Hey Lewis!

Thank you for sharing your psychic medium and healing abilities with me – thank you for “listening”.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you (and Cleo) and talking with you. I was both inspired and enlightened. So much food for thought. So many questions popping up.

I will definitely book another reading with you soon.

Thank you for the recording. Happy Thanksgiving.



I would like to thank you for the last reading you had given me. it was so accurate. I did land my dream job at the small law firm and at the time frame as you predicted. I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.



What can be said about “the Lewis Mabee Experience’? Quite a lot!

I have been receiving readings from Lewis for about 7 years now. He has been friendly, kind, honest, non-threatening and understanding in his manner all this time. It’s like sitting down to talk with a good friend.

Any apprehension from first-timers is gone in minutes with Lewis. He makes you feel welcome to be with him.

I live in an area where there are many psychics around, and even though I have relocated in the past 5 years to this area, Lewis is still head and shoulders above all the rest in my opinion. He’s still my ‘go-to guy’. I highly recommended for first-timers and anyone more experienced with psychics.

My initial office visits with Lewis have now been replaced with sessions on Zoom, which makes him available worldwide. It couldn’t be easier. Lewis looks after it all from his end. Sends you an email with a link, and with a click, he’s there on your screen.

As far as his accuracy is concerned, ‘get right outta town,’ Lewis is bang on the money every time without fail with aspects of your life and takes the time to go into details of any situation he comes across concerning your life.

The MP3 he sends of the reading also gives you the opportunity to listen again and again.

Just can’t say enough here. Time with Lewis is time well spent and worth every penny. The value of his readings goes on for years.

Thanks again Lewis

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I was just thinking about a few things and I saw one of your posts. Thanks for staying positive and keeping that energy flowing for some of us when we go down in the jumpers, and we just need a good smile from people that we know who are genuine.

I am truly amazed at your accuracy from the readings I’ve had with you. You indeed have a gift that is hard to find. You’ve helped me tremendously in many areas that required further clarification as well as provided me with reassurances in life. In gratitude, I will certainly pass on your credentials to others who are confused and are in need of answers with their frustrated lives. I will definitely stay in touch. Keep getting those vibes! Thank you, my friend.

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This was my first reading ever and I could not have had a better first experience than this. I feel so inspired. I have also been sleeping so well since speaking with Lewis. Beyond certain aspects of the reading that I cannot attest to at this point in time, simply because they have not yet happened in my life– I can most certainly say that Lewis was able to describe me and what’s going on in my life right now so accurately. Even within the first 10 minutes, Lewis was speaking as if he had known me my whole life. He is incredible and truly gifted. Also, just so easy and fun to talk to!

I really like how Lewis provides an audio copy of your session afterwards, it shows confidence in his abilities. I’ve enjoyed going back and listening when I need a little boost of inspiration for the day 🙂

I look forward to speaking again one day Lewis, thank you!

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I absolutely love you! I was amazed by your ability to help me view things with more clarity in my reading.


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Thanks so much Lewis it was great to meet you and was a reassuring session.


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Thank you for the wonderful reading. You are fabulous and you made me feel comfortable.
Thank you,


Thank you so much for the healing session. I felt the relief as you mentioned.
I’m very interested in continuing with healing therapies. They have been wonderful; thank God!
Thank you so much,