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50 Cosburn Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4K 2G5  

That’s right!  Anyone in the Toronto (The 6ix) & surrounding areas can see me in East York for your psychic, mediumship, healing & spiritual needs.

Plan your visit to the Tdot with booking a psychic reading with me.  You can check out my availablitity for Toronto with my concierge booking service found below.

A psychic medium reading with Lewis can help get you back on track.  Sometimes life can be overwhelming.  You have many decisions to make during the day.  When you feel you need some help, you have come to the right place.

When you’re looking for solutions or guidance on the many aspects of your life, I may be able to help you.  I will look into your solution fields and give you answers that will help clarify many issues of your life even if it may not make sense right away.

If you’re seeking guidance within your sections of relationships, finances, career, life paths, spiritual awareness and communicating with people who have passed, book an appointment and open up to your possibilities.

In all of my readings, I provide you with my psychic ability as well as mediumship (communicating with people who have passed away).  As long as those spirits are willing to come through, I can get messages to them & from them.

If you want me to focus on having a mediumship session, please tell me at the beginning.

Your Session

During your session, I will help identify critical elements around you to help have a better understanding of your present circumstances and allows you to see the bigger picture. By tapping into your unique energy, I can help you identify the connections from your past while giving you insights into your present situations and what to look forward.

During the session, we can also connect and tap into the energies of passed loved ones using my mediumship abilities.

The tools are there for you to create the life you choose, be willing to pick them up and use them correctly for the highest good for yourself. If you have a question during the session, please feel free to ask. Sometimes when a person comes to a reading with expectations of specific questions to have answered, I may not get to them (or at least right away) because I may be focusing on something by yours and my Spirit guides of what needs to be said to you. Not that your question is not relevant, it’s the order of importance in which your guides are working with me.

Prepare your questions ahead of your appointment time. When your session begins, I will ask those questions to answer.

From time to time, I may need clarification on some things that I’m picking up. Remember, I’m just the messenger, and sometimes it may not make sense to me, but hopefully, it does for you.

Sit back relax, come with an open mind and enjoy. The session is your time to hear the messages that your Spirit guides want to get to you.

To prepare & learn about your session, please click here

Lewis in The 6ix


If you are unavailable to see me in person, choose a Zoom video chat or Phone session from the drop down menu below.

Thank you!



Where You Can Find Me

Toronto – selected Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays*

Kitchener – Mondays, selected Wednesdays, Thursdays*

Guelph – selected Tuesdays*

I am not available for same day appointments, I generally book at least a week in advance (yes, I’m that busy).

*Depending on availability


While you are here, read some of the testimonials from people around the world about their experience with Lewis and his ability.  Click on the pic.

testimonials Lewis Mabee

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