“The Lewis Experience”

For the last two decades, Lewis Mabee has been helping people like yourself reconnect with their lost loved ones through his work and is one of the world’s most recognized psychic mediums and teachers in this field. Lewis has been searched out by people from all over the world for his psychic guidance.

Lewis works with his spirit guides, and he reads your aura and the energy around you and the environment of the space we exist in on the physical, emotional & spiritual dimensions to get the messages to you from the Universe.

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A psychic medium reading with Lewis can help get you back on track.  Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and you have many decisions to make during your day.  When you are feeling you can’t figure things out, and in need of some help, you have come to the right place.

You may be wondering if having a phone or video session with me is any difference, let me assure you it’s like you’re sitting in front of me in my home office.  Energy is energy and isn’t defined by distance.  My accuracy is at the same level being over the phone or on video as it is if you’re sitting right in front of me.

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Hey, Enlighteners!

The whole world has changed because of COVID-19.  We, as humans, aren’t fond of change.  The action of change, the thought of change, and the growth reaction, most of us shy away.

 But the Universe knows what’s best.  When we learn to follow the Universal agenda, we come out of situations stronger, smarter, more resilient and part of the new world is accepting to embrace change.

I am grateful for being able to meet so many people face-to-face by doing my readings.  I hear from many of you how much you enjoy coming into my office for your reading.  I’m happy to oblige.

Many of my clients I have done phone and video sessions during COVID-19 have stated that they may not even go back to the workplace until sometime in 2021!

I encourage you to consider doing a phone or, even better, video reading.  A video reading is the next best thing to sitting across from me.

I tap into the person’s energy I’m reading along with their guides and my guides to give you the messages you need to know.  Since energy doesn’t have boundaries, I pick up on stuff no matter where you are in the world.

I have many clients that I’ve never met in person or even know how they look. But they’ve had phone sessions with me for years.

If the worry is your reading may not be as effective, then worry not; you still receive the same quality reading from me, whether you’re in front of me or not.

I understand many of you like to see me in person, and why wouldn’t you? Haha!

If you have been holding back about booking your session with me because you want to do it in person, rest assured, you will still get my best over the phone or video chat.

Be one with the Universe, and be cool at the same time. You don’t have to hesitate to receive the ”Lewis experience.” Make your phone or video session, and see what your future holds.


Please choose the category on how you want to connect with me from below.


All in-person appointments must wear appropriate PPE or face coverings (unless for pre-existing health reasons). Please adhere to the provincial guidelines to keep everyone safe.

If you have travelled outside of the country or have contact with someone who has travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days and do not have a current vaccination report, please do not book an in-person session.  Instead, book a video or phone appointment.

Have you been in close contact with anyone with the following symptoms, such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath?

If you have a cold, fever, or not feeling well, and if you have already booked a session, please reschedule.  If you haven’t booked a session, then consider booking a VIDEO or PHONE session.

It is up to all of us to do our part to eradicate COVID so we can all enjoy patio weather with friends and family soon.

I subscribe to the Global pricing format.  The prices shown are for both Canadian and USA currency.  For Europe, Asia and elsewhere, pricing will be in USD currency.


TORONTO – selected Tuesdays, and Thursdays & Fridays ( phone & video sessions)

KITCHENER –  selected Mondays (in-person)

GUELPH – Selected Tuesdays (in-person)

I am not available for same-day appointments, I generally book at least a week* in advance (yes, I’m that busy).

My online schedule is in real-time.  The times and dates you see online are my schedules, and that’s what I follow.

*Depending on availability


To be put on a wait/cancellation list, you must already have an appointment scheduled.

Anyone calling or emailing to see if there is an opening in my schedule without having an existing appointment scheduled will be asked to set up an appointment with my online concierge booking service. After creating your appointment, your name gets added in sequence after the last name already on the list.

If you choose not to make an upcoming appointment, you will not appear on the waitlist (I always have an active wait list).  For the most part, my clients understand how busy I am and do their diligence by booking their session and patiently wait for their scheduled time.

I seldom get cancellations, when I do I go to the top of the waitlist and offer that person the time slot that just became available.

By using this system, I find it to be the fairest way for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding.


**NEW** Service available

I have been asked for some time about this new service I put together.

I am excited to share this with you!

A monthly (10 Question Quickie service)

Click on the pic below for more details

Spiritual House Cleansing

Spiritual & lifestyle wellness.

Click on the picture to see if your home needs a

Spiritual Cleaning.

spiritual house knock knock

e-cards gift certificate

My gift cards are good for Canadian, U.S.A. &

International clients.


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Understand Testimonial

Hi Lewis
the visit was as before, very comforting and I speak with you like you're my old friend
I never know what to expect, but always have a new view of what is happening around me - you help me come into the present and understand the noises that occur in daily life

all the best

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Lisa A.

Surprisingly Quick

Thank you, Lewis

Looking forward to building the foundation and moving forward!

In my reading, you mentioned that I would hear through the family grapevine that my mother's health is suffering (you mentioned Early signs of dementia) and literally that night I was out with a family friend and she mentioned that!

It's surprising to me that you knew that (except that I didn’t think I’d hear that night)
But my friend was shocked when I told her you mentioned that.

I told her it was a sign that she needed to make an appointment with you. Haha

Thanks again!


Moving Forward Testimonial

Just wanted to say 'thank you', Lewis.  I appreciated our session very much last Saturday.  Moving forward and focusing on happiness!

Have a great weekend.

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Kathy M
Ontario, Canada

Instagram Message

I was just thinking about a few things and I saw one of your posts. Thanks for staying positive and keeping that energy flowing for some of us when we go down in the jumpers, and we just need a good smile from people that we know who are genuine.


Email Testimonial

Thank you, Lewis!

Exactly what I needed to hear  - but I think you already know that 🙂

Appreciate who you are and what you do!

Stay wonderful



Peaceful Mindset

Thank you for the great reading Lewis.
I came away with such a peaceful mindset feeling, and the knowledge that I will be able to handle the challenges ahead.
Will be in touch soon


More Testimonials

Brenda R.

Calgary, AB

Self Employment Satisfaction

Hey Lewis!

Self Employment Satisfaction - I have been meaning to email you for so long now!

Things have been smoothing out about, I am not getting tangled up in how to brand/define myself to others, and I'm feeling so much more powerful. I've been sharing my message, I started a podcast, recorded sooo many videos and really showing up for myself. I'm learning how to hustle with grace.

I even did some healing sessions; I've been working on my chakras- I even started buying crystals for crying out loud! aha

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Brittney H

Paris, France

Truth, Happy and Peace

Thank you, Lewis!

I am so grateful for the Truth and some closure!

Stay safe and healthy!


Melissa S.

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Melissa S.

A Couples Testimonial

Hi Lewis,
We really appreciate the time you spent with us, you hit the nail on the head, we resonated with your reading glad to know that we are meant to be together from our past life. And thank you for your direction to get it done!!🙏
I would definitely want to see you for our past life reading for sure.

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Amanda T.

Returning Client

Thanks for the reading, Lewis!! Have a great day 🙂


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Second House Clearing

Hi Lewis
We meant to write this a while ago.  You did a 2nd cleansing on our house at the end of August.
Just wanted to let you know that we acquired, quickly, all of the items you recommended (salt lamp, various Quartz pieces, amethyst, lava lamp). The house feels genuinely much better. Noises are mostly gone, and the front door has stopped opening (which has brought great relief to our son).
Mostly though, it feels "fresh and clean" even when it needs to be cleaned.
Not sure anyone would understand that.
After 11 yrs of being here, it is peaceful now. One of the biggest distractions in life has been the house.  We can live in a peaceful home which was not possible previously, and that means a lot. Our son is flourishing in a way he wasn't last year, our daughter enjoys university (and residence), and we continue to remain hopeful.
Thanks for your help. It was an excellent way to begin autumn. We appreciate your many gifts.

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Sue & Cameron

Kitchener, ON

Learning Session

Thank you! It was a great session and I learned a lot from it:)


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Baby Testimonial

This is amazing!! Loved every single part I read. I actually feel the same way as you. I feel I have always had good intuition since I was a wee one. So this just confirmed it all for me! This is great! I have 2 boys and 1 girl now and my daughter who’s 4 is dying for a baby sister so we shall see! I will keep ya posted. We find out the gender on April 29th.

Can’t wait to share this with my hubby.

Thanks again! Keep in touch!! 💖🙏😃


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Finally Figured it Out

Finally Figured it Out

Thanks, Lewis!
Have a wonderful Christmas. Hope you have a chance to get out ;).

We were speaking about the B guy and the D guy and you asked who has the light eyes and who has the dark eyes! I know now lol

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Toronto, ON

Reassured Session Testimonial

Thanks so much Lewis it was great to meet you and was a reassuring session.


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Makes Sense Testimonial

Thanks again. Things that I was not able to place during our session have slowly started to make sense. It hits you hard when you realize it!!

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Melinda C.


Understanding Energy

Lewis is the most genuine funny and talented spiritual advisor. He is 100 percent correct on all of his readings and very encouraging to help you continue your spiritual journey. He also helps you to understand yourself and your energies and how to be aware in presenting them to the world. 100 percent accurate! I reccomend Lewis to all!


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House Cleansing

Hi Lewis and happy summer
Not sure if you remember us. You did a house cleansing/blessing for us in January and a healing session on our daughter in the spring.
We feel it's time for another house cleansing. For the first time since moving in here (11yrs ago) we had some positive things occur in life after your last visit. Not that we're free from ups and downs. But the whole place felt different after you left.

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Waterloo,  ON

Belief System Changed

Thank you so much, Lewis. You shook me a bit because you knew things that I believed you never could have known. My beliefs and opinions about the afterlife are completely altered because of your reading and other recent experiences.


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Amazing Insights

Your insights always amaze me. This could not be more accurate and confirms intuitions I have had myself.

Thank you so much!


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Thank you for listening and enlightening me. Your words really resonated with me and helped bring clarity to the feelings I have been wrestling with.

Indeed, until next time.




Inspired and Enlightened

Hey Lewis!

Thank you for sharing your psychic medium and healing abilities with me - thank you for "listening".

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you (and Cleo) and talking with you. I was both inspired and enlightened. So much food for thought. So many questions popping up.

I will definitely book another reading with you soon.

Thank you for the recording. Happy Thanksgiving.




First Time Phone Reading

Steph is a first-time client.  She had a phone reading with me because of social distancing.  Here is what she wrote back after her session.

Thank you so much! I loved my reading! I will be scheduling another session in the not too distant future!


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Moving Forward

Moving Forward - Just wanted to say 'thank you', Lewis. I appreciated our session very much last Saturday. Moving forward and focusing on happiness!
Have a great weekend.


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Kathy M.

Ontario, Canada

Spreading the word

Spreading the word

Thank you for the reading, it was great!
I've already told my parents who will be in touch with you to book something, as well as my mother-in-law.

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Another Check-in Review

Hi Lewis,
That was a wonderful session. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

Wishing you much success and blessings. We'll see you in two years 🙂


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Thank You for Sharing

Thank you, Lewis, for sharing your gifts with me!
Kindest regards,


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Wonderful Reading

Thank you for the wonderful reading. You are fabulous and you made me feel comfortable.

Thank you,






I am providing a testimonial because I truly believe that Lewis Mabee has the gifts of energy and communication from another realm where he clearly can telepathically communicate.

Much like Theresa Caputo but even better. I have experienced his magnificent gifts for several years; as many who talk with him know and believe in him.

Lewis is the real thing and no joke.

I have a couple of homes around the world and no matter where I am, I have a great experience with each one of my sessions with Lewis at different times of the year when needed; both telephonically and by video telecommunication to connect.

The clarity of his telephone and/or video readings (depending on my satellite signal) which I have experienced with Lewis is no different than Lewis' in-person sessions.

I realized that Lewis has the ability to tap into the energies that are needed to provide an accurate reading with compassion love and empathy in the highest good of all his clients.

His focus is unmatched. His gifts are real. I can’t recommend him enough. Be blessed..

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Landing Her Dream Job

I would like to thank you for the last reading you had given me. it was so accurate. I did land my dream job at the small law firm and at the time frame as you predicted. I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.





Looking forward to 2020

Where do I begin?

You were spot on with a lot of the subjects that we touched on.

You have given me some peace with regard to my parents. You gave me much-needed information from the past and the future.

When it comes to me and 2020 I can’t believe how accurate you were.

I thought it coincidental when you gave a “for instance” name and they were people’s names close to me. Not once but twice.

I look forward to my recording to go over it again as well as seeing you again mid-2020.

Thank you,


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Thank You Again

Hi Lewis

Thank you again for everything yesterday I am so grateful. I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going. Have an awesome day. With gratitude

Much love from Prada and I ❤️ ❤️ xo

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Guelph, ON

Star-Lew Reading

A Star-Lew reading is like no other! As a long time client of Lewis and an admirer of Sharita I couldn’t have been more pleased with my fusion reading. It is like having a personalized guidebook and roadmap for the future. This highly detailed reading gave me not only a better understanding of what is coming up in my life but who I am at a core level.

Sharita’s ability to map out who I am from my date of birth and birth name blew me away! I could not believe what information came from my name alone! As someone who has enjoyed astrology before my reading, I had no idea how much deeper you could go. Knowing my rising sign has made a vast difference in understanding why I am the way I am. All of this backed up with further detail from Lewis!

I always enjoy my work with Lewis. He is straightforward and cuts right to the point. I so appreciate Lewis’s ability to help me fine tune my life’s work. Knowing what is worth my time and energy have helped me on many occasions navigate big life decisions. It is so reassuring to know if I am on my life’s path and receiving messages from those watching over from the other side.

My fusion reading has armed me with a better sense of self and knowing where best to let my energy flow. I have a new confidence to pursue goals and not hold back knowing the universe is supporting my path. I would definitely do another fusion reading in the future! Thank you both for a wonderful experience!

Amy B.

Ten Years Testimonial

I have been working with Lewis for almost ten years.  He guided me through the loss of my Father and the transition of the family business and the addition of another complementing business.  I regularly consult him with business transition decisions, and he doesn't hesitate to give me the unvarnished truth, which I need to hear.  He has also been a great comfort with personal life decisions as well.  Thank you, Lewis!

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Robyn G.

Ten Year Testimonial

I have known Lewis for about 10 years, he has been a great person to have in my life, brought me so much great advice and guidance, helped me to gain a better vision of my life in many different areas!

Tony L.

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Tony L.

You Can’t Change Life

“You can’t change what life throws at you. Yet, you can fully control what you make of it and how you match the vibrations occurring around you. Lewis always points out for me how.”

I’ve learned this and so much more from Lewis over the 12+ years I have known him. The thing with Lewis is that you are not simply a client you are made to feel like a part of his global family while you are made to instantly feel an unextinguishable positive attitude from all of the mystical activities happening in front of our eyes. Deep down if we stop and breathe we can likely sense some of this activity ourselves - but Lewis always pulls these out of the universe on a deeper level and he always delivers them to me in a way that immediately brings an inner calm resolve.

This past week I faced a number of crisis moments. Although I have not seen Lewis in a few years and certainly not in person he went above and remotely via email to rescue me. He swooped in with a just in time instantaneous release of cosmic learnings that helped reassure me that while I often get lost along the way I am still on the right path. On this day he helped see opportunities where before we connected I only say despair.

I have recommended Lewis to my friends and family. Friday’s gifts and learnings from Lewis reminded me to schedule my next year of appointments ahead of time right now.

Scott M.

More Testimonials

Scott M.


House Party

My pleasure!

Thank you, Lewis!  The ladies loved it!

Wendy B.

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Wendy B.

Accurate Testimonial

Thank you for such an insightful session tonight!
I found the experience very calming and enjoyable.
Your accuracy in so many areas of my life was uncanny and a bit surprising given that we have never met before.
I look forward to seeing you again.

Take care,

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Scott L

Go To Guy for Spiritual Guidance

What can be said about "the Lewis Mabee Experience'? Quite a lot!

I have been receiving readings from Lewis for about 7 years now. He has been friendly, kind, honest, non-threatening and understanding in his manner all this time. It's like sitting down to talk with a good friend.

Any apprehension from first-timers is gone in minutes with Lewis. He makes you feel welcome to be with him.

I live in an area where there are many psychics around, and even though I have relocated in the past 5 years to this area, Lewis is still head and shoulders above all the rest in my opinion. He's still my 'go-to guy'. I highly recommended for first-timers and anyone more experienced with psychics.

My initial office visits with Lewis have now been replaced with sessions on Zoom, which makes him available worldwide. It couldn't be easier. Lewis looks after it all from his end. Sends you an email with a link, and with a click, he's there on your screen.

As far as his accuracy is concerned, 'get right outta town,' Lewis is bang on the money every time without fail with aspects of your life and takes the time to go into details of any situation he comes across concerning your life.

The MP3 he sends of the reading also gives you the opportunity to listen again and again.

Just can't say enough here. Time with Lewis is time well spent and worth every penny. The value of his readings goes on for years.

Thanks again Lewis

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Empowered Testimonial

I had my first session -- an intuitive healing session -- with Lewis in the summer of 2018. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had ... and I have had many different types of healing sessions before. This one was different. Not only was Lewis incredibly attuned to what was going on with me, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in terms of relationships; he also was able to release blockages that were causing issues with energy flow and creating emotional stress, worry and fear. I instantly felt lighter in every way and knew I would be back for more.

My second session was this week and was more focused on an intuitive reading. Not only was Lewis bang on with absolutely everything he said; three of the things he predicted (which, by the way, were quite out of the blue and unexpected) have already happened.

As a result of these sessions, I feel more energetic, more hopeful, and more empowered. I cannot recommend Lewis highly enough.

Lisa B.

Supported Testimonial

Lewis is truly in a league of his own. He is, by far, the best in his field. He is clear, accurate, kind and each reading, I always feel supported, uplifted and empowered. He has been a blessing and has guided me through difficult situations always providing intuitive guidance. I am forever grateful to the Universe for having placed Lewis on my path. His incredible gift, his ability, his light, and his willingness to share it with others makes all the difference. I won't go to anyone else.

Lots of love and gratitude,

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Joan N.

Florida, USA

Peace of Mind

Thank you so much for the great reading.  You brought me peace of mind and understanding.  You gave me encouragement and hope, and I left your place feeling excited for the months ahead.  You have such a great sense of humour, and I love your honesty.  Thanks for sharing your gift.

All the best to you in your future endeavours. I wish you great success.

Cathy B.

Ontario, Canada

Reassurances In Life

I am truly amazed at your accuracy from the readings I've had with you. You indeed have a gift that is hard to find. You've helped me tremendously in many areas that required further clarification as well as provided me with reassurances in life. In gratitude, I will certainly pass on your credentials to others who are confused and are in need of answers with their frustrated lives. I will definitely stay in touch. Keep getting those vibes! Thank you, my friend.

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Feeling Better

Feeling Better - I really cannot thank you enough for the information you provided me with yesterday. I feel like I can relax again and will be able to enjoy the holidays. I may touch base in a few months via the quickie question just for an update... but only if I feel I need one. Thank you again. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.

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Baden, ON

A Couple Testimonial

Thank you, Lewis. We both really enjoyed the energy and your insight. We feel good about everything and look forward to doing this again in the future.

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Ryan & Amanda

First Time Reading

Amazing reading today. Very accurate, gave me the exact guidance I needed as well as the reassurance on so many questions and doubts I had in my head and in my heart. Now I feel I know what to do next in my life. I'm sure I will be seeing him again when I feel lost in my journey.

Thank you so much

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Cristina Garrido

Validation for Success

Validation for Success - Thank you SO MUCH for your insight. I believe you are totally correct. It’s something people keep saying they like and would sell but I’m really not marketing properly and enough.

Awww. Big hugs. Thank you so much. I will work at it and even get back to you in the future and keep this email for reference to see how it progresses

Appreciate it very much!

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Liz S.

Kitchener, ON

Rental House Clearing

Rental House Clearing
Wanted to thank you for the work you did for us,
I for one have a better attitude towards that rental property
And we are hoping it will bring positive results.

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Hamilton, ON


Thank you so much for the wonderful reading at the 9th Vibration on Tuesday.  I found it very inspiring, enlightening and confirmed many of my plans for the future (including moving near nature and water).
I have not had a reading done in many years, and I found it transformational.  You have a very warm, loving and humorous way of conducting a reading and I connected to you immediately.
If I have learned anything over the past 5 years is to surrender to the universe and be open to receive my good. You have been part of that good.
I now feel confident in continuing to develop my plans in 2018 and implementing them in 2019.
Thank you again, Lewis and I look forward to many more readings in the future.



Toronto, ON

Clarity Reading

I absolutely love you! I was amazed by your ability to help me view things with more clarity in my reading.


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Wow, thank you so much for this. I'm grateful to have this as an email so I can re-read and come back to it as needed.
Thank you for sharing your insight,


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Question Quickies Actions

Thank you, Lewis. It was just what I wanted to confirm. Since your email, I am more grounded in the situation, it made a positive shift.




Niagara On The Lake

Referral for Others

Dear Lewis.

Thank you so much! Have a Merry Christmas! I will pass your cards on.

Take care,


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Moving Testimonial

Thank you Lewis I accepted the UK 🇬🇧  offer today. Thank you so much you were right on everything so far. Have a nice day.

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Enlightened Testimonial

Hi Lewis

Thank you it was enlightening!


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Remote Healing Feedback

Hey Lewis!

As usual you are spot on. Thanks so much your word are validating and really helpful.

Be well and connect with you in December 🙂



Reassurance and Direction

I have been trying to cope during a particularly stressful time in my life the past few years. Lewis provides reassuring answers to my questions that help me focus on what’s important going forward. After I leave a session with him I feel like I have some direction. He is kind and intelligent and he provides excellent counsel.


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Life Force Opening

Dear Lewis:

I'm so glad to have finally met you and after spending a few hours with you, I feel you have initiated a great "Life Force" in my life.
Our conversation was so easy and gentle that it just flowed from one topic to the next without having to be guided or scripted.
You answered so many questions that I have been swirling around in my mind for many years, and with this clarity, I will now move forward on that path that I have been so frightened to walk. You also gave me encouragement and strength which I so desperately needed, I will use them wisely to bring balance and order back into the person that I once was.

Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart,
it was a lovely and endearing day spent with you,
I now have the tools to make a brand new start.

Until we meet again,
Sandy K

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Sandy K.

Clearing the Clutter

Throughout my many sessions with Lewis, my questions have always been answered with accuracy and reassurance. Lewis always clears my cluttered, clouds of questions and replaces them with forewarnings, guidance, and solutions. I've been very fortunate to have met not only an interesting and gifted, spiritual psychic, but more so, one who I can confide in and call a friend.

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Detailed Answers

Lewis always seems to know what I am going to ask about before I even say it. He always knows just what to say and gives detailed answers. I always feel my questions are well answered and that Lewis knows exactly how I feel and what needs to be addressed. I never feel rushed and Lewis gives full time to answer all concerns.

Janet C

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Janet C.

First Time Session

A very pleasant experience. Answered a lot of unresolved questions regarding the past. A delight to have met Lewis. Thanks again.



Flo B.

House Clearing Energy

Thank you again for coming to Barrie. I greatly appreciated it and you should see all the different Wildlife in the yard now!


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Remote Healing

Thank you so much for the healing session. I felt the relief as you mentioned.


I'm very interested in continuing with healing therapies. They have been wonderful; thank God!


Thank you so much,



Spot On Clairvoyants

Thanks so much for the other day, Lewis.  I was blown away by how spot-on you were—you are clearly one of the best clairvoyants on the planet!

Chris A.

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Chris A.

Highly Recommend

Not only is talking to Lewis like talking to a good friend, I was completely blown away by the accuracy of every part of what he said. I would highly recommend a session with Lewis and am excited to meet with him again in the future!


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Ultimate Phone Session

Lewis thank you SO much for another (my second) The Ultimate phone session today!

It was/you were amazing and incredible just like in my first session and you can certainly count on me booking again when I can.

Absolutely everything you said to me during the session, resonated with me and for me and those thoughts will be with me more than you can imagine.

Thank you also, SO much, for sending the recorded copy of my session.  It means so much to me to have it.  You can't imagine how often I listened to the recorded copy of my first session.

Until next time, and my very best wishes to you.thank you


Vancouver, BC


Vancouver, BC

Confirmation Testimonial

Thank you for the recent reading

Am sure you don’t remember but you insisted the guy I was dating had a kid – well some research surfaced and I found this pic of his ex-girlfriend with his kid on his Instagram.
You are good!
Happy new year

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First Time Reading

This was my first reading ever and I could not have had a better first experience than this. I feel so inspired. I have also been sleeping so well since speaking with Lewis. Beyond certain aspects of the reading that I cannot attest to at this point in time, simply because they have not yet happened in my life– I can most certainly say that Lewis was able to describe me and what's going on in my life right now so accurately. Even within the first 10 minutes, Lewis was speaking as if he had known me my whole life. He is incredible and truly gifted. Also, just so easy and fun to talk to!

I really like how Lewis provides an audio copy of your session afterwards, it shows confidence in his abilities. I've enjoyed going back and listening when I need a little boost of inspiration for the day 🙂

I look forward to speaking again one day Lewis, thank you!

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Insights and Clarity

Thank you so much, Lewis.

You gave me more insight and clarity than I expected. It helps me with feeling like I have a grasp on things, gives me hope and direction and works towards accepting with my husband's family.

We are blessed to have wonderful friends and kids that keep us honest...and tired at times. They will all fill their father up for sure!
I hope you are well and enjoying some summer during this unusual year.

With appreciation

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Blown Away Session

Thank you so much for the session. Your gift is truly amazing, your personality is warm, and the mannerism which you deliver the messages is delightful. You passed on a message from my mother which contained a special ritual she and I shared. That brought so much peace for me as I knew it was her. You described situations and ppl with such clarity as if you had lived them with me. You provided pieces that filled gaps, and have helped me finally release, understand and let go. You described perfectly a most loving relationship with such precision that even astounded my partner when he listened to the audio. The audio, by the way, is such an amazing gift. I listen to it often and find myself blown away each time by how accurate you were. Truly beautiful.

Thank you again for sharing your gift 💞

Warmly and with many blessings



Feeling better & Letting Go

I have had a few readings done in the past and honestly, the weight lifted off my shoulders after each one has been amazing.  I've always sought a reading after something rather depressing has happened and I have appreciated that Lewis has told me what I needed to hear versus what I wanted to hear.  And that makes all the difference.  After my reading today, I felt so much better about things and I feel like I've been able to let my issue go much easier.  I highly recommend booking a reading, I know it's saved me a lot of sleepless nights and wondering "what ifs".

Jenn S.

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Jenn S.

Guiding The Way

Guiding the way!

Saw Lewis for the third time. Everything he sees always ends up becoming reality. He's so accurate, it's scary. Thank you Lewis for helping me guide my way.

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Internal Alignment

Dear Lewis,

Once again an excellent tune-up and internal alignment! I always feel so rejuvenated and positive after a session with you. Your insight and guidance is extremely helpful and provided me with the motivation to continue driving forward on an aspect of my life where I am heavily invested.

As well, you answered my questions on family and health and I was left with a feeling of peace and well-being. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts!


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Long Time Client

The first time I contacted Lewis was in 2014 if I am not mistaken. Since then I have been contacting Lewis regularly.

Lewis is very accurate with his predictions and very good at providing advice.

A while ago I was in a difficult situation at work. I got a job offer in a different country and Lewis told me from the beginning that it was a good move but it wouldn’t last. So he was right. After a few months in the new role, we went through restructuring. Then Lewis advised me on the steps I should take and he was very detailed. So I did and everything happened as he predicted. I managed to return back to the UK and got promoted so the benefits of that move were great as he said they would be.

The above is just an example but it was one of the most difficult situations I had to go through. Lewis always provides me with confidence and I follow his advice because he is always right. He is a person I can trust and I can discuss any issues I might have openly.

I have introduced Lewis to my friends and my friends to their friends. And I will continue doing that because he is worth it.

Lewis is also very good at understanding people. Even people I might have just met.

Lewis, please continue to provide the support you provide. I would have felt so lost when I was in that difficult situation and you really helped me to go through it but I cannot imagine how things would have turned out if I wouldn’t have had you in my life.

Thank you very much for all your support


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United Kingdom

Great First-Time

Lewis thank you SO much for your amazing incredible reading today and absolutely yes I feel both enlightened AND inspired by everything you said during my session!

Thank you very much also, for this recorded copy, which I will treasure.

I am sure I will be back to you again in future.

All the best.

With much gratitude.




British Columbia

Self Love

Hello Lewis

Self Love - You were right when you said if I don't clean everything out around me about my ex I'll not find someone else better!
Last month I met this girl and so far we are really good together!! We want the same things in life, and she's not selfish like my ex.  I am starting to feel love again even that is so early.
Maybe it's because I like her so so much! I know it's only a month, but I hope everything will be ok!

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Konstantina M.

Sheffield, UK

A lot of Information

Thank you so much it was nice talking with you and I gathered a lot from our conversation. I will be in touch in the future.


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