I saw Lewis on Sept. 13, 2021 … I am so pleased with the reading I received. He was on time, pleasant & welcoming but most important he was extremely on point. He is genuine and is easily able to pinpoint people’s traits and give you messages that truly resonate.
I left feeling so reassured that I am in fact on the right path. Thank you, Lewis, you are appreciated.


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Thanks so much, Lewis. You are such a light! Thank you for brightening my view when I felt confused. You are such a special person, and I am so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity for the session. 

Definitely, I have been inspired and enlightened. 
Muchas gracias,


Lewis – wanted to reach out for a quick message – thank you!  First time for me and whether or not my personality and mind will let me take it all in – I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I want to thank you for the journey…  not done yet…


Amazing First Reading

I have a new outlook on my future.
A couple of loved ones came through that was heartwarming. I was worried about my son’s future, but Lewis ensured me that he will have a good future. 🙂


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I usually don’t write a review, but I felt compelled to after my reading with Lewis. It was such a great experience to have an open and honest conversation. He was very clear, and for me, I prefer someone to speak freely which Lewis absolutely did.

Feeling gratitude, thank you.


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Thank you so much! You have helped me a lot 😀

Take care,

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Lewis is true-blue with his insight and guidance. I appreciate his honesty and ability to see the future. He has set me on my path for my next chapter in life. The connection he has with my departed loved ones is amazing and comforting!


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Thank you, Lewis.  I find that it is getting better as the days progress and yes indeed the mantra has become very constant and I thank you for that.


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Our session today was very illuminating/educational, interesting and extremely helpful.  As well as a lot of fun.
I feel like a 100-pound boulder has been lifted off my shoulders.
Thank you and have a lovely evening,

This was my first ever reading…and it was incredible! I had many questions about my career & finances, Lewis was able to provide a beautiful in-depth outlook on my future. A few loved ones come also through which was very unexpected and heartwarming. I can’t wait for my next reading, it was so fun and exhilarating! Thank you so much, Lewis 🙂


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