Suite 3104

There may be street parking available along Lourdes St. or Homewood (Green P) if you are driving.

Use the Lourdes entrance; please contact the concierge to let you in.

Once inside, tell the concierge that you are here to see Lewis in 3104 (the concierge will request you to sign in).  They will ring me to confirm.  Proceed to the elevators and press floor 31.

If the concierge doesn’t pick up, they are patrolling the building.  Telephone me at 647-476-3313, and I will come down to let you in.

Please print this page because I book back-to-back appointments.  If you are running behind, please call me at 647-476-3313 to give me the heads up.  I want everyone to get their full session time in.

If you are running late, I cannot guarantee an entire reading session, and I will end the session at the time of the next person’s appointment.

Due to the client’s lateness, there are no refunds or partial refunds for late start times.

Thank you!

If you selected to pay by e-transfer (in**@le********.com), please submit your payment before your scheduled appointment.  If you have already completed your payment, Thank you!

For people that have booked multiple sessions (bringing a friend), there is only one person at a time permitted in Lewis’ condo unless the two of you agree to sit in on each other’s readings.  

The session time is reserved specifically for you.  You accept and agree to the policies and procedures by booking this appointment.  If you cannot keep your appointment time, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance.  If you miss or no-show for your appointment, I will send an invoice in your email for prompt payment in full.