Past Life Regression

  • A Resource Guide

    By learning about your past lives, you can put to rest things that have always nudged you but didn’t understand why.

  • Guidance

    I will guide you through the process to tap into your soulful mind to bring forth the truths about your past lives.

  • Unlock Your Past

    Understand the reasons why you may feel like you’re on repeat about certain situations.

  • Testimonial

    Hi Lewis . I am thanking you from my deepest heart. This session of my Past Life Regression was incredibly profound and relevant to the present . I felt supported and safe and able to open the doors and speak the truth of my living. I understand I will process this slowly . You have allowed me am immersion of my past and the opportunity of reflection and observation. Thank You. You are a Gift and you are Gifted.
    Joanna G.

What Is Past Life Regression?

Are situations in your life making no sense to you? Do you want to be more connected on the soul level? Being involved in a past life regression may have some of the answers for you. Having a past life regression done can sometimes make a tremendous difference on how you view yourself and situations in your life. I have been practicing past life regressions for years and many clients have benefited from ‘connecting from within’.

The process is totally safe for you and I never leave your side. I guide you all the way through the process. Depending on the length of time you view a previous life, you can find out about up to three different past lifetimes for yourself.

Each session takes approximately 2 hours

All appointment times are in Toronto, ON Eastern Standard time zone

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