the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Synomons:  gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, indebtedness;
recognition, acknowledgment, credit

Oxford Dictionary


This page is dedicated to everyone expressing gratitude.

Whether you are grateful for someone in your life, or a good deed done to you or you saw someone giving gratitude and you want to tell the world about it, this is the place for doing just that.
Most of all being grateful can also be giving thanks for something that happened in your life or for someone else.  Perhaps someone got a good health check up after going through a stressful time.  Or maybe, you got that job that you really wanted, write it down and send it to me via the contact form.

Expressing Gratitude

What brought you or someone else joy today?  Who did a good deed and you want them to know that you noticed.  What positive shift happened that you just want to say thanks?  Where in your world did joy & happiness make an appearance?  Who are you thankful for?  Who helped you out?  What positive action happened that brought you or someone else into thankfulness?

Share your story and it can be posted on The Gratitude Wall!

Sharing your story is empowering.  Please include details such as names (when appropriate), what took place, the feel good result/outcome. Also, if English isn’t your first language or you are fluent please include your native language (with English translation).

Social Media Flow

In addition when you include your facebook name, instagram and/or twitter…. I will tag you and/or the someone special in a social media posts.  This way all your family & friends will be able to see your story AND you are helping others to manifest their own gratitude moments.

Therefor, go ahead… fill out The Gratitude Shout-out form —> to share your story with all of the great details about why you are grateful.

The Gratitude Shoutout!

Gratitude Shout-outs

I am grateful for all who have trusted me to help them with my psychic guidance so that they can take steps to reach their full potential.  I have been able to connect with people from all over the world, different walks of life and backgrounds.  I am thankful for the support that you have given me and I will always try to be my best because of you!

Thank you!

I am grateful for a person in my life who took me in when I was 17 and gave me a roof over my head, gave me guidance, and was such an incredible positive influence that it changed my life for the better and consequently my children’s lives. Because of her I was able to learn how to live a life beyond the limited mindset I was raised with, and become who I was really meant to be and claim my destiny. I will always remain so very grateful for her generosity and kindness.

I am grateful to the universe and to the souls who have crossed over and become my guardian angels. I am grateful to my close friends that too, keep me in check, give guidance, encouragement and keep me grounded in a business that can be so self centered and narcissistic. I am grateful for my beautiful home, my career and though it can be stressful, complicated and full of twists, turns and surprises, MY AMAZING LIFE.

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I am grateful for my family, my health, the roof over my head, food on my table and in my refrigerator, money in my wallet, my friends, sharing laughs with my friends, the places where I have traveled, awesome people I have met over the years, the warmth of a Summer day.

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Primero estoy agradecido por mis dos perritos que son como mi familia. Mis pocos pero verdaderos amigos que he tenido en el camino. Que Dios nunca me desampara a pesar de las luchas. Espero algun dia encontrar el amor, pero con las cosas que Dios me ha dado hasta ahora estoy completamente agradecido

First I am grateful for my two puppies who are like my family. My few but true friends that I’ve had along the way. That God never forsakes me despite the struggles. I hope someday to find love, but with the things that God has given me until now I am completely grateful.

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I am truly grateful for finding my strength! My strength has definitely been my mother whom is the most selfless person I have ever known, she has taught me strength/ compassion/ perseverance. All wonderful traits a woman should possess. I am also passionately grateful for such a wonderful, kind-hearted little girl with so much soul! which I am so proud of on a daily basis ! I have been blessed to have these two angels have in my life ! Oxo

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So thankful for my family my health and my friends. My home and my job and my two puppies.

I am Grateful for this Life and the Beauty thatis all Around us when we open our eyes and hearts to truly see. I am Grateful for my Family, Friends and Chosen Family who I got to hand pick to be a part of my Life. I am Grateful for Gratitude-which brings us back to our most authentic selves every time we tune in.

Renée is a singer/writer/actor/dancer

She has appeared in Clint Eastwood’s movie Jersey Boys & in many Broadway shows.

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