Visualize Your Dreams – Part 2

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Visualizing your Goals

In part 1 of Dream Big, we focused on identifying our goals and how to create a powerful positive intention for your goals.

Today, we will look into the benefits of visualization techniques, staying positive during trying times and working towards our goals.  Each one of them have significance for you to move closer and, eventually achieving your goals.  They help with motivating you, creating a happy disposition towards life and bringing attention to our environments in a more positive way.

“You are what you think!”  Always remember that.  Positive thoughts turn into positive actions and the same works for negative thoughts.  We can be fearful with achieving success on some levels, which prevents us from reaching some goals.  So this is going to be very important to remember that you are worthy of all the success and abundance that is yours to have.

What is Visualization?makingdecisions
The brain has difficulty in distinguishing between what’s true and what’s imagined.  In essence, it is creating an image or thought in your brain. We do this all the time without realizing it.  Anytime that you plan on something, for example planning a vacation, you can visualizing.  Remember we can create positive and negative plans and thoughts.  Let’s for the sake of this series focus on the positive thoughts.

  • Visualization is the intentional process of creating a mental image, feeling, or 
    Sense perception of something you want.

There are many visualization exercises, which create something first in the mind so that it later appears in reality.
These can include:

  • Positive Feelings (love, appreciation)
  • Situations (success, life circumstances)
  • Qualities (strength, wholeness, compassion)
  • Healing (mental, physical, emotional)
  • Objects you desire

bluebuddha3rdeyeThe main focus is that everything is first created in the mind.  Go where you want to go, do what you want to do, be who you want to be and create what you want to create in your mind, and it will be much more likely to occur in your life.  So just by thinking of something you’ve created that spark of creation and what you do after is how that intention (goal) will end up as.
You can visualize in all aspects of your life – career, relationships, finance, joy, happiness, health, spirituality and many others.

Even though visualization may seem like you have to ‘see’ things, that’s not always the case.  Visualization, is also something that you feel.  Like when you’re in a hammock and there is a slight breeze, your shaded from the sun but you can feel the warmth of the day on your skin and all you want to do is rest.  You’re feeling really great being in that moment, right?  Who felt and saw that image in their mind?  That’s visualization at work.

I always use a positive affirmation along with my visualization.  We read about creating a positive affirmation in Step 1.  Affirmations helps us to reprogram negative beliefs and replace them with a more positive, helpful belief system.
Here are a few examples of some of my own positive affirmations that I use on a daily basis:

  • I am relaxed and with joy
  • I am love
  • My body heals quickly and easily
  • I live with passion and purpose
  • I achieve all that I set out to do
  • My personal self and living space if full of harmony, peace and balance
  • The best is yet to come and I’m living to my full potential everyday

In my opinion, to be successful with visualizing your dreams and goals you need to incorporate 2 types of visualization techniques.  They are, daily and constant recurring visualizations.

Daily Visualization – I set a time in my schedule each day to review my goals and visualize how it would feel, how it would look and what I would be doing when I achieve my goal.  One dream/goal I have is have a villa in the Tuscany Region in Italy.  When I think about that dream:
  • I walk through my front door to my villa and I recognize the floor plan.  I know where everything is, I see how I furnished my villa and I also can see out the windows and look at the grape vines orchard, the rolling hills and the road that takes me to the nearby village.  I walk through each room and I can touch the rustic wooden farmers table that seats 8.  I walk into the kitchen and see my appliances, the dishes drying in the dish rack, the flooring, the texture of the white walls.  I go towards one of 4 bedrooms, the master bedroom with the ensuite bathroom (my villa is rustic but updated with new appliances and fixtures).  Then I go out to the terrace to my backyard.  I have about 15 acres of workable land that I have various grapes, olive groves and fruit trees growing.  The air is warm and the sun feels so good on my skin.  I take a seat and I sip fresh lemonade that was made using my lemons.  I smile and take it all in.  I also review my goal date and time to when this will happen.

This is exactly how I visualize my villa in Tuscany every day.  It only take a couple of minutes.  I try to do this at least twice a day.

Constant, Recurring Visualization – When I am on the go through my day (walking by myself for example), I do “touch up”  visualization on my dreams.  I visualize and feel it vibrate with me and then go on to the next goal.  I probably spend less then 30 seconds on a goal because I’m thinking about it, and i’m focusing on it is making me feel, how happy it makes me knowing that this is all mine.

  • Take my villa in Tuscany… I say out loud or to myself,  “It feels great to have my     villa in Tuscany.”  I smile and let the feeling sit with the happy thought for a few     seconds and move on to the next one.  I do this whenever I can during the day.

These are ways that I do my visualization processes and I hope you are inspired to start visualizing on your own dreams to make them a reality.

Now that you have the information on visualization and positive affirmations, here is a way on how you go about putting this into everyday practice.

  1. Get a comfy spot that you can relax in.  Away from distraction and close your eyes and start to breath deeply in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.  Taking  slow,  full breaths.  Do this for 10 counts.
  2. Now you can start to relax.  Try to keep your body straight, but not rigid.  If you’re laying down don’t cross your feet and lay your hands beside your torso.  If you’re sitting get a comfy chair that will allow your back to remain straight and feet on the floor or if your chair reclines that’s fine.  I know that when I’m relaxed, my body feels heavy in a good way.
  3. You’re now ready to start setting your intentions.  Identify your dreams separate from one another.  Believe that they are achievable and that you exist in the reality of accomplishment.  Take your time, be in the moment of reaching your goal.  Own it like it’s already yours.  This is where you want to be, where you want to live, how you want to have your prosperity, health, abundance, joy, happiness, family, friends, career, your travels, healthy relationships.
  4. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.  This is where your positive intentions can play a huge roll in manifesting your goals.  By focusing on what we don’t want, the power intention is behind the negative and we will end up getting more of the negative.  Here is an example of a negative intention – “I don’t want to be sick anymore”  the power word is sick.  To use this in a positive way, you can flip it around to this “I am healthy and I embrace my healthy choices.”  By saying the second intention, there is no other choice but to attract more healthy choices to you.  This is when you make a decision to eliminate the cant’s, wont’s, buts, not’s etc. from your vocabulary.
  5. At first, the visualization may seem a bit difficult to do.  Keep practicing and be patient with yourself.  No need to struggle having to do it.  It will come to you.    Visualization is like holding an egg:  if you hold it too tight you will crush it, if you hold it too loose then it will slip off your hand.  If you allow it to sit in the palm of your hand you will have it forever.  Concentrate on letting the egg rest in your hand.  Return to your intention.  If you are still having a hard time, ask yourself if you truly want what you’re trying to visualize or is there something else that you are seeking
  6. Always make sure that your visualization is for your higher good and aspirations. Knowing, by visualizing your dreams they are for the right intention and purpose of living a more happy, abundant and joyful live surrounded by loving people.

“I am worthy”IMG_4028

You now have an understanding of what and how to visualize your way to achieving your dreams and goals.  Go out and start manifesting and be all that are meant to be.

The next step is  how to Creating a Vision Board to aid us with our visualization and manifesting in our DrEaM BiG series.




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