I was watching a TV show that was based upon a community helping a family in need that had to rebuild their lives (due to an illness or catastrophe or a combination of both).  I’ve watched this show many times and I am always interested to see the re-actions of each family member to their newly revealed living situation and how so deserving of such an honour of recognition they are.  The emotions where high with the story of the how the family’s challenging situation has impacted each individual’s life and equally high with the unveiling of their brand new surroundings.

handsincircleI was impressed by the level of giving and community support that changed the lives of each family member. Wouldn’t it be great to have a situation of community giving on such a level in our daily lives that people would willingly give up their free time to rally together and do something so astronomically profound in a positive way to make a better community in each community across the country?  Look at the impact that one person willing to give of their time can do!  Now, what if 100 people where doing it? That’s an amazing amount of selflessness!  All of these people working together for one common goal. There are many community agencies and people volunteering within these groups who are trying to make our communities a better place to live each and everyday. Thanks to these groups, our communities are better places to live. Yet, there is a still lot to do!

Now, consider instead Mother Earth.  Most of us, including myself define community as someplace where we live.  We forget that our community on the very basic level is a part of Mother Earth.  Please ask yourself one question now, and be honest with your answer…”What have I done to help my Mother Earth community?”  Most times the answer will be “Not enough!”

I’ve mentioned before in my other pieces of writing, about helping out Mother Earth and taking much better care of her. If you throw a pebble into still water, you can see the ripple will continue to grow and expand the further away from the initial spot where the stone penetrated the water. I think there is a huge beneficial “ripple effect” that each one of us can cause within groups to assist the like-minded focus of bettering our “Earth” community.  The first ripple begins with you deciding to help out Mother Earth; the second ripple is getting a few friends involved with what you are going to do.  Next, getting some of your friends excited to start their own group to focus on helping out Mother Earth.  Now you can count the sandripplesripples!!! The “ripple effect” or we can also call it, “The Circle of Caring” has begun and the momentum that you gave it initially and keep giving will help Mother Earth.  By talking about helping out Mother Earth and encouraging other people to join “The Circle of Caring” with their own wonderful ideas and efforts, we can create a movement of helping our “Earth” community.  We can all come together and layer those ripples over each other to strengthen the cause of helping, fixing and protecting Mother Earth treating Her the way She should be treated.

What is your ripple going to be?

Who are you going to have join you?

Be well and treat yourself and community with care.