The Check In – Part 5

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The Check In

So how is everyone enjoying making their dreams come true? Part 5 in the Dream Big Series is checking in with goalssmartyourself to help keep you motivated and focused. It’s also a review for you to make sure you are still inline with where want your dreams to take you.

Below, I’ve listed a few checkpoints for you to go over. I want to remind you to have faith in all that you are and can grow to be. You are the creator of your life force. By living these principles of the Dream Big Series you to can live a more brilliant life.

Even when you feel that you are sliding down, remain faithful. The higher power of the Universe and life source will ultimately ensure an outcome that is for your higher good and lead you towards fulfilling your life purpose. Learn to ebb and flow through the ups and downs of reaching your dreams. You can apply these principles as a standard to the way you live and have a positive effect not only to yourself but to people around you.

Lets review now.

  • Dream and dream big. Visualize your life in the future. Start with listening to what your soul has to tell you at the deepest level. You can achieve this by staying still, meditating, ask for honest feedback (be willing and capable of hearing the feedback), become more spiritual. Open up your heart to the possibilities and you can have success on many levels of your life. Give yourself permission to dream big freely and with the courage of knowing that you can have it. Share your dreams with the people around you. They don’t have to get it, but they have to support you on your journey while you are doing the same for them.
  • Get an Action Plan. True dreamers, chase their dreams, they are doers! Take small steps and create a plan on crossing that finish line of achieving your dreams. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It all about planning and walking the walk.
  •  Trust yourself. Trust in your spirit and the Universe to show you how to succeed in the outcomes and endeavors of your dreams. Sometimes things may not happen when you want them to, adapt this believe and mantra “Everything is in it’s rightful place and I am benefitting and learning from the lessons. I am successful.” Even if you are finding that things may not be going according to plan, trust that the outcome is best for you and everyone around you.
  •  Motivate yourself. Review your dreams daily and allow your dreams to be the fore-front of your life. Bringing your dreams into your “core of your existence” is telling your soul and the Universe that you are dreaming positively and have all the thoughts and actions to make it work. Of course, the Universe has to provide you what you’re dreaming about because your soul and heart are in synch with the motivation that you’re putting out to be successful.
  • Make it positive. When you think and act positively to any situation, you are telling the Universe that’s all you desire and want in your life and the Universe will provide you well. Don’t be lazy and think negatively. We are what we think, so think positively. Your intention should never have “I don’t…..” in any sentence. Keep your fears in check and out of site, out of mind. Challenge yourself to life the possible. Make impossible to I’M POSSIBLE. Your wants should start with something like this… “I am attracting all the tools I need to have a happy and successful life.” create a desire to succeed positively.
  • Have a support system. Whether you have a faith system or include in your daily habits a prayer, meditation, or even a support group of family/friends, you will succeed by having positive influences to make your motivations worthwhile. Your support system also needs to include you and the belief that you can achieve your dreams.
  • Trust in yourself that you can make your dreams a reality. Go deep inside and breath the fire and determination to make it happen. Be in glorious knowledge that you are someone special. Know that you are the key to make the difference and be successful. Life a healthy self attitude and lifestyle.
  • Keep it going. Be persistent with frequent check ins on a daily basis. Look at all the options, obstacles and shifts. Don’t walk away because you hit a bump on the road. Find ways to over come the bumps and your goal will be that much closer. Have a stronger desire to have propel yourself forward.
  • Patience is a virtue. Never, ever lose hope. No giving up. Like before, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Keep moving, it’s like trying something for the first time. You try it once and it’s ok so you go a second time and it gets better and then before you know it, it’s a healthy habit that you look forward to. When you practice patience, it allows the Universe to align itself with your goal and the Universe will help lead you to the healthiest, abundant outcome that is exactly for you.
  • Learn to become a “bendy willow”. A bendy willow can bend this way and that way, but it doesn’t snap or break. Even in the toughest of storms the bendy willow withstands disasters. Sometimes, crossroads will appear on your path, ask the Universe for help with directions. If there seems to be a block then find a way around it. Sit still and the answer will just pop into your head. Don’t be rigid and think that the way you have it in your mind is the right way. It may not be, because the Universe knows of a better way for you. All you have to do is listen.
  • Mid terms. From time to time you may have to evaluate your tactics and change your strategy on how to reach your dreams. Know that you will make the right decision, have faith and trust yourself. If there needs to have change happen, go with it. Obviously there is something better coming and is still inline with your desires and dreams.
  • Because you are almost there to reaching your goals, it’s time to give back. Think of ways to help people that want to experience their own dream making reality. Become a coach or mentor to them. In turn, they may be able to help you with reaching your dreams as well.
  • You are successful. You saw it through to the sweet end. You made adjustments when needed, you remained positive. You are living your dreams now. Claim your victory. Do a happy dance. Rejoice to the world and to the Universe of your gratitude and thank all that helped you with sincerity and conviction. Now keep dreaming!



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