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877 Sobeski Ave.

I live in a new area of Woodstock, and some maps may not have the street available or the correct location.


From 401 Westbound (going towards Windsor)

From 401 Eastbound (going towards Toronto)

Please print this page because I book back-to-back appointments.  If you are running behind, please call me at 519-957-2282 to give me the heads up.  I cannot guarantee an entire reading session, and I will end the session at the time of the next person’s appointment.

I want everyone to get their full session time in.

Due to the client’s lateness, there are no refunds or partial refunds for late start times.

Thank you!

If you selected to pay by e-transfer (in**@le********.com), please submit your payment before your scheduled appointment.  If you have already completed your payment, Thank you!

For people that have booked multiple sessions (bringing a friend), there is only one person at a time permitted in Lewis’ condo unless the two of you agree to sit in on each other’s readings.  

The session time is reserved specifically for you.  You accept and agree to the policies and procedures by booking this appointment.  If you cannot keep your appointment time, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance.  If you miss or no-show for your appointment, I will send an invoice to your email for prompt payment in full.