning how to hustle with grace.

I even did some healing sessions; I’ve been working on my chakras- I even started buying crystals for crying out loud! aha

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Thank you so much for the great reading.  You brought me peace of mind and understanding.  You gave me encouragement and hope, and I left your place feeling excited for the months ahead.  You have such a great sense of humour, and I love your honesty.  Thanks for sharing your gift.
All the best to you in your future endeavours. I wish you great success.

Moving Forward – Just wanted to say ‘thank you’, Lewis. I appreciated our session very much last Saturday. Moving forward and focusing on happiness!
Have a great weekend.


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