Abundance Meditation

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The meaning of abundance is a great or a generous amount.

When we think of abundance, we should think of more than just financial wealth, even though wealth is a part meaning.  When using abundance as a focal point during meditation, you can focus on a specific kind of abundances such as a more connected life to your community, career, health, relationships, joy, happiness, love, or any other positive emotion.

Focus Intention

Before you begin, take a few moments to focus on an intention of drawing more abundance to you.  You may want to focus on all aspects of your life or; you may have something more specific in mind.  Close your eyes and relax.  Allow your soul to guide you with what you are searching.  Take as long as you need; there is no hurry.

Once you have gathered your thoughts with what you would like to meditate on, you may now begin.

Find a comfortable spot to relax and sit away from all distractions; cellphones, t.v., noise, etc.  Place both feet flat on the floor, your arms and legs uncrossed.  Your hands resting comfortably beside you or on your lap ( I prefer to have my palms facing up to help draw more positive energy in).

Gaze at the Picture

Take a good look at the photograph with the dock and the water with the moon shining on the still and calm water.  Now slowly, close your eyes taking the image of the picture with you into your visual memory.

Begin Relaxation Sequence

Start with relaxing your muscles and nervous system.  Inhale slowly through the nose, filling your lungs with fresh air and exhale slowly, release all unwanted energy and thoughts through your mouth.

As you repeat each breath start by feeling your feet and permit them to relax, and they will fall slightly to each side of your body.  Take another deep breath and rest your knees, repeat the breathing step for your pelvis, chest, arms, shoulders, neck and head.

If you’re finding that one part is not relaxing, don’t try to force it, just keep slowly breathing until it releases the tension and chills.  You are in no rush.
I always know that I’m ready and relaxed because my head naturally gives way to my right side.

Aura Power

Another technique that I incorporate with my meditations is Aura power.

When I’m relaxing my body, I surround myself with a soft white glow, which represents The Creator.  On top of the white, I feel/see a beautiful vibrant green colour which is the colour of health.   Then I choose the colour blue for manifesting what is required.  Last but not least, I always use a personal colour that resonates with me.

I usually vibrate well with orange for happiness and feeling good.  Your colour is your choice, you can pick one, or you let your soul tell you the colour.

When you feel your colours surrounding and vibrating with you from head to toe, you know you’re meditating.   Understand the meditation may take time to get into the flow.

Once you’re there, you may notice the aura may be keeping in time with your heartbeat, or they may have a pace of their own.  Your aura colours will work in whichever way they need to help you through this meditation.

Visualize Technique

Now that you are relaxed bring the picture of the dock forward into your mind.  See it, feel it as if you are there right now in person.  If you are having some troubles focusing on the dock, open your eyes slowly to look at the picture again and absorb what you see.
Slowly close your eyes again, and check to see if your body is still relaxed.

Picture yourself walking on the deck towards the edge where it meets the water.  You are safe on this deck; it is sturdy and reliable.

Take a moment and breath in the peaceful serenity of this place.  Absorb the positive energy that surrounds you on the dock.  Look down into the crystal clear blue water and see your reflection in the water (in your mind’s eye).

Everything is quiet, and you are very comfortable here.  If you are wearing any footwear, remove the shoe and place them beside you on the dock.  Now, imagine yourself sitting on the edge of the pier.

Your feet are dangling just above the water line.  If you stretched just a bit, your toe would dip into the warm water, and it creates a slight ripple in the water.

Peace & Tranquility

Imagine yourself sitting on the dock with the peace and tranquillity all around you.  See the light from the moon shimmer on top of the water, the water sparkles in the moonlight.  It’s as if the stars have come down from out of the sky and have joined you to assist you with your meditation.

Everything is just right.

Embrace the secure feeling now and know that you created it.  You are safe and protected here.

Now, Imagine yourself looking into the water, and an image appears.  It is you, and you are creating a  situation in your life that you want to manifest.

This image could be about improving your health, or getting that dream job, or having the financial security that you’re seeking or, the right person coming into your life.  You decide.  Right now, just focus on one thing that you want to have in your near future.

Focus on One Intention

This one intention is your most powerful desire to make it happen.  By gazing into the water, and seeing yourself in that ideal situation is how you are going manifest the affirmation come to life.

Take your time and don’t forget to smile.  Let the moonlight dancing on top of the water create images of what life will look and feel like when you have achieved that goal.  Imagine yourself full of pride and joy because you are living the life you created.

My Example

I’m going to use my dream home as an example.

As I look into the water, I see myself looking at my home from the road.  It’s a two-story stone and brick house with two oversized wooden doors welcoming me home.

It is in a European style home that has lots of character and charm.  I have a three car garage attached to the right of the house.  My home has lots of windows, and in the back, there is a wall of windows that when opened it is a seamless flow of the outside to join the inside without having to step over sliding door tracks.

There’s an infinity pool in the backyard shaped like a kidney with a water fountain behind it.  There are two levels to the yard and, the upper level has a seating area that overlooks the pool.  I walk towards the front doors, and I open them.

My Homes Finishes

There is an antique styled doorknob and when the door is opening I can feel the fresh air of the central air greeting me.  I close the door behind me, and I’m standing in my grand foyer.  The floor is a white and grey Carrara marble with a substantial vein of grey.  It looks majestic.

The walls have a Venetian style finish.  My home feels warm and inviting.  Off to my right is the library, to my left is a study/music room.  I walk in a bit further and behind the study is the open staircase going to the second level.

I keep walking and find my open concept kitchen with a huge island, and the countertop has lights from underneath giving a soft glow when it is dark.  The kitchen is the hub of my social events, and all of my appliances are restaurant grade because I like to entertain and cook a lot.

To the left of the kitchen is a dining room that can hold up to 20 people comfortably.  It’s finished with a casual wood and glass look. And through the windows, I can see my orchard of fruit trees and open spaces (I don’t live in the city).

When I go to the left of the kitchen that is where I find the gathering room.  Here is where the outside meets the inside, and there’s a beautiful view of the spacious backyard and upper-level terrace.  All the sofas made for comfort and lounging.

The Place I Create

There is also a back staircase between the kitchen and the dining room (my floor plan is 7200 square feet).  If I use the central staircase to go upstairs, I will find five bedrooms and four full bathrooms.  Because I usually have friends and family stay with me on weekends or when I am home from travelling I want that many rooms.

When I reach the top of the staircase, on my left is my master suite with double doors.  I walk into the master suite, and there is a king size bed positioned just perfect to get the most maximum view of the gardens and pool when I wake in the morning.  There is also my master bath and my massive walk-in closet.  My master suite also has a sitting area to relax.

On the other side of the open 2nd-floor walkway are the remaining four bedrooms and three bathrooms.


When I take the stairs down to the basement, there is a private screening room with oversized movie style seating for 20.  At the end of one wall, I find a sizeable movie-style theatre video screen with 3D capabilities and an impressive surround sound system.

Also located in the basement is my wine cellar and workout room.  All of the rooms in my home has been carefully decorated to show my style and taste.

Every nook inside my home gives me joy and puts a smile on my face.  I own my beautiful home, and it’s in my ideal setting with great neighbours.

Detailing Your Intention

When going through your dream intention put every possible detail into your thoughts to make it as tangible as possible.  All this can be yours if you believe in what you think.  You will have to work for it!

With the detailing done on every aspect of your new abundant life intention, dip your toe in the warm water to create a swirl.

As always, give a blessing of thankfulness to yourself and the Universe for such a beautiful vision.  Now repeat these words  “I am creating the life I desire with freedom and ease in an easy and relaxed manner”.

If you want to go to another abundant intention, now is the time for the next one. Begin again looking into the calm, still water.  See your next intention start to unfold in beautiful, brilliant detail.

Wrapping UP!

When you feel you have had enough for this session (but why would you, dream big) it’s time to ease out of your meditation.

Once again, look up at the moon while you’re sitting on the dock and smile.  Give thanks and release gratitude for an auspicious time at envisioning you’re soon to be abundant life.  Know that you are the master and carry the keys to unlock the life that you deserve.

All of the abundances in your life is for you to embrace.  Now put your footwear back on your feet and stand up slowly, take your time to find your balance.

Breath in the peaceful, tranquil energy… this is yours to take with you forever more.  Turn around and face away from the water and smile once again.

Stretch and Breathe

Begin to walk up the dock towards dry land.  With each step you take you can now start to stretch your limbs beginning with your feet, then your knees, legs, pelvis, torso, arms fingers, shoulders, neck and finally your head.

Feel the awakened life force energy fill every cell, every organ of your entire body with that peace.  After a long stretch, bring the saliva to the front of your tongue and wet your lips, say out loud “Thank you”.

Now slowly open your eyes.  Be still for a few moments, knowing that you have done a great job.  With this meditation, you have set into motion the necessary steps to put this (these) intentions into full-on action.

When To Practice Meditation?

My suggestion is to practice your abundance meditation every day. Take your time and don’t rush.  In time with repetition, you will quickly recall the same intentions with the same details.  You will be able to move (but still with great detail) through your abundance meditations.

I personally usually meditate for about 35 mins.  My body knows when the time is up and what I need.  I trust myself with each intention can be mine when I realise my soul agrees with my wants.

Dedicate yourself to living a life full of positivity and doing the necessary steps and actions with creating the experience you want.  By all means,  bring all of the abundances towards you that you richly deserve.

Namaste & good healthy healing to you!


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