Turn Negative Into Positive Thoughts

turn negative into positive thoughtsThere are so many ways we can turn negative into positive thoughts!  Can you recall that expression “Turn your frown upside down?” Meaning for you to be happy. I’m sure most have. With a massive amount of negative vibrations floating around on planet earth, it may be challenging to look for positive situations.

There is a particular high-level politician who is in the news media almost daily. I’m sure you can figure out of whom I’m referencing. For higher vibration reasons, I’m not going to name him. Let’s face it; we can’t escape him. It’s almost like a very slow moving train derailment happening.

More Fake News

In my opinion, the stuff that comes out of his mouth is garbage. His negative attitude towards our planet, humans, animals and lack of awareness astounds me. In fact, fake news comes pouring out of his mouth every opportunity it gets.

Just recently, he was recorded and overheard by several people as he asked this question “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” (source: Washington Post) Let me clarify; this article isn’t about politics, or racism, sexist at least on my part. I’m getting somewhere, so stay with me.

Fantastic Example

The fantastic example above is how we can turn our negative into positive thoughts/energy. Here is the solution that a few creative people decided to turn the tables on that awful question.

sh**hole advertisementFabien Dodard is a creative director with Parkour Studios located in Haiti. He and his team have started a GoFund Me account with high aspirations of raising enough money to blast Washington D.C. with run out-at-home & print ads. Hence, we can turn negative into positive thoughts. I think this is not only creative but brilliant!

Yes, I know this example is on a much larger scale for turning a negative into a positive. But it gets your attention with tuning into making a negative into a positive, right?

Heart Source

Spiritually, we are on Earth to learn love and to find personal balance, not to lead a negative life. There are adverse situations within every day. Thus, giving us the learning tools to help identify the wrongs from rights (finding balance) which hopefully leads us to have happier lives with experiences (love source).

Emotional decision making comes out of our heart source (also known as soul). Our heart source is a finely tuned machine that is specialising in filtering emotional energy such as love, happiness, joy, hurt, pain, anger. On the other side of things, when we use our rational brain, we are analysing. Therefore, our emotional wellbeing decisions go into conflict and thus confusing our logic with expectations of up outcomes which become fragmented and disappointing.

Emotional vs Analytical Thinking

When we are having issues in our love life, how often have you heard “What does your heart tell you?” Hence, emotions come from our heart/soul centre. Figuring out a mortgage and time is processed by the brain.

Utilizing this powerful knowledge, I hope this is helping you understand how to turn a negative into a positive. Remember, if you have to make a decision based on an emotional outcome go to heart source. If you are shopping for a mortgage, you are going to go with the lender that is offering you the best terms. Therefore, you’re using your analytical brain.

Daily Opportunity

Waking up each day can set some people off in a negative or positive mood. Upon waking, if you had a good night sleep, you feel refreshed and calm. Therefore, you’re more than likely to have a good day because of your environment is aligned with how you’re feeling. On the other hand, if you wake up cranky because you didn’t sleep well, strike one.  And you forgot to close the curtains before bed because you were exhausted when you went to sleep the night before, strike two.  Plus, the sun is blaring in your eyes, and you’re officially grumpy-pants! That just made you subconsciously decided at that moment to let those things make your day unsettling and uncomfortable.

Let’s change the narrative of this example. Even though you wake up without having a good sleep and the sun is shining on your face. Get up and be thankful that the sun is out. We all have options on how to behave towards ourselves. Also, being cranky is a choice, just like embracing the positive side of things. By doing so, you can turn negative into positive thoughts.

The Breakdown

Let’s take a look at where negative emotions exist. Firstly, it’s far easier to hang onto and to recognise negative emotions and energy. Mostly, it’s because we hang onto these things especially when we can’t control the outcome of a situation. Therefore, we stay angry. That can turn into the blame game. Blaming people or adverse circumstances in your life increases the emotional energy, and after a while, we are so used to being in a negative state, we perpetuate it by focusing mainly on the “creation” of more negativity in our lives.

The key to turning a negative into a positive is; Take responsibility for yourself and the way you react to situations. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time it’s either a negative or positive thought. You can’t hold yourself accountable and take responsibility for your life if the situation and reactions are negative at the same time.

Anytime you feel negative say this to yourself “I am solely responsible for my mood.”
Even if you had a direct or indirect involvement with a situation, you’re still responsible. Responsibility on how you engaged at the moment, reacted to what was being said or done and how you responded (mood) to the situation, you are responsible.


Why do we have a habit of making self-punishment into a game (that no one wants to worry controlplay, btw)? Being cranky only affects you. Other around you such as co-workers and friends will move on with their own lives, and the ones that may live with you will probably scatter and run for cover when you’re around them. If you won’t want to put up with someone’s negative energy, then why are you playing the game of self-sabotage, solo?

A reaction to any given situation is like having a “response-ability”. By choosing to respond positively, you are taking responsibility for turning a negative into a positive. Repeating “I am solely responsible for my mood” over and over again, you will shift your consciousness.
Let’s be real. No one can make you feel and be negative other than you. That’s your power! You have to control it responsibly.

Ahhhhh the Simple Things

When you think of things that make you unhappy or frustrated, you are going feel the negative energy all around you. If you want to believe in the positive and have that happiness around you, then you think about what inspires you and what you enjoy. Focus on the simple things such as a freshly brewed coffee in the morning, or a great workout, or you arrived somewhere on time, you didn’t have a negative thought for a couple of hours.

PROMOTE your thinking and pat yourself on the back whenever you recognise yourself being positive.

I want to hear from you! Please share by typing in the comment box, “What recent negative situation did you turn around into a positive?”

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