“The Lewis Experience”

For the last two decades, Lewis Mabee has been helping people like yourself reconnect with their lost loved ones through his work and is one of the world’s most recognized psychic mediums and teachers in this field. Lewis has been searched out by people from all over the world for his psychic guidance.

Lewis works with his spirit guides, and he reads your aura and the energy around you and the environment of the space we exist in on the physical, emotional & spiritual dimensions to get the messages to you from the Universe.

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A psychic medium reading with Lewis can help get you back on track.  Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and you have many decisions to make during your day.  When you are feeling you can’t figure things out, and in need of some help, you have come to the right place.

You may be wondering if having a phone or video session with me is any difference, let me assure you it’s like you’re sitting in front of me in my home office.  Energy is energy and isn’t defined by distance.  My accuracy is at the same level over the phone or on video as it is if you’re sitting right in front of me.


I am super excited about being able to do this for my clients new and existing.

February is my birthday month.  I always enjoying celebrating my birthday.  It’s a right of passage for me that says I’ve made it another year and if I can get through the last year, the upcoming year is only going to get better. 

To keep this feel good movement going, and to share the love and joy of celebrating everything (especially birthdays), I want to give a present to you on your birthday when you book an IN-DEPTH, THE WORKS, THE ULTIMATE reading with me ON your birth-date.

It’s easy to get your gift.  Book one of those services mentioned above on your actual birthday (it can be an in-person, phone or video) and I will give you something special that I have made myself.  I know you’re going to love it.

I will need to see some proof of your birthday.

Having a phone or a video appointment means I will mail you your gift. An in-person session can get theirs at the end of their reading in any of my three locations.


Welcome to the stream-lined conceirge booking service.  We have completely overhauled the other system.

This new system is even more user-friendly.   If you are an existing client or a new one, you will be able to see everything upfront during the booking process.

Select the city location or service that best suits your needs and follow the promts.

I’ve added a new service in the Question Quickie selection.  I’ve been asked several times and now it’s here!

We have tried to port everything over to the new system.  You may need to put in your creditials one more time, but our testing found that the amalgation process was successful.


During this time we are being asked to practice social distancing and self-isolation, I am still open for business!

With that in mind, I am offering $15 off the regular price for my IN-DEPTH sessions for PHONE and VIDEO appointments.

Below, you will find my online booking concierge service.  Select either PHONE or VIDEO, then select IN-DEPTH as your session.

Continue the process of choosing dates and times and when you are at the payment section, enter code CARE19

That will take $15 off the regular price.

Pay for your session either through Paypal or e-transfer (, and you are all set.

This special pricing is available till April 10, 2020 (or until further notice).


Mandatory Non-Essential Service Shut Down

Due to the Ontario’s government mandated moves to protect us against the CORVID-19 virus, for the time-being, I will not be conducting IN-PERSON readings.

During this time, I will be offering phone and video sessions.

If you have already made an in-person appointment and it’s before April 17/2020 I will be emailing you for your choice of either re-scheduling or changing your appointment to phone or video session.

By all means, you can continue to book a session during this physical self-isolation time as long as it’s a phone or video appointment.

Tentatively, and this will depend on the direction of the government, I will be offering in-person appointments starting back on April 20/20.

By respecting and honoring this time of needed isolation, together, we will prevail and get through this as quick as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


Hey Enlighteners!

I am happy to finally announce, I will be offering most services in my new Toronto home office.

Appointments are available on select Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.  To view more details click on the picture below.

Toronto Home Office


TORONTO – selected Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays (in-person, phone & video sessions)

KITCHENER – Mondays, selected Wednesdays & Thursdays (in-person)

GUELPH – Selected Tuesdays (in-person)

I am not available for same day appointments, I generally book at least a week* in advance (yes, I’m that busy).

Check out my new streamlined and informative online booking conceirge service below.

*Depending on availability


To be put on a wait/cancellation list, you must already have an appointment scheduled.

Anyone calling or emailing to see if there is an opening in my schedule without having an existing appointment scheduled will be asked to set up an appointment with my online concierge booking service. After creating your appointment, your name gets added in sequence after the last name already on the list.

If you choose not to make an upcoming appointment, you will not appear on the waitlist (I always have an active wait list).  For the most part, my clients understand how busy I am and do their diligence by booking their session and patiently wait for their scheduled time.

I seldom get cancellations, when I do I go to the top of the waitlist and offer that person the time slot that just became available.

By using this system, I find it to be the fairest way for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding.


**NEW** Service available

I have been asked for some time about this new service I put together.

I am excited to share this with you!

A monthly (10 Question Quickie service)

Click on the pic below for more details

Spiritual House Cleansing

Spiritual & lifestyle wellness.

Click on the picture to see if your home needs a

Spiritual Cleaning.

spiritual house knock knock

e-cards gift certificate

My gift cards are good for Canadian, U.S.A. &

International clients.


gift certificate purchase


Supported Testimonial

Lewis is truly in a league of his own. He is, by far, the best in his field. He is clear, accurate, kind and each reading, I always feel supported, uplifted and empowered. He has been a blessing and has guided me through difficult situations always providing intuitive guidance. I am forever grateful to the Universe for having placed Lewis on my path. His incredible gift, his ability, his light, and his willingness to share it with others makes all the difference. I won't go to anyone else.

Lots of love and gratitude,

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Joan N.

Florida, USA


Thank you so much for the wonderful reading at the 9th Vibration on Tuesday.  I found it very inspiring, enlightening and confirmed many of my plans for the future (including moving near nature and water).
I have not had a reading done in many years, and I found it transformational.  You have a very warm, loving and humorous way of conducting a reading and I connected to you immediately.
If I have learned anything over the past 5 years is to surrender to the universe and be open to receive my good. You have been part of that good.
I now feel confident in continuing to develop my plans in 2018 and implementing them in 2019.
Thank you again, Lewis and I look forward to many more readings in the future.



Toronto, ON

Makes Sense Testimonial

Thanks again. Things that I was not able to place during our session have slowly started to make sense. It hits you hard when you realize it!!

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Melinda C.


Finally Figured it Out

Finally Figured it Out

Thanks, Lewis!
Have a wonderful Christmas. Hope you have a chance to get out ;).

We were speaking about the B guy and the D guy and you asked who has the light eyes and who has the dark eyes! I know now lol

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Toronto, ON

Spreading the word

Spreading the word

Thank you for the reading, it was great!
I've already told my parents who will be in touch with you to book something, as well as my mother-in-law.

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Peace of Mind

Thank you so much for the great reading.  You brought me peace of mind and understanding.  You gave me encouragement and hope, and I left your place feeling excited for the months ahead.  You have such a great sense of humour, and I love your honesty.  Thanks for sharing your gift.

All the best to you in your future endeavours. I wish you great success.

Cathy B.

Ontario, Canada

Feeling Better

Feeling Better - I really cannot thank you enough for the information you provided me with yesterday. I feel like I can relax again and will be able to enjoy the holidays. I may touch base in a few months via the quickie question just for an update... but only if I feel I need one. Thank you again. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.

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Baden, ON

Self Employment Satisfaction

Hey Lewis!

Self Employment Satisfaction - I have been meaning to email you for so long now!

Things have been smoothing out about, I am not getting tangled up in how to brand/define myself to others, and I'm feeling so much more powerful. I've been sharing my message, I started a podcast, recorded sooo many videos and really showing up for myself. I'm learning how to hustle with grace.

I even did some healing sessions; I've been working on my chakras- I even started buying crystals for crying out loud! aha

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Brittney H

Paris, France

Second House Clearing

Hi Lewis
We meant to write this a while ago.  You did a 2nd cleansing on our house at the end of August.
Just wanted to let you know that we acquired, quickly, all of the items you recommended (salt lamp, various Quartz pieces, amethyst, lava lamp). The house feels genuinely much better. Noises are mostly gone, and the front door has stopped opening (which has brought great relief to our son).
Mostly though, it feels "fresh and clean" even when it needs to be cleaned.
Not sure anyone would understand that.
After 11 yrs of being here, it is peaceful now. One of the biggest distractions in life has been the house.  We can live in a peaceful home which was not possible previously, and that means a lot. Our son is flourishing in a way he wasn't last year, our daughter enjoys university (and residence), and we continue to remain hopeful.
Thanks for your help. It was an excellent way to begin autumn. We appreciate your many gifts.

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Sue & Cameron

Kitchener, ON

Empowered Testimonial

I had my first session -- an intuitive healing session -- with Lewis in the summer of 2018. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had ... and I have had many different types of healing sessions before. This one was different. Not only was Lewis incredibly attuned to what was going on with me, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in terms of relationships; he also was able to release blockages that were causing issues with energy flow and creating emotional stress, worry and fear. I instantly felt lighter in every way and knew I would be back for more.

My second session was this week and was more focused on an intuitive reading. Not only was Lewis bang on with absolutely everything he said; three of the things he predicted (which, by the way, were quite out of the blue and unexpected) have already happened.

As a result of these sessions, I feel more energetic, more hopeful, and more empowered. I cannot recommend Lewis highly enough.

Lisa B.

Confirmation Testimonial

Thank you for the recent reading

Am sure you don’t remember but you insisted the guy I was dating had a kid – well some research surfaced and I found this pic of his ex-girlfriend with his kid on his Instagram.
You are good!
Happy new year

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Moving Forward

Moving Forward - Just wanted to say 'thank you', Lewis. I appreciated our session very much last Saturday. Moving forward and focusing on happiness!
Have a great weekend.


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Kathy M.

Ontario, Canada

Ten Years Testimonial

I have been working with Lewis for almost ten years.  He guided me through the loss of my Father and the transition of the family business and the addition of another complementing business.  I regularly consult him with business transition decisions, and he doesn't hesitate to give me the unvarnished truth, which I need to hear.  He has also been a great comfort with personal life decisions as well.  Thank you, Lewis!

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Robyn G.

House Cleansing

Hi Lewis and happy summer
Not sure if you remember us. You did a house cleansing/blessing for us in January and a healing session on our daughter in the spring.
We feel it's time for another house cleansing. For the first time since moving in here (11yrs ago) we had some positive things occur in life after your last visit. Not that we're free from ups and downs. But the whole place felt different after you left.

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Waterloo,  ON

Understand Testimonial

Hi Lewis
the visit was as before, very comforting and I speak with you like you're my old friend
I never know what to expect, but always have a new view of what is happening around me - you help me come into the present and understand the noises that occur in daily life

all the best

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Lisa A.

Star-Lew Reading

A Star-Lew reading is like no other! As a long time client of Lewis and an admirer of Sharita I couldn’t have been more pleased with my fusion reading. It is like having a personalized guidebook and roadmap for the future. This highly detailed reading gave me not only a better understanding of what is coming up in my life but who I am at a core level.

Sharita’s ability to map out who I am from my date of birth and birth name blew me away! I could not believe what information came from my name alone! As someone who has enjoyed astrology before my reading, I had no idea how much deeper you could go. Knowing my rising sign has made a vast difference in understanding why I am the way I am. All of this backed up with further detail from Lewis!

I always enjoy my work with Lewis. He is straightforward and cuts right to the point. I so appreciate Lewis’s ability to help me fine tune my life’s work. Knowing what is worth my time and energy have helped me on many occasions navigate big life decisions. It is so reassuring to know if I am on my life’s path and receiving messages from those watching over from the other side.

My fusion reading has armed me with a better sense of self and knowing where best to let my energy flow. I have a new confidence to pursue goals and not hold back knowing the universe is supporting my path. I would definitely do another fusion reading in the future! Thank you both for a wonderful experience!

Amy B.

Validation for Success

Validation for Success - Thank you SO MUCH for your insight. I believe you are totally correct. It’s something people keep saying they like and would sell but I’m really not marketing properly and enough.

Awww. Big hugs. Thank you so much. I will work at it and even get back to you in the future and keep this email for reference to see how it progresses

Appreciate it very much!

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Liz S.

Kitchener, ON

Thank You Again

Hi Lewis

Thank you again for everything yesterday I am so grateful. I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going. Have an awesome day. With gratitude

Much love from Prada and I ❤️ ❤️ xo

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Guelph, ON

Moving Forward Testimonial

Just wanted to say 'thank you', Lewis.  I appreciated our session very much last Saturday.  Moving forward and focusing on happiness!

Have a great weekend.

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Kathy M
Ontario, Canada

Self Love

Hello Lewis

Self Love - You were right when you said if I don't clean everything out around me about my ex I'll not find someone else better!
Last month I met this girl and so far we are really good together!! We want the same things in life, and she's not selfish like my ex.  I am starting to feel love again even that is so early.
Maybe it's because I like her so so much! I know it's only a month, but I hope everything will be ok!

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Konstantina M.

Sheffield, UK

Moving Testimonial

Thank you Lewis I accepted the UK 🇬🇧  offer today. Thank you so much you were right on everything so far. Have a nice day.

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Rental House Clearing

Rental House Clearing
Wanted to thank you for the work you did for us,
I for one have a better attitude towards that rental property
And we are hoping it will bring positive results.

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Hamilton, ON