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Past Life Regression


How Can I Help?


Are situations in your life making no sense to you? Do you want to be more connected to the soul level? Being involved in a past life regression may have some of the answers for you. Having a past life regression done can sometimes make a tremendous difference in how you view yourself and situations in your life.

I have been practising past life regressions for years, and many clients have benefited from ‘connecting from within.’  Stored within your soul are memories from all the lives your soul has lived before.  Those memories are missing in the conscious mind.  Your soul has had several different identities (experiences) and lessons learned.

Whether you are curious about your past lives or you have a sincere desire to unlock the “life gems” of previous life lessons, be assured all will be revealed to help you navigate in today’s world.  All will be shown to you in a past life regression with Lewis.


Have you ever met someone for the first time and yet you feel you have known them before, but you can’t place them in the present moment? What about when you’ve been to a destination, and it thinks that you belong there or there’s a particular pull to a specific spot?  Sometimes, I’m sure you have felt an instant dislike to someone without much interaction?  We sometimes say “He/she gave me a bad vibe.”  In fact, many times, that person soul has done your soul wrong in a previous life and time.

In most of my experiences and teaching about the way the Universe works,past life regression - Lewis Mabee we (our souls) stick to a clan of souls.  Most of the people that you are close to in this life, you have been intimate with in previous experiences.  Same goes for the ones in this life who you don’t get along with or dislike; there is a connection of ill-will at an earlier life.

Your mother in this life may not have been your mother in a previous experience, but she would have been someone close like a grandparent, sibling, lover or best friend in an earlier life.

As well as when someone comes and goes in your current life, their soul has done the same (likely for a lesson to be learned) in previous experiences.

Help for Today


Many factors of this life such as relationship issues, fears, habits, phobias, (excellent and destructive), addictions and ailments (physical and emotional) are rooted in past life experience.

Therefore, by experiencing a past life regression with Lewis can lead you towards healing in both the physical and emotional levels.  When you are ready to receive and accept healing in part of your new found understanding of your past life(s), you can unlock a certainty of conviction of dealing with current day situations with more confidence and knowledge of the effects.

Searching for Deeper Meaning

These days, many of us are searching for a more profound more balanced meaning of life.  We intuitively know there is something more out there that when connected we will feel the love and peace while exploring different elements of happiness in our daily tasks and with the people around us.

A past life regression can unlock your souls’ hidden strength and remove specific blocks.  Afterall, who wouldn’t want to be happier and feel absolute love, am I correct?

Higher Understanding

With the understanding of we are all spiritual souls in human existence, we can gain a higher perspective and wisdom of how your life can be free from life clutter.  With a past life regression, your perception becomes more transparent and subsequently, life can become less stressful.

You will be Safe

The process is entirely safe for you, and I never leave your side. I guide you all the way through the process.  You are never entirely out or hypnotised; you are relaxed and are willing to go further back into your souls past while feeling safe.

During your past life regression, Lewis has the ability to be in your location a few seconds before you “touch down in the firmness of strength.”  This way, he scouts out the scene first and guides with questions so you can get the maximum benefits of the lessons of that previous life.

Depending on the length of time you view a previous life, you can find out about up to three different past lifetimes for yourself.

Each session takes approximately 2 hours

All appointment times are in Toronto, ON Eastern Standard time zone