Thank you so much for the healing session. I felt the relief as you mentioned.
I’m very interested in continuing with healing therapies. They have been wonderful; thank God!
Thank you so much,

Thank you so much, Lewis.

You gave me more insight and clarity than I expected. It helps me with feeling like I have a grasp on things, gives me hope and direction and works towards accepting with my husband’s family.

We are blessed to have wonderful friends and kids that keep us honest…and tired at times. They will all fill their father up for sure!
I hope you are well and enjoying some summer during this unusual year.

With appreciation

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Hi Lewis,

That was a wonderful session. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.
Wishing you much success and blessings. We’ll see you in two years 🙂

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Lewis always seems to know what I am going to ask about before I even say it. He always knows just what to say and gives detailed answers. I always feel my questions are well answered and that Lewis knows exactly how I feel and what needs to be addressed. I never feel rushed and Lewis gives full time to answer all concerns.

Janet C

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Thank you so much, Lewis. You shook me a bit because you knew things that I believed you never could have known. My beliefs and opinions about the afterlife are completely altered because of your reading and other recent experiences.


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I have been trying to cope during a particularly stressful time in my life the past few years. Lewis provides reassuring answers to my questions that help me focus on what’s important going forward. After I leave a session with him I feel like I have some direction. He is kind and intelligent and he provides excellent counsel.


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Thank you again for coming to Barrie. I greatly appreciated it and you should see all the different Wildlife in the yard now!


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Dear Lewis:

I’m so glad to have finally met you and after spending a few hours with you, I feel you have initiated a great “Life Force” in my life.
Our conversation was so easy and gentle that it just flowed from one topic to the next without having to be guided or scripted.
You answered so many questions that I have been swirling around in my mind for many years, and with this clarity, I will now move forward on that path that I have been so frightened to walk. You also gave me encouragement and strength which I so desperately needed, I will use them wisely to bring balance and order back into the person that I once was.

Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart,
it was a lovely and endearing day spent with you,
I now have the tools to make a brand new start.

Until we meet again,
Sandy K

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The first time I contacted Lewis was in 2014 if I am not mistaken. Since then I have been contacting Lewis regularly.

Lewis is very accurate with his predictions and very good at providing advice.

A while ago I was in a difficult situation at work. I got a job offer in a different country and Lewis told me from the beginning that it was a good move but it wouldn’t last. So he was right. After a few months in the new role, we went through restructuring. Then Lewis advised me on the steps I should take and he was very detailed. So I did and everything happened as he predicted. I managed to return back to the UK and got promoted so the benefits of that move were great as he said they would be.

The above is just an example but it was one of the most difficult situations I had to go through. Lewis always provides me with confidence and I follow his advice because he is always right. He is a person I can trust and I can discuss any issues I might have openly.

I have introduced Lewis to my friends and my friends to their friends. And I will continue doing that because he is worth it.

Lewis is also very good at understanding people. Even people I might have just met.

Lewis, please continue to provide the support you provide. I would have felt so lost when I was in that difficult situation and you really helped me to go through it but I cannot imagine how things would have turned out if I wouldn’t have had you in my life.

Thank you very much for all your support


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Thank you for the great reading Lewis.
I came away with such a peaceful mindset feeling, and the knowledge that I will be able to handle the challenges ahead.
Will be in touch soon


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