I use ZOOM for my video readings.

A few minutes before your appointment, I will email you a link inviting you to join my private & confidential ZOOM room.  Click on that link, and we will be connected.

If the email doesn’t appear in your inbox by your scheduled time, check your spam first.  If it’s not in the spam folder, please look for a promotions folder; it will be in one of those places.

If it’s in neither of those places, there is an issue with the email being valid when the appointment was made (mistyped) (I copy and paste from the email used at sign-up).

Please send me an email with the correct email address.

Note*  Make sure you permit ZOOM to use your audio.

The audio may take a few seconds to kick in after we connect.

Zoom works on most computers, tablets & mobile devices.

I record all my sessions.  I will email you our session later that evening.

Please submit your payment before your appointment if you pay by e-transfer (in**@le********.com).

If you have already completed your payment, Thank you!

Please be ready at your start time.  If not, I cannot guarantee an entire reading session, and I will end the session at the time of the next person’s appointment.

Due to the client’s lateness, there are no refunds or partial refunds for late start times.

Thank you!

The session time is reserved specifically for you.  If you cannot keep your appointment time, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance.
You accept and agree to the policies and procedures by booking this appointment.